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  1. check out friend request.
  2. what's your id ?
  3. @Mansur Bakhtiari Did you got my Id ?
  4. Exactly, many times people utter one part of verse and conceal other one to whom Allah AWJ calls as they tell half truth and conceal other half.
  5. I would like to know more about your teacher specially "knock me out" phrase. Could you tell a bit about it ?
  6. According to him, I asked how he determines a dream is a message or because of something stored in his memory which he may come across. He said that those dreams which got imprinted on his memory and he does not forget it are more likely to happen in future. And those which happens due to daily memories are less important and do not are often stored but true dreams get recorded without any struggle to remember them. By the way, do not focus on him, who knows may be he is just another stupid among thousands and million people who say they see true dreams. How we know it ? There is no meter to check his authenticity....He just wanted to let it our somewhere so asked me and I let it out here so that may be any Pakistani-influential person who fears from Allah AWJ and could play a part in pacifying diplomatic relations between Saudi-Iran, could see it and we Muslims may save ourselves from foreign conspiracies. However, it is not possible that any Pakistani-influential person would listen to that Idiot but at least he would not regret it not to have used any means to help Muslims together to Stick to unity. At least through this forum, he would adduce before God that he made a voice but it was unheard. So, I have something to pacify his heart at least for a time being until world does something stupid and he also volunteer himself for Islam.
  7. Could go and join a Hawzah and study there, may be find peace being within Iran to die from the side of Ahlebait a.s.
  8. It's not hallucinations, it was a dream but few years before did not tell me time. He never said that he think that he feel that thing awake like hallucinations.
  9. Ok, ShehrB. That is a good advice thanks. And Thanks everyone here as well for good pieces of advises.
  10. This is very encouraging, I hope his worries lessen. Sometimes, he says that what enjoyment will he get, when means of happiness is lost. He implies that "His means to happiness is Islam", because islam is honest and sincere and loyal to our well-being . But your advice is promising. I would share with him, he would get relief, I hope.
  11. hahahahahaha, yes I agree with you totally, he seems psychopath, I have suggested him to get a check up.
  12. He is not worried about his life, if it goes for a cause, it is good. But it is not the case, Allah AWJ says not to put your lives in danger but when something is going up against Islam, saving life is worth nothing. I was just mentioning that he do not discloses mostly due to certain reasons and one being not to bring problems for his family and friends and off course, if he finds trouble, it would hurt his family and friends most and do not want that to happen but also does not want to conceal something that should be expressed.
  13. @_Fatima @starlight Please read above and suggest something.
  14. @Heavenly_Silk @starlight @ShehrB @kirtc @E.L King I had a friend who is weak and very poor but he believes that he sometimes get true dreams along with illusions. he believes that he is a sinner but also says that because he is weak and poor that is why Allah AWJ makes him happy sometimes by telling me something that happens in future through dreams but he does not know that thing until it happens in future and he witnesses that. Recently, I spoke to him about Iran-Pakistan relations in the current context. He is a Pakistani. He said that a few years before, He saw a dream that he was among the people near Khana Kaaba and the people around him were holding swords in hands. He then questions himself as to why are people holding swords in his hands before Khana Kaba and then he sees that there is also Shub-i-Abi Talib but this person is not in Shub-i-Abi Talib and questions why am I not with Prophet and sitting among infidels who are surrounding Ahlebait a.s. Then this friend of mine says that I intend to leave the crowd and determines to go to Khana Kaaba and Shub-i-Abi Talib. He says that it is probably this present scene of politics where Iran is standing alone and we Pakistanis have also participated in that Saudi sponsored Military Campaign against Iran. He says that may be because of telling of these things, he might come into eyes of people and they will hunt him down, I think he is much over-thinker but what if it's all truth and we are helping enemies of Islam. He says that he would leave everything and will move to Iran because he could not bear the pain of his country being on the side of enemies of Islam. He is worried, what should I tell him ? Shall I tell him to move to Iran or what other options he have. My mind is not working at the movement and neither his. But he is very hurt about that. Suggest something.