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  1. If anyone actually watches the Birmingham so called productive discussions with arif Hussein - a very questionable individual who denies some fundemental tenants of Shia'ism such as Imamate - they'll see taqiyyah being used in the wrong way and opinions that contradict many of our Shia books where lanah is permissible and encouraged. Those discussions lead no where only to 'Sunni's believing that shia are more deceitful for lying to their faces about some figures they love.
  2. If everyone reads the desciption on this video, then they will see screen shots were provided of how asrar barked and acted big on social media. When it came down to the night seems he fled from those brothers completely.
  3. Brother those channels u mentioned such as 'leftshia4good' are old channels of that nasibi. I read their forums and he teamed up a while back with the original creator of anti majos whhch is that amskhan guy. Notice how his old channels all of a sudden were not active for along time . Ebnhussein was still active but the coward was just was behind the scenes and tried to hide for a long time until he got exposed as the no.2 guy of anti majos who runs their social media with his foul manners
  4. Your faith isn't affected if you study Shia aqeeda in depth
  5. Salaam brother, I actually know some of the families of these brothers and I believe that all of them left that project 'fadak 2' for their own reasons. I asked about some of them and the brother doing the Dawah Man refutation apparently has studied at the Shia Islamic college in London 4 the last 3 years. When I asked about the Sayyid who appears on that channel, he seems to be a recent BA graduate of the Islamic college and continues to study under privately under some Shia scholars. I also asked bout Shaykh Hassan Garaawi who seems to be a well qualified Quran teacher who has also studied privately. Anyways, I think these young brothers are doing a great job & their efforts seem sincere. Regardless of our differences I think it's important to give credit where it's due. Which other Shia organisation has stepped up to tackle these misconceptions and lies which are confusing the weaker from amongst us??