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  1. Great point my brother.
  2. Nobody can deny the authenticity of Twelver Shia Islam. Ja'far al-Sadiq said to a man named Abu Shakir that blood circulates in the body. He said that if circulation of the blood stops for a few minutes you will die. He also said that tiny living creatures(cells) work miracles within your body. They are born in your body, they mutiply in your body, they work and die in your body. He said they are so small that you cant see them and that there more of them in your body than the amount of sand particles in the desert. The Imams taught many things and they introduced science as well as mathematics to people.
  3. Has anybody memorized and said Dua Kumayl during salaat. Inshallah that I do so myself one day.
  4. Dua

    I just realized that. Thank you for the information.
  5. Dua

    Can I use this Dua: waitha maridtu fahuwa yashfeen. Is it Sunni or Shia dua? Apparently it is the dua of Prophet Ibrahim
  6. It was an honour for me
  7. Well typed my brother.
  8. My brother just read Imam Ali's first sermon in Nahj-Al-Balagha(Peak Of Eloquence). He literally says the Sun,Moon and Stars are within our Sky. These so called Astronauts use fish-eye lenses. So many people are already doubting the Apollo Missions and if they actually happened. In reality, we cant leave the Earth.
  9. I go to a Catholic School. If you are wondering the only reason why I am going to one is because they have one of the best educations. Anyways the bibles that they contain there mention that Allah gave the Earth a dome shape. The bible im referring is simply the Catholic Bible that is recognized by the Catholic Church that contains 73 canon books.
  10. Finally at least someone agrees with me. In the Catholic version of the bible in Genesis it literally says that Allah made the Earth a dome and yes it says the word "dome".
  11. Discussion.
  12. My brother I am finished with all this. I believe that what Imam Ali said was literal and exact. I love Imam Ali. He is even my profile picture.
  13. Oh yeah buddy ur so smart yet your arguing with a teenager who has more knowledge than you and it would take years for you to be on my level. Ur disrespectful and a waste of time. Haha. U call yourself a believer even though you doubt Imam Ali's knowledge! Besides do you even know where all this knowledge came from? Ha you dont so stop wasting my time. I have better things to do in my life than to be disrespected by ignorant believers.
  14. Im not going to waste my time arguing. You just dont want to be wrong. Why would Imam Ali be rhetoric. Im done with this ShiaChat.
  15. Also you proved my point by quoting that Peak of Eloquence explains Earth from the perspective of the heavens which means the perspective of Allah, the one who made the Earth.