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  1. Quran

    Tafsir is very lengthy..do u read translation and tafsir at a time ? Is tajweed important
  2. Yes i downloades the app...okay i will begin with videos...on youtube ?? And what topics??
  3. Since i am still not able to find the solution...now i have decided to first study on prophet mohammad (pbuh)..how is the idea...now everyone is requested to tell me whose lectures to listen in english or urdu..and all the teachings life history..books etc etc just everything...i have irrirated u ppl a lot...sorry for that...everyone plz provide links abt articles books teachings hadiths just everything
  4. Help me plzzzzz

    I dont understand anything so please everyone help me out.. everyone here suggested me to read books from islam.org .On this site there is a lot of stuff...1800 +books...i dont know what to begin with..i have never read any islamic book..i am totally knew to it...i searched in google for hadith islam.org and there came hadith qudsi which i had never heard before and felt some what depressed on reading it..like wise there would be a lot of stuff which i have never heard of and will not find simply by navigating islam.org.....someone told me to read forty hadith..greater sins .. nahjul balaga.i feel so helpless ...how to begin with ..where to begin with...how to become good muslim and shia..how to abandon sinning...how to attain servitude...how can i cover so many books when i have many other things to do....please everyone over here tell me how u ppl manage all this...how many books to study in a year....how u ppl recite quran regularly.....if i will recite quran then read some book then listen to lectures then hadith , there will be no time for other things and i will begin to feel depressed if i dont watch tv or play games etc etc...is it that we have to leave this world ....and what is in hadees qudsi ? Are not we to sleep in comfortable beds or eat tasty food coz i think abt eating whole day. ..i am so confused ...plz my friend make list for me what am i to do ??? And if anyone here has read a lot of books ..plz write in order the names which i must read like no 1. then no. 2 so on .....
  5. How do I learn more about Islam?

    Thank u....i.will read it inshallah
  6. How do I learn more about Islam?

    Which books should i first download coz on phone i cant download all of them at a time
  7. How do I learn more about Islam?

    I am also not into reading...on youtube ?? Whose lectures
  8. How do I learn more about Islam?

    Thank you..this was really helpful.. did u buy all these books or they r available online
  9. How do I learn more about Islam?

    Is it available online im english
  10. How do I learn more about Islam?

    Okay..will be waiting
  11. How do I learn more about Islam?

    Which books should i start with ...i have to learn quran ,about 14 masomeen their teaching etc etc...how to take time from routine life. Which things to do first to become good muslim
  12. How do I learn more about Islam?

    Are these books available online in english?