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  1. Who is Hussain?

  2. Hussain a.s many years before I see you in the desert of Karbala and you are thinking of us and saying that see O! my Shias, what price have I been paying for guidance of all of the people. Is this the way, how a benevolent master is treated who serves Message of God!!!!! Dear God! let me not die in this world except as Hussaini. I wish, O! my Lord that I be entitled to the statement of Hussain a.s who said: "A man like me cannot pay allegiance to a man like you (Yazeed)". 

  3. Heartache

    What you should is to listen Hamd or Nohas of Imam Hussain a.s and when you cry, your pain of heart will get relieved. Just try shed some tears for Allah and Hussain a.s.
  4. Heartache

    Imam Sadiq's quote may have many meanings dear sister. It could mean that when we do not love Allah, we actually are loving our wishes. The second thing is that you may like a thing today but Allah AWJ could choose something for you that is better than what you liked. So, be patient. Yeah, it might have happened that you would have tried and might have been successful to get him as your partner. But, now time has passed, you should, now, be patient and wait for Allah AWJ to send a good person for you. Another lesson for you in this whole story was that you are still alive right ? It means that not living with the person you desire do not end your life so you should understand that you are more important to Allah than your wishes. Be stronger sister. You will get a good husband and you should pray for that if you want it to happen.
  5. Sunnism or Contradictionism??

    hahahah, habibi, I have quoted clear Quranic verses and Hadith above if you see and I also have read that sermon in Nehjul Balagha which you are speaking about. You did not give one single answer to me and that shows that you have admitted the facts that Bibi Ayesha, Talha and Zubyar did wrong and Muwaviya was already an infamous person bro. I would not advance in this discussion unless you agree to Imam Ali a.s' sermon where he a.s proved them as disloyal to their oaths.
  6. Sunnism or Contradictionism??

    Hence proved Umer was a sinner and I do not follow a sinner. Imam Ali a.s used this as an argument that you have sought an oath of allegiance to me like you gave oath of allegiance to those before him and now since you have taken oath of allegiance to me so how could you go back and fight me. This was a question to Bibi Ayesha, Talha, Zubyar and Muwaviya who always thought that people elected Khalifa, Now, tell me was not according to Imam Ali a.s, Bibi Ayesha, Talha, Zubyar and Muwviya responsible for breaking their oath and fighting a just Khalifa according to them ? Your narration about Ali will be a lie because Prophet pbuhhp said Ali is from me and I am from Ali. And Ali is face of God and Ali's zikr is Ibadah as narrated by Abu Bakar so such a person can not be liable to do such thing for which Allah says in Quran: "We have purified you a thorough purification". And, now that Quran is it's witness, your reports have no value bro. While about Abu Bakar, there are clear evidence in history both in your books and ours that he snatched Fadak from Syeda Zahra a.s and you allege a lie upon Prophet PBUHHP that prophet asked him to lead prayer while Prophet was already there. And there was no verse of purification revealed for Abu Bakar and every sunni admits that he was fallible. No, brother., read in various commentaries of Sunnis and Shias where Bibi Umm-e-Salema and Bibi Ayesha narrated that they were not among Ahlebait a.s. Also, there is another question, for you in the beginning of the verse, it is written that to wives do not go out of homes so it is a historical fact that Bibi Ayesha went out of her home after the demise of Prophet PBUHHP and violated the one part of the verse so do you think that she was disobedient to Quran and was also a sinner and fought against a nominated Khalifa ? You have read this from Sunnis but never have asked them what evidence have they got that Wives are among Ahlebait while traditions among them say that Bibi Ayesha and Bibi Umm-e-Salema deny that Prophet PBUHHP told them that they are not included in this verses. From Quran, Please read Quran and you will find it.
  7. Sunnism or Contradictionism??

    Bro Talut was the pious person who was chosen as King by God before Prophet Dawud a.s, I am not purely speaking history bro. So, you think religion and politics are separate like previous kings and monrachs ? While God is the one who has chosen Prophets and formed governments based on Islam and showed political side of Islam as well. I am sorry but you just are talking and not providing any evidence where have you learn that Islam says us not to engage in honest political affairs ?
  8. Sunnism or Contradictionism??

