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  1. Well, bro this is what Imams and Prophets do, they know their fate and do not alter it only for obtaining the happiness of Allah. Before we speak about Imams, I want to tell you about Maysam-e-Timar who was told by Imam Ali a.s that you will be sent to gallows in my love and on such tree and if you be patient, you will be near me on the day of judgement and in heaven.
  2. About Yazid, there are plenty of books in both Shia and Sunni libraries which say that he was a fasiq and Fajir and played with monkey and have no regard for his mothers and sisters and used to kiss private parts of poets who say poetry in his praise. What else should I speak about that blot on humanity. You should read about him and clear your views about him.
  3. First of all, In battle of Siffin, Umro ibn Aass played a trick while Malik al Ashtar was so near to Muwawiya and bring an end to this civil war, Umro ibn Aass raised Quran on spears and said that now Quran is between you and us and do not fight us, while before that Imam Ali a.s offered them to decide through Quran but they refused it. And, when at end Imam Ali a.s said to people along him that he is blackmailing you and fooling you by bringing Quran, the people refused to listen to him, so in order to end a fighting within own army, Imam Ali a.s summoned Malik al Ashtar and then whole drama was played by Umro bin Aass, if Imam Ali a.s had not stopped, the people would have said, Imam Ali a.s killed his own people, while it would have been right before me because killing a disobedient to Caliph deserves death, is not it said by Quran, those who disobey us will end in hell ? Secondly, Allah says in Quran, to the Zalimeen we have given long rope so that they should revel and do as much sins as they want to. Because in hereafter there is nothing for them, this was meant to provide opportunity to Muwayia to repent so that on the day of judgement he may not say that I did not got time.
  4. His matter is separate, because he was confederate of Imam Ali a.s and His staying was for obligations laid down upon him by Imams. Otherwise, Imam would have summoned him to go with him.
  5. It was already told to everyone and Ummul Momineen Umm-i-Salema was given a bottle of dust of Karbala by Prophet for which prophet said that if that becomes red know that Imam Hussain a.s was martyred, it is written in both Sunni and Shia books.
  6. Yeah, Masha-Allah, just say that he did allege to a wicked person and left Islam, what this world meant for a Muslim, let civil wars happen if you are on truth why should you fear, if you are right ? You only fear when you love your life and belongings more than Islam.
  7. Who informed Imam Hussain a.s ?
  8. Big deal is hypocrisy towards Islam bro and What else matters ? I invoke lanat upon those Kufis who left Imam Hussain a.s along with those who sit in homes while Imam Hussain a.s did not allow them to sit.
  9. Before Karbala as a token of allegiance. And, what else could it mean ? So, now tell me are all of those whom you call Ashab did justice with Ahlebait a.s ? If not then why speak against Shias ?
  10. They were chosen not to join him, And Imam Hussain appointed for them tasks. Why it is a later fabrication ? Imam Ali a.s spoke about Hajjaj ibn Yusuf in is Khuttbas and also told about Marwan and his descendants will rule Damscus and sit of Ummayad's seat. Miracles of Ahlebait a.s are known to us but it is you who refuse it. Did not Allah says in Quran that I share Ilmul Gayab with those whom I choose. You take Ahlebait a.s as ordinary people but for us they are vicegerents of Allah.
  11. I mention you evidence bro, I am not intending to say anything unjust. In Quran, Shaytan says to Allah: "I will pervert every human except those whom you have chosen". "Thorough purification" is for those who were chosen and they did neither do any wrong before the formal declaration of Islam or before it while Islam was not launched openly.
  12. First, speak about Ibn Zubyr and Ibn Umer....then comes Ayyashi, because here the discussion was that did companions do wrongs or not.....So, tell me Ibn Umer sent gifts to Yazid ? what is it like before you?
  13. Those who did not helped and whom Imam Hussain a.s did not gave task to remain in their homes, were unjust. You probably had read about the fate of Ibn Zubyr that a Sheep will die in Mosque, so what you say about it. And what you say about the event that when Khana Kaba was on fire, Ibn Zubyr said that let it burn so that people see what Yazid did. Secondly, what you say about Abdullah ibn Umer, did he do right by sending gifts to Yazid ?
  14. Prophet PBUHHP sent messengers to the people to come back and it was more important than the Khuttba Hujatul Wida, because people were sent messengers to come back and 100,000 or more were present to witness that event.
  15. Why should I speak about Osama bin Zayd while you haven't agreed on previous matter that Umar, Abu Bakar and Uthman did not listen to prophet ? Why Should I waste my energy for nothing bro ?