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  1. Thats what they said here i dont have the reference or anything. Can somebody please explain what this is about and where sistani mentions its halal
  2. Sistani is not a minor marja. I have no idea about this subject nor about sistanis rule. But i posted this for discussion so i can understand what it's all about
  3. Does the women / girl / baby need to give her acceptance for the circumcision to be done? i mean seriously, i thought this only existed in sunni islam. whats the purpose??
  4. Then what is the mild form then that according to "some" shia allows.
  5. so could you please tell me what these female circumcision really is, because i have like i said before never heard of it before
  6. i have never ever heard about this before, but there was a old thread in shiachat talking about female circumcision in shia islam, and how marjas allowed it. is this some kind of joke or what? please note that i am no scholar or anything, but i thought this thing only existed in the more extreme sunni islam. Have i mistaken something?
  7. salam brother highflyer, do you make money on trading forex or do you make money on providing signals? Because it seems like you got an IB agreement. And i have checked ur system and results, you use high risks. And drawdowns are huge. one shouldn't risk more than 2% maximum on a trade. The less the better. There is no quick way to make money, or make 10000$ in a month or increase ur capital 20% each month. All that only leads to high risk trading and eventually going broke. Thats why 90% lose money. One should do his due diligence on everything and not trust his money on someone else. Educate yourselves. Brother no offence, but you have been banned from some other forums, because of misleading.
  8. anyone
  9. well my question is, when does it become qadha? and what is midnight? is it 24:00 / 00:00 sistani says something that maghrib and isha shouldnt be performed after midnight purposedly. but if ones forgets about it until after midnight but before fajr, one can perform it. so is it qadha after midnight?
  10. salam everybody. when is zuhr qadha? when is asr qadha? when is maghrib qadha? when is isha qadha? when is fajr qadha?
  11. shia muslim from portugal?
  12. i am suprised to how many people reacted the way they did to E.L Kings OP. and yes homophobia is good. phobia of sinful stuffs is good.
  13. what if the woman is not living with the parents
  14. brotha!