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  1. منتظر

    Is Shark Meat Halal or Haram?

    If u aren't quranist so why do u ignore our traditions about sea foods??? R u an expert in jurisprudence???? Please tell me have u ever read our traditions about sea food whether they are forbidden or permissible???
  2. منتظر

    Is Shark Meat Halal or Haram?

    Hi R u a Qur'anist?
  3. Just I think if he or she hasn't harmed anybody he should ask God's mercy although in purgatory he or she isn't in a good condition.
  4. منتظر

    Imam Mahdi a.s will correct both shias and sunnis

    U can't understand it even if they reveal that simply because being expert is necessary to understand which of them is correct or not. Oh Are u from Pakistan? If yes I highly recommend u to put your trust in Iran's Shia scholars if u want to make sure about our imams' way .
  5. منتظر

    Imam Mahdi a.s will correct both shias and sunnis

    A grand scholar tries to understand religion and he doesn't say anything from himself Besides there are some traditions that say in the absence of imam u should go to pious scholars. We're ordered to do so . And to be sure u have to find the most pious and learned scholar and act according to his understanding.
  6. منتظر

    Question I am tired of :@

    Not in Iran especially in front of women
  7. منتظر


    TAPATALK has lots of features and very easy to use . And more importantly this app sometimes introduces forums to other people so we can use from this opportunity
  8. Divine religions right now aren't more than 4 religions and if u want to search about their validity u can simply say Islam because it doesn't make sense that God sends new prophet and introduces new religion while previous ones still are valid. Actually if they were valid there wasn't any need to send new prophet and new book. But the ultimate truth is to become a gnostic so being Muslim is the first step that will save u from eternal punishment
  9. منتظر

    Gambling problem

    سلام Actually this isn't backbiting simply because we don't know anything about him or her . But please if this person can effect your life if u can it's permitted to deter him or her using force if u can. But always talk is better way
  10. منتظر


    Hi Dears Isn't better to have this website on TAPATALK too. This app is very very useful and saves our time