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  1. Book Of Ilahiyat By Ayatullah Jafar Sobhani

    http://www.al-islam.org/discursive-theology-volume-1-dr-ali-rabbani-gulpaygani 631
  2. Are My Clothes Taahir?

    Salam Your clothes are Tahir. There is a very simple rule in fiqh, If you have a doubt in something being pure or impure, then you take it as being pure. In other words, everything is tahir until and unless you have knowledge that it is najis. With regards to this situation, its all based on shak (doubt) and not ilm. (but there are exceptions to this ruling, which do not apply in this scenario) Clothes which are water repellent are treated the same as non repellent clothes. Therefore if water repellent clothes are made najis, you would purify them just the way you would purify normal clothes. I don't believe there are separate rulings between the two.
  3. Shia Is A Reactionary Sect?

    s.a wat is the evidences/reasoning given for shi'sm being a reactionary sect? wasalam
  4. shia hoodies on ebay

    seriously..... :wacko: this message is just sad and a completely useless comment. im surprised that the seller actually replied you. With all your respect, unless of course you didnt know what a dog tag was.
  5. Headless Chicken

    yup its true. seen it with my own eyes back in tanzania. the chicken didn't run around in a frenzy, the butcher held it down and its legs were jolting back and forth.
  6. House Md

    (salam) Im surprised that people in Shiachat have spoken about Lost, prison break, heroes, even (((......smallville.....))) but not a single thread on House MD. Any fans.... i just started watching season 5 and its excellent so far :angel: It lives up to its reputation.
  7. Poll - Ramadhan Creativity Competition

    huh?? not a single vote? :o comon....people.... :P
  8. Economic Crisis Fault Of Muslims

    thats it....why not go for a cool even google :P
  9. To The people Posting Porn Links On This Forum

    what are the mods doing?
  10. Shiachat Ramadhan Creativity Competition!

    i dont see a problem in that. i vote for the extension :)
  11. Shiachat Ramadhan Creativity Competition!

    Salam What the heck, i have nothing to lose here. I done this a few days back and i wanted to share. Its not the best piece but hope you like it. :)
  12. 1st Of Ramadan (2nd September Tuesday)

    Thats the problem right there. The hilal team couldve contacted Najaf directly. why not???? Najaf.org have made it clear that tuesday is the 1st of ramadhan. They have the backing of 5 ulemas. Why are some people insistent in following coej or the WF??? why do we brush aside the ulemas and rely on the hilal team? the moon was sighted in spain on tuesday. Thats my conclusion, there's no need for confusion. On one hand you have a decision made by five ulemas (including the representative of Ayatullah S. and Ayatullah Kh.) and on the other coej's conclusion. You choose. All year round nothing happens but when ramadhan approaches people brag...and its quite surprising how many people become experts on all this moon sighting stuff.
  13. Email Areeza ?

    bruce almighty style. Select All Delete/Enter :P
  14. Rm Convert To Mp3

    (salam) Can someone please help me convert rm files to mp3 on a mac operating system. I have googled this and it only gives information on audio hijack pro and switch. Switch cant read rm files and audio hijack pro can only read for ten minutes as it is a trial version. Iv tried looking for a the serial but none of them work. :angry: Thanks in advance
  15. Do Shias Believe In Tawheed

    so you rationally you conclude that your lord has features similar to the features of man and that is the FULL belief of tawheed? Does the quran not mention that no images perceive HIM, isn't that the true meaning of ALLAHU AKBAR (Allah is far greater than what we perceive in our minds and thoughts) Imam Sadiq (as) mentions a beautiful example. He says A king does not ask his subjects to know whether he is tall or short, white or brown. Rather he asks them to submit to his rule and follow his orders. Do you think that if someone were to come to the king and say "present yourself to me so that i can know you fully, otherwise i will not follow your orders." he would expose himself to punishment. If an ant was to be asked, who is your lord? It would reply, My lord is the one who has two antennas, (or in another version six legs) masalam