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  1. Is the United States a Christian nation?

    Not only is Thanksgiving not a Christian event it has nothing to do with religion. I have never heard of Easter Monday and I was born in and lived in the USA all my life. Furthermore while Easter is now part of "Christian" culture and is on calendars in america it really has nothing to do the teachings of Christ. It is a pagan holiday with roots in a fertility goddess, eggs and bunnies, which is now on western calendar because the Catholic church adopted and combined it with the celebration of Christs resurrection. Christ's apostles observed His resurrection in connection with Passover on the Jewish calendar and it had nothing to do with Easter in any way. The scriptures are clear Christ is the Son of God (Mat 16:14-17) not just a messenger or prophet. If you believe the scriptures are wrong that is one thing but I would not have you be ignorant about this. I agree completely, @Christianlady. I think a lot of professed Christians today in the US do not know this. A lot of people have the mindset that we should create a Christian nation or lead some political revolution. However there is no record I know of for which Christ was concerned about governments or politics. He said go and make disciples and I think a lot of people have added on to that definition.
  2. 12 Princes Of Ishmael

    I agree, you can't be dogmatic about what is not there.
  3. Is the United States a Christian nation?

    Well my friend you are about as misinformed as someone that calls someone who is Arab a Muslim just because of his race even though he never prays, drinks alcohol, and speaks blasphemies about the Koran. Believe what you want but the term Christian has already defined and is well agreed upon as being follower of Christ based on the New Testament scriptures. As @Christianlady and others have described, the US is anything but Christian. 1John 2:3 And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments. 1John 2:4 He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. I rest my case. Peace to you.
  4. Is the United States a Christian nation?

    I talk to a lot of people about the Bible and in all the Christian and religious circles I have been in I have yet to come across someone with your point of view until now. The Christian and even atheists in the west I think would all say the Bible claims to be the revealed perfect word of God see 2 Timothy 3:16. I'm not arguing that it is the word of God (this is not the place for it) but it is a very well accepted that is what it stands for whether that be a true claim or not. I think what you mean to say is But the Muslim world have not really experienced an enlightenment like the Christian western world has. I know a lot of people associate the west with Christianity and yes it used to be a very Christian culture at one time but the west is very much post Christian now. I would suggest the culture changed from Christian to atheist once it embraced what followed from the enlightenment.
  5. Is the United States a Christian nation?

    Science is science, it is just a methodology to produce knowledge. I agree science says nothing about God, but the worldview that was born with the enlightenment would say God does not exist. I did not mean to infer that science is against any religion because I don't think it is. I think science and the enlightenment are two different things. The later presumes that science is true. I have no problem with science or using it to produce knowledge but there is a fundamental difference between what works and what is true. Science give us results that work but don't tell me its true. Religion (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) claim what is true via the reveled word of God. What came out of the enlightenment is a world view which claims to know what is true by using the scientific method via observation of the physical world. I would suggest these two things are fundamentally different and are in opposition.
  6. Is the United States a Christian nation?

    Yup its ironic. ..and like you said they hijacked the language. Especially the word love. I would not doubt it.
  7. Is the United States a Christian nation?

    My understanding on the enlightenment is that it was a shift in thinking from truth being obtained from religion (scriptures) to that which is based on reason and the scientific method. Said another way what came out of the enlightenment was a world view and thought system such that: all there is to the universe is natural causes and only natural causes and that there are no spiritual forces. Do you not agree? Christianity is based on the idea that God created everything - thus there are underlying spiritual causes that superintend natural causes. For this reason I believe the enlightenment movement and what came out of it is in direct opposition to Christianity (and other religions too). Do you agree?
  8. Is the United States a Christian nation?

    That may be the progressive order of events but the enlightenment is the antithesis of Christianity.
  9. Is the United States a Christian nation?

    I would say no and I have lived here all my life. Like others have said the government is secular, I would add its based on the idea of seperation of church and state. Also it should be noted Christianity and the New Testament teachings of the Bible have nothing to say about government other that obey the law of the land which is in contrast to Islam and Judaism which ordain a law of the land. The country was founded on Christian values by many who were Christian but much has changed. You don't have to look very far too see the culture is definitely post Christian at the moment. Look at the movies, magazines, TV shows, books, news, officials who the people elect into public office etc as it is all a reflection of the country and should be obvious it is nowhere near Christian. Part of the people still identify as Christian today and while it is not my place to judge I think very few annually are. Saying you are a Christian does not make you a follower of Christ.
  10. They are probably talking about Portland Oregon, which has a strong progressive liberal hipster culture. A big part of the culture in Texas is more conservative and would find people in Portland weird, it sounds like Denton is the exception hence the comparison to Portland.
  11. Why Do Europeans And Americans Hate Islam ?

    While I think this is a mostly true generalized statement I think there is much more to it than that. Hate is a strong word of which I do not have any against Muslims. I know there are those that do and I can't speak on their behalf but this is my take in general of the views of the west. -They assume a connection between Islam and terrorism. -The west does not like the way of life of Islamic countries and do not want to become like them. -The west embraces separation of religion and state and wants a secular and democratic government - something which is completely contrary to Islam.
  12. 12 Princes Of Ishmael

    I was just reading this last night and the same thought occurred to me as you and I stumbled on your thread. As someone else mentioned Ishmael also had 12 sons so as far as I can tell with my limited knowledge of the subject I suppose it could be referring to either on or both. I am interested if there are other views on this. I would however point out that your reasoning of the Bible scriptures is not consistent. It is illogical to presume that its scriptures are fallible but then use them to prove your belief. I don't outright refute your interpretation that Habakkuk 3:3 is referring to your Prophet; however I would suggest, this verse is referring to the law being given to Moses as recorded in the Bible. As far as I can tell a third reasonable understanding of this verse could be that the prophesy is not yet fulfilled. I would agree it is clear Islam teaches that the Bible is not to be trusted. Hypothetically speaking I would also suggest a reasonable textual interpretation of the Bible (under the presumption it is true) would invalidate the Koran - that is because the Bible and Koran have disagreements. It would seem that there is no way to discern one is truth over the other without presupposing on faith that one of them is true and building your belief system from that, that is unless you have some extra scriptural knowledge (which I don't). If the scriptures of the Bible were purposefully falsified they are much different than I would expect. I would hardly expect verses like 2 Kings 21:12-14 to read as they do and not have been changed. Peace be to you, -A