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  1. First, one has to wash separately and then in case if anyone feels that may be urine is left one should do as said by Ayotullah so as to ensure no any urine remains by pressing veins between anus and penis and penis be jerked downwards ok.
  2. What is cause of such a question?
  3. My pleasure.:)
  4. Only recite Surah Nass and Surah Surah Kafiroon.
  5. Earlier creations but not necessarily ancestors of humans because first human was Adam and Adam had intellect. Those to whom Darwin call to be ancestors of humans is false because they do not have intellect to make their societies and lengthy description of laws such as murder and fornication. Abel was murdered by Cain which is known among in human creation as crime while among animals, that is just a fight and Allah forbade Adam and Eve to eat from the tree but they ate which was forbidden to them while to animals you cannot tell animals what to eat and what not to eat. I think that you want to say that Apes were predecessors of humans while I do not believe in that because God has already told that there were before you people who were better than you but due to their disobedience I destroyed them and Apes in no way are better than humans if they would have been "God would not have changed disobedient among Jews into Apes as Punishments". As Dinosaurs become extinct, the species of Neanderthals or Homo Erectus become extinct and not evolved because even if donkey and horse have four legs and similar structure, Donkey is not horse and horse is not donkey bro.
  6. Genes play a major role in transferring traits from ancestors as well.
  7. If only a single change of property takes place in a body due to Allah, it is said to be changed. Like if Allah [AWJ] improved the life of Prophet Jesus a.s and Imam Mehdi a.s to live longer, indeed, He changed a lot of things such that many things affect physically but they are unaffected due to enhanced changes in them. Secondly, there have remained before us people who were enhanced and better than us Like Prophet Noah a.s who lived many centuries and Prophet Adam a.s who also lived many centuries. So, tabdela does not necessarily mean that only one kind of change like Western Darwinists believe. Change can be of any type.
  8. if you remember Allah and do not forget Him, He will not leave you and remember you and keep you steadfast. Do not be afraid and do not lose opportunity
  9. So, what do you think that criteria of growth means ? having better shape or knowledge about faith ? No doubt about this verse since God promises eternity in hell and heaven, our body will have such properties as that of Prophet Jesus a.s who is still living and that of Imam e Zamana a.s who is still living and not that we be changed to an entirely new thing that we would have different habits and traits, we will still be human. Neither Prophet Jesus a.s nor Imam e Zamana a.s are entirely different than other Imams and Prophets except that they have an exceptional property of living long and is actually a change but it does not change their entire personality.
  10. Brother, I heard about a quote of Imam Ali a.s which says that even if there be a wife that has everything in her life, she would never cease to complain about her husband. This he says about common women and not about "highly pious women". Why should a man grant his right which he has been granted by Allah {AWJ} and his wife is not granted ? If Allah [AWJ] has said something in law, it means it has wisdom behind it.
  11. Respectful brother, Allah AWJ already have spoken to us in the Quran that if you do not obey me then know that I have put to end many communities that were more stronger and resourceful than you, so it shows that we might have not evolved but have devolved which is contrary to the concept of Darwin which is I told you before as well. Secondly, there are many evidence that suggest that there were nations that possessed better physical and intellectual abilities than us look at nation of hood how did they invent such tools to carve houses out of mountains and recently skeletons have been discovered that are 6 feet long in china, where it majority of community is lower than 5 feet and 7 inches but once there lived people which had better height than at present. So, what does it prove ? "Khaliqin Jadid" means that "created better" which means that they would not be "obstinate but rational and would be just" it does not necessarily means that those to whom the message was revealed were "Apes" and they were told that "their generations would be changed to humans". I beg to differ with you brother, and everyone has got right to differ on rational basis and I think you are wrong here to interpret "Khaliqin Jadeed" as "new physical appearance" but I believe that it means "those who support justice and justice can only prevail if there be higher intellect".
  12. If you are sure you can then why not?
  13. According to Ayotullah Seestani yes you can have cats as pet.
  14. Buy Quran with translation and Tafsir by Molana Farman Ali for concise commentary and there is also another concise commentary by Ayotullah Mehdi Poya but for elaboration there are Tafsir i Namoona by Ayotullah Makarem Sherazi and Tafsir al Mizan by Ayotullah Tabataba'i
  15. No doubt in it.