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  1. Khums

    @shiaman14 it can't be helped. Keep quoting my post as if it was about the number of times and keep dodging the argument, the video. Your assumptions are out of place, and your argument is invalid, it was never about the number of times. What merely was said is, the Quran praises Zakat act, there is more reward, and far more benefits. The question in place is the about "khums" that Kamal al haydari showed us is not the khums itself or a part of it. @Ashvazdanghe you misunderstood, the question was that Ulama focuses more on that specific "khums" they preach us so much about, The Quran praises the act of zakat and it's benefits a hundred times more than khums, isn't it amazing, that nabi u Allah Isa (as) mentioned more times than the beloved prophet of islam, Muhammad (as)? Is Muhammad telling us to follow Isa? Please man, We have the right to question our Ulama and their preaching, Kamal al haydari made a solid point, a strong argument, but if he is wrong, why respond: He doesn't know what he is talking about! it should be fairly easy to point out he is wrong. Questioning Ulama about "khums", not the real khums, it's like when questioning authority about 9/11, instead you are told its the arabs that did it, and if you question them to investigate, you're told to shut up, or else youre a conspiracy theorists.
  2. Khums

    Kamal al haydari didn't say khums don't exist in islam, the khums that is being practiced is not part of the Islamic Khums, which is of 4 categories/types. Zakat is more important in the Quran al Karim. it has 100 ayat or more, but yet khums somehow gained more importance and interest over zakat in shia, why? Well he explains it in the video. At the time or after Imam al Sadiq (as), this "khums" that has not part of islam khums, started to take place. Am thankful to God for bringing us Kamal al haydari, may God protect him.
  3. Khums

    This is the reason why Kamal al haydari is attacked (not physically), by some of the major big Shia scholars in Iraq who lives on khums, their income is depended on it. Kamal al haydari did not respond to these verbal attacks from other scholars who says he doesn't know what he is talking about, he proved a point and moved on. His accomplishment on demolishing these faulty hadiths is righteous, but some deem otherwise, and prefer to throw verbal punches but fails to produce an even argument.
  4. Do you ever blame your kids

    The result of telling the truth, is not going to solve anything. If anything, you'll be looked at as that mother who uses her child as an excuse, Try to get on time, whats hindering you?
  5. Atheism on the rise in Iraq

    Salam alakiom, Can you share the link?
  6. Is it haram to marry an atheist woman?

    //Edit My point, mutah with atheist in foreign country: is possible BUT haram. mutah with Muslim in Islamic or none Islamic country: very unlikely BUT halal so to speak. I know mutah marriage is allowed, but..Whats the point of mutah? Why is it permissible?
  7. Is it haram to marry an atheist woman?

    No muslim women is ever going to accept temp/mutah marriage and no father not even sheikhs will agree to it, yes its not haram, but the truth no one practises it. Not in Iraq (my homeland) and not where am currently resident. whenever this topic comes up, i put forward the question, has anyone actually agreed to mutah (in a discreet matter, we dont discuss names), reality is no, people are looking for committement which i am all for, but as a student, in a foreign country, i just dont have that luxury as of yet, to get married. i guess "patience" is the word we're waiting to hear haha. or maybe mutah wasnt intended for such purposes, maybe, back then, at the time of the beloved Prophet (a.s, w.a.b) it was a common practise, because of the condition that era, and place had at that time, so there was more means to practise such marriage? am not sure. Regards, Scorp
  8. Beware of the site- Nahjul Balagha.net

    Don't put your trust in Google, they are putting wahabisim links/websites for first result, even when you search for something to get a shia POF, you get wahabia links. PressTV also showed this when searching for Islamic fiqh, ruling and so on, wahabia links were always on top. I remember, if you had a Palestinian IP and translated something which says "death to israel" it gave back a falsity translation, it praised israel instead. In time, that site is going on first page of google/bing/duckduckgo/& other search engines result.
  9. Is it haram to marry an atheist woman?

    Is it haram to do mutah with an atheist women? chances of mutah with a Muslim women in my location are slim to none.
  10. Pure Stream on youtube

    Salam alakiom I think it's this one purestream-media.com
  11. Walakom al salam, brother, you are correct, by the time I realised my mistake, I couldn't cancel the post, or delete it. It was just a matter of time to wait for one of the nice moderators to approve what I had posted. Regards, [edit]
  12. Jahiliyya time Question

    No edit button // wanted to add. the fact youre still breathing, you should see that as mercy/time given to you from God, yalla! get busy and ask for forgiveness
  13. Jahiliyya time Question

    @Waseem162 This is what I was told when I posed that question, to Shia Sheiks&Marjih. See I missed out on my salat (obligatory prayers) during my youth, because I didn't know it's importance, All I kept reading about was, its about the nearness to Allah, and many of them regarding (grave punishment), (sadly mine is graver than sins according to Ulama) regarding your question, if you were born into Muslim family, raised as a Muslim, then you will be asked, (put on trial) when you committed those sins, did you know it was wrong? Simple math. You'll be asked for what you did during your youth, did you have the opportunity to look for answers? Did you fill the gaps (doubts you had, or questions you had), and why did you commit those actions (sins) unless you were a disbeliever in God and his religion, then was guided (turned to islam), then by His mercy, you sought guidance and you found 'it' then it's what the poster above @Aquib Rizvi said. But the other case, if you were born into Islam, but you lacked some knowledge, then: No excuses is tolerated in the face of haq (حق). You'll be asked for those sins, but you mustn't forget the mercy of God.
  14. not because of the person's sect i meant to say, but because of their little to none faith in their partners royality, despite having proved their royality and commitment to that person, he still wanna keep her locked up... logic.
  15. ohh my Lord... thats not the reason, if others said so, doesnt mean she left him because of it. He wants a full control over everything in her life, seems like your typical loving muslim man, right? is that what you want for your daughter or sister or mother? The reason she or anyone ought to stay away from such a individual, is despite her cutting her friends out of her life, because of his insecurity and despite allowing him to look through her phone (as if someone saying, you womaaan!! you cant be trusted), that wasnt enough, his true colours started to shine and you think someone ought to trust someome because he or she pray 5 times a day#$*! dont you know anything? God saved her from a life of hell, and youre telling her to take her chances with him because ja habibi, he is sunni and she shouldn't make a difference between sects? but even if he was a "shia" i would still say she ought to stay away from such a person.