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  1. The Month of Muharram

    Are any reverts here concerned about this month?
  2. Going for a School Trip In Muharram

    Dont go.
  3. Suicide Hotline

    Assalam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, Allah ordains life and death for us. Allah watches us, knows our intentions, He knows the Good and the Bad of your life. Allah puts us in this Dunyya to test us, to see if we will purify ourselves so that we recieve good in the Akhira. How can we live a life full of a fortune of good deeds if we take it away on our own terms. We dont know how many Good deeds and Bad deeds we have committed so shouldnt we take the offer that Allah gave us and race to beat our bad deeds. Brothers and Sisters, this can't happen of we throw it away. If we reject Allah's Mercy, the opportunity He gave us. For those of us who want to commit suicide, you would be committing a great sin before you die, and that brings alot of punishment in Purgatory and in Jahannam. We must treat and care for those who feel suicidal. If a Muslim needs our help, it is an obligation to go help that Muslim. There are people whom are sick in this world and we must treat them with care. We must put love in their hearts and care for them like someone who is sick with the Flu. I dont know if Muslims from this community have taken their lives without us knowing but I hope , Inshallah that we prevent anyone else from doing such.
  4. @Reza Youth are more lazy, period.
  5. Gender stereotypes cooked up by the Western world. Its simply stupidity and desires, not by nature.
  6. Observing Muharram

    You simply grieve for Al-Husayn (as) and avoid joyous events, avoid joy, happiness itself and focus on the grief and sadness. One must grieve from the 1st to the 10th of Muharram (Ashura) and choose to continue grieving or cease.
  7. Understanding Muharram and 'Ashura

    The month of Muharram is a month of mourning. A month dedicated to the Grandson of the Holy Prophet (SAWA), Al-Husayn (as). Ashura is the day of the martyrdoom of Al-Husayn (as), who was killed at the hands of the evil tyrant Yazid, beheaded. One should grieve during the first ten days leading up to Ashura and one should abstain from joy during these times. After Ashura, its seems fitting to mourn the rest of Muharram.
  8. Is there any repentance from suicide?

    I dont think you understand how hot hell is. Just imagine putting your hand on a high- heated stove and see if you would be able to resist that. Nay, you cant. You would get burned and you would scream of pain. Just imagine how hot hell is. Its thousands of times more hot than a high-heated stove. Allah causes you to die. You dont do it for yourself. But before Hell you would suffer in Purgatory. Would you really want to put yourself in that position? Dont do this to yourself.
  9. No. I eat meat but not meat thats lab grown.

    Easy to do as I have done it myself. Do not be distracted by this Dunyya. Be careful of your desires towards the opposite gender.
  11. Cosmetics

    Makeup is haram. Except for eyeliner.
  12. Have you seen an Ant farm? Ants are highly intelligent, they have a Queen that runs their operation and work together to create a sufficient colony.
  13. All creation communicates. Verily Allah, according to the Quran has made communities out of Animals and Insects like us.
  14. Cosmetics

    All cosmetics are haram. Why do you want men to look at you sexually? To chase after your body?
  15. These meats are bad because of the hormones , antibiotics used on the animals. It makes one resistant to medication when having a bacterial infection.