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  1. Pure Stream on youtube

    Salam alakiom I think it's this one purestream-media.com
  2. Walakom al salam, brother, you are correct, by the time I realised my mistake, I couldn't cancel the post, or delete it. It was just a matter of time to wait for one of the nice moderators to approve what I had posted. Regards, [edit]
  3. Jahiliyya time Question

    No edit button // wanted to add. the fact youre still breathing, you should see that as mercy/time given to you from God, yalla! get busy and ask for forgiveness
  4. Jahiliyya time Question

    @Waseem162 This is what I was told when I posed that question, to Shia Sheiks&Marjih. See I missed out on my salat (obligatory prayers) during my youth, because I didn't know it's importance, All I kept reading about was, its about the nearness to Allah, and many of them regarding (grave punishment), (sadly mine is graver than sins according to Ulama) regarding your question, if you were born into Muslim family, raised as a Muslim, then you will be asked, (put on trial) when you committed those sins, did you know it was wrong? Simple math. You'll be asked for what you did during your youth, did you have the opportunity to look for answers? Did you fill the gaps (doubts you had, or questions you had), and why did you commit those actions (sins) unless you were a disbeliever in God and his religion, then was guided (turned to islam), then by His mercy, you sought guidance and you found 'it' then it's what the poster above @Aquib Rizvi said. But the other case, if you were born into Islam, but you lacked some knowledge, then: No excuses is tolerated in the face of haq (حق). You'll be asked for those sins, but you mustn't forget the mercy of God.
  5. not because of the person's sect i meant to say, but because of their little to none faith in their partners royality, despite having proved their royality and commitment to that person, he still wanna keep her locked up... logic.
  6. ohh my Lord... thats not the reason, if others said so, doesnt mean she left him because of it. He wants a full control over everything in her life, seems like your typical loving muslim man, right? is that what you want for your daughter or sister or mother? The reason she or anyone ought to stay away from such a individual, is despite her cutting her friends out of her life, because of his insecurity and despite allowing him to look through her phone (as if someone saying, you womaaan!! you cant be trusted), that wasnt enough, his true colours started to shine and you think someone ought to trust someome because he or she pray 5 times a day#$*! dont you know anything? God saved her from a life of hell, and youre telling her to take her chances with him because ja habibi, he is sunni and she shouldn't make a difference between sects? but even if he was a "shia" i would still say she ought to stay away from such a person.
  7. Masturbation

    Don't feel disheartened if you fail, keep trying the best you can not to get drawn to this elusiveness mode, you might relapse after a few months because masturbations/p**ngr*phy is like a drug. Avoid it, try fasting for a day, if you can conquer your instincts to eat, you will dominate your other instincts. If it wasn't enough you feel, try fasting some more. Moreover you should consider what said by @Hasani Samnani Busy yourself. I found that to have worked for me, when I had free time reading religious books (which is like the worst thing that could ever happen to me, as I hate reading sadly) but it helped, and it felt like gaining my consciousness back. Regards, [edit]
  8. So If a command was given, Muhammad (AS) acts accordingly to the command (The will of the Lord) An example: you know in strategy Game, when you move your troops, you select them, and you choose for them to go to a certain point, they follow the commands to the fullest without hesitation, even if it meant certain death, they obey, no question asked, if it was the will, then, obey. So in fairness, I think your question was posed out of the frame. There is no: how did he know he was on the right path? Do you know what is right and what is wrong? Maybe what you consider is wrong, is right and what you consider right is wrong. Muhammad (AS) had access to knowledge which only a prophet of God can have access to, like for example, the prophet Jakoob (AS) knew his son (Yousef (AS)) was alive, he asked the wolves, asked angel of death, he has access, which we do not posses. Regards, Moses
  9. @sefket83 Salam, to you I hope this answers your question. When the news reached the Christians, that an Arab is claiming to communicate with God and claiming to be a prophet, these Christians said let's go and see this Arab (to questioning whether what his claiming is true or false, to test him, to examine him and his knowledge) they arrived at Medinha, they went to the Masjid, they ate there at the Masjid, slept there, and this dialogue went on for three days and three nights, the spokesmen of Christians posed question to Muhammad(AS), the spokesmen question: "What is your concept of God!?" And Muhammad (AS) doesn't just start answering, he so to say presses his spiritual buttons (not literally I hope you understand) trying to communicate with God: "oh my Lord, what should I say?" , Unlike us, he doesn't make a claim and doesn't fumble like we humans normally do, for instance (it's like this but more like that and so on to get to the answer), he doesn't just say, you see, we believe in the God of Moses or God of Abraham (peace be upon them) No, he was posed a question and he has to get the answer from the highest Authority. As an example: The head computer, so, he (Muhammad(AS)) presses his spiritual buttons and, comes the answer through his mouth, he is the end terminal, just like every prophet of God is end terminal of the head computer (the knowledge of God) if you are a prophet, you have access to that computer (The head computer). Moses was told, Tell them (Say)! Thou shall not commit adultery, thou shall not steal thou shall not, and on and on, from the Head computer, knowledge is given, and the prophet articulates them. So Muhammad (AS) wants to know, presses his, so to say spiritual buttons, and comes the answer: Say: he is God, the One and Only, God the Eternal, Absolute, he does not beggetteth, nor is He begotten, and there is none like unto Him. < Holy Quran 112 , 1 - 4. Why does it begin with, (Say) because he asked, what shall I say? And the answer comes, (Say) (Tell them), and he articulates what was given (revealed) from the Head computer. This answer was from Ahmed Deedat. Regards, Moses
  10. Shiaa Matcher App

    Hi in the app, theres a "contact us" link. It even said we will contact you after it was submitted. I never got a confirmation or a feedback that the email or post was "recieved" Regards, [edit]
  11. Shiaa Matcher App

    Hi, Techieworld @TechieWorld i have sent to you guys two emails now and havent recieved a response. first one was from three days ago. Regards, [edit]
  12. God must really love you. The man is clearly, as others have pointed it out more accurate than i could, is not willing to change, he showed, he revealed his interior too soon, and you're lucky to have seen the ugly side. But thats not why, you ought to stay away, its because you were commited to make changes and that you did, yet he grew more suspicious, some women dont even allow for their men to look at their phone screen, yet you proving to him you had nothing to hide, only so he would grow more suspicious, that to me is someone who is insecure. which 99 if not 100% of the time will split the familj apart, leading to a divorce or a very depressing life of unhappiness. Some men are more clever than others, they hide their ugliness in a very ulterior manner.
  13. I said wallah I will not do something

    You cant make such an oath, reverse that to heaven and to swear an oath that you will abstain from doing "something" sinful, and lets say you did abstain from doing that sinful "something" Will God raise you onto heaven then? obvious answer and the correct answer is no. however, breaking an oath is a different matter, also important to keep in mind, you are not in position to cast judgement on your actions, you dont get to make the call whether you go to hell or heaven based on an action or actions. That is for the best Judge of all judges to decide. Regards, Moses
  14. Shiaa Matcher App

    Is the app related to the ShiaMatch.com in any way? if not, why not try and get in contact with them? work something out together maybe? regards, [edit]
  15. thanks for sharing.