    Bro, if your caliph is wrong then he is not a caliph bro because Caliph needs to be higher in knowledge and courage according to Quran thus Umer is invalid as Caliph as said by you. Secondly, Biddah is his words and not mine and you cannot say that he mean Sunnah because Sunnah and Biddah are two different terms, please do not argue on this matter bro, that looks illogical, it is clear what are the words. This is the point where I do not like to argue with Sunni brothers. Bro, if you read in the commentary, Ayotullah Mehdi Poya says that it is confirmed by hadith from our infallible Imams that the verse of kamal-uddin was revealed for Ghadeer. Secondly, you read in Tabari which is a Sunni scholar who accepted this fact and that is not our scholar that is your scholar. Suppose, if I work hard for you and I bring forth hadith for you would you believe that ? If you believe that and then do not argue on that then I can work hard for you but otherwise why Should I waste my time ? You have not read the Hadith which says that Imam Mehdi a.s helps his followers like a sun behind Clouds during his disappearance. Did Abu Bakar's mother taught him to be disobedient to Prophet and sit on Khilafah and appoint people who Prophet disliked ? If yes, then his mother was also at fault. Every bad decision which Prophet disliked and cleared the passage for enemies of Islam is disloyalty to Islam. So, yes those all people who elected Abu Bakar were wrong for he did not have such credibility and all he did were bad decisions. which verse was about 5 ? There is no verse about 5 in Quran bro. There is a Hadith about 12 Imams and you have set a wrong criteria that people choose it, no, it is duty of Allah AWJ and Prophet PBUHHP to choose them and they set signs for them that we know. And your caliphs fail those criteria. [Shakir 33:33] And stay in your houses and do not display your finery like the displaying of the ignorance of yore; and keep up prayer, and pay the poor-rate, and obey Allah and His Messenger. Allah only desires to keep away the uncleanness from you, O people of the House! and to purify you a (thorough) purifying.. Please read various Hadiths from Both Sunni and Shias that Our 12 Imams were called sons of Prophet due to this verse and this verse was revealed only for Ahlebait a.s that included Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, Hasan, Hussain and remaining Imams from house of Ahlebait a.s.
  9. The reason might be that they invoke gods other than Allah. And do not have any common thing.
  10. Buying Fridg in Muharam.

    Why don't you buy before?
  11. Slave Girls in Islam?

    It is quoted in history that Imam Ali a.small never took war booty till prophet pbuhhp distributed it. The reason here would be more critical. Either that slave lady be much pious or was caught by the eyes of infamous persons. Otherwise, Imam wouldn't have done that. Another question is that taking as slave is not always in marriage. However, the marriage among masomeen with slave girls were not done without consent. The question that if Nikah was necessary is unclear because Quran says which you right hand possesses which means to me there should be legalitythat's what right hand means. But if hadith says that coming into possession is legality itself then it's valid as well. However, consent was always necessary and there are evidence. There is another thing, the marriages with slave girls are governed by same rules of marriages with few changes such as two divorce are for slave and three for independent. Also rules of law exempted slaves from full punishment, they were granted half punishment as that of independent.
  12. Understanding Muharram and 'Ashura

    Well bro, It is Ayotullah who can criticize us but we cannot. Because Prophet PBUHHP said: "Before criticizing any other look in yourself if you do not possess that thing for which you are criticizing other". Since we both, you and me are involved in this sin not to have applied full principles of Imam Hussain a.s so why should we accuse others ? Let us first be like that and if you then feel then you can do that Like Agha Hasan Nasarullah and Ayotullah Rohullah Khomeini. If you have not done anything like that then according to Prophet PBUHHP you lack that qualification bro. who knows that many Shias are above you who mourn and you are also alleging them without understanding that.
  13. Understanding Muharram and 'Ashura

    hahahahaha, listen bro, are you aware as to how many people on earth learn from Hussain's martyrdom and this great mourning ? Do you have any apparatus to calculate that how many people in the world gave up their wrong ideologies that saw the mourning and listened to it. Yeah it may happen that for many people Quran has no significance but when Allah wants, He AWJ through Quran lights up many lives. Similar is the case of Karbala, you do not know that when and where a person may understands Hussain. Do you think that 313 will come out of nowhere ? So, instead of saying that shias have forgotten everything and assuming that you have knowledge of ghaib that Allah AWJ have told everything, you should focus on yourself and do not adopt this strict approach. If you really want Shias to follow message of Hussain a.s then adopt policies of Hussain a.s and be a role model for them in this way it may happen that someone among million may consider you as inspiration instead of a person who always criticizes and nothing good to speak about.