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  1. Horror movies

  2. No Paternal Lineage of Muhammad PBUH

    Prophet PBUHHP said: "People's lineage runs through sons but my lineage will run through my daughter Fatima".
  3. No Paternal Lineage of Muhammad PBUH

    Prophet PBUHHP had only one daughter according to proved historical facts.
  4. Educating about Dreams

    We can't miss any source of knowledge. Dream interpretation is a field whose knowledge was given to Prophet Yusuf a.s and Allah said in Quranthat He AWJ taught it to Prophet Yusuf a.s. We have to be cautious always.
  5. Difference between Sunni and Shi'a

    I would love to discuss with you on each topic and hope that Allah SWT would do a favor upon me, if I tell you what I know. I just begin by the first point which you said that Imam Ali a.s reluctantly accepted Caliphate. In our view, it was not acceptance rather silence If you read Nehjul balagha, you would see that Imam Ali a.s says:"if I take my sword for my right, people call me an oppressor and if I keep quiet, I am called a coward, but I will do as I am told". Imam Ali a.s was instructed by Prophet pbuhhp to be patient after him. If Ali a.s would have waged war, a great war would have ensued which had caused great blood shed and all would have been imposed upon Ali like murder of Usman was imposed. What Ali a.s did was not to take responsibility of other's ignorance on his shoulders.
  6. Educating about Dreams

    Dreams are important topic of our lives. As a believer, we also believe in true dreams that were taught to us through Quran in the event of Prophet Yusuf a.s. But, most of the time we consider those of our dreams true that may tell us about future. However, after a number of observations, I have found that not certain dreams are true but all dreams are true in one way or other. If we really focus on our irregular dreams which we consider it as useless. They tell us about what we thought or read or what was in our memories that got into our dreams. Psychologists use such type of dreams to decipher the condition of a patient and a normal person may use this information to improve his psychological health by preventing depression which may result in seeing bad stuff in dreams which causes depression. As for those dreams which are considered by most of the believers as true are of religious nature. But in this thing, a believer may also get confused due to certain things which if one watches should never consider it prophecy or order bur rather an effect of irregular thoughts which is 1. If any dream that tells something which is haram in Islam. It is written in Quran that Iblis said to Allah: "I will sit on Sirat e Mustaqeem and prevent people to reach you". So, beware that the dream which you saw may look religious but is caused by your nafs and has unwanted things which islam forbids and is just because of your irregular thoughts. Allah knows better.
  7. Why we do matam?

  8. Why we do matam?

  9. Why we do matam?

    Khuda hafiz brother.
  10. Why we do matam?

    Hmm, ok. Once upon a time prophet Moses a.s was passing by that a poor person saw him and asked to join him. When Prophet Moses a.s sat he attended him with great respect and asked him: "O! Prophet, are going to talk to Allah today". Prophet Moses a.s replied: "Yes". The poor man said: "when you go there ask Allah that visit my home as well so that I will serve Him and press His feet". Prophet Moses a.s stood up and said: "What nonsense, are you not aware that Allah cannot be confined by body". The poor man was sad. When Moses a.s went to Mount to talk to Allah. Allah SWT said: "Why were you angry towards him while I loved his sincere talk, and when you go back tell him that Allah is happy with you". Allah sometimes get happy with things which are difficult for a Mulla to accept that's why a poet said to Mulla that don't just read Quran also learn it's essence. Prophet PBUHHP said: "deeds are weighted with sincerity".
  11. Why we do matam?

    You are wrong about it bro. We have justification for it but only those understand who ponder over it.
  12. Why we do matam?

    I see, I am not judging as well. I am saying that everyone has own concept of sincerity and they display with respect to their belief and tatbir is one such act and is not haram before some ulemas.
  13. Why we do matam?

    Do you remember event of Prophet Moses a.s and Khizr a.s in Quran. Which tells that certain things are beyond some people's Aql bro. However, the humble one ask it's explanation and obstinate argue on it. If you think all those Maraja who allow Tatbir are weaker in reason than you then tell me what's my value in this discussion.
  14. Islamic Dreams

    Sister, Hussain a.s is around us.
  15. girl doesnt love me back

    Agree with @notme