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  1. Ali124

    Dawoodi Bohra?

    That cannot be true , there is a Dawoodi Bohra mosque in my city and even when I used to be a Sunni they would allow me to pray there as well as reply to my Salam.
  2. Hi I'm currently a teen Sunni Muslim who wants to become a Shia.I have researched my self and found that my heart is on the Shia side of Islam and I agree with more of the Shia side. Although is there a process of becoming a Shia Muslim? My family is Sunni although I do not want to tell them yet. But I want to start living my life as a Shia Muslim e.g. Praying , Reading The Quran , etc. As well as that with the Shia / Sunni split If Prophet Mohammed (S) annointed Imam Ali (S). As Prophet Mohammed (S) personally did that. As well as Imam Ali (S) being in the family of the beloved Prophet Mohammed (S) yet while the Prophet Mohammed (S) was alive the ummah will listen to his every command without hesitation. Although after the funeral of the Prophet Mohammed (S) they thought Abu Bakr would be better instead of Imam Ali (S)