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  1. What makes you certain of the hereafter?

    Watch this documentary by BBC Wonders of Life.
  2. Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

  3. Iran bails out Airbus and Boeing

    Have these deals been cancelled by the trump administration? If trump cancels deal with beong then Air bus would also not be able to deliver aeroplanes..... Currently iran is having one of worst records of flight safety due to the sanctions
  4. Misled and disappointed

    You should be thankful to Allah. Life is beautiful......Wait for your time...do hardwork in life and pray to Allah.....Allah helps everyone...and Allah will give you better person in life...... LANAT ULLAH E ALAL KAZIBEEN (al-quran) Curse on liers... Allah will punish every person who will lie or deal in false way with other human beings
  5. Can an illegitimate born child become a marja ?

    Well I donot know about any authentic fatwa of mujtahid, but Maraja are the one who are to decide about these..... If a person is borm illegitimate then it is the sin of man and woman whose deeds lead to his birth and it is not the sin of that soul which had no power or will to be born illegitimate
  6. I need your duas| examen assignment

    May Allah bless u success. Ala huma sale ala Muhammad wa aale Muhammad
  7. Ala huma Sale ala Muhammad wa Aale Muhammad
  8. We should follow maraje and fatwa of mujtahid
  9. Very difficult to control oneself, despite having power , may Allah help everyone to get a suitable wife and then they continue their life
  10. Shia Organization & Mosques Rest Of Uk & Eire

    Al hamdulillah in Ireland we also have the blessing to commemorate Ashura , Muharram processions also taking place
  11. Dua of the Day

    Rab e zidni ilma
  12. Second Wife

    I cannot imagine how people do it after marrying 1 woman and children
  13. Qur'an Verse Of The Day

    No one besides Allah can rescue a soul from hardships. All Quran 53:58
  14. Starvation in Yemen.

    May Allah give unity to muslims and end these conflicts in Syria,Bahrain,Yemen,Iraq etc
  15. imam presence

    Al Ajal Maula Ya Sahib uz Zaman a.s