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  1. Asalam Alaikum, A few years back, I read the book "The Great Muslim Scientist and Philosopher Imam Jafar Ibn Mohammed As-Sadiq (as)". This was the first book which opened by eyes as to how great our Imams were. In that book, I realized the excellence of our Imams whose knowledge is so huge. I was so much mesmerized by the discussions of Imam Jafar al Sadiq a.s in that book. However, in that book certain things were compared to the quote of our Imams' discussions. Once such thing which was compared to our Imams' discussion was the chance of existence of universe by Random event. It was stated that a mathematician has proved that if we believe that universe came into existence that it is almost 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 chance that it came into existence by Random event without need of an outward intelligence (Zeros may be much more because I do not have book so I just put zeros which I remember, any mistake in it be considered as human mistake). However, the above thing led me to doubt the accuracy of that proof, the reason is that it certainly missed an important variable which would have been included in that proof and that variable is the "Variable of Intelligent". Because this proof says that there is margin that it may exist because there was at least a chance that and not a big zero. But I believe that this proof was meant to sympathize with the atheists to give them some Satisfaction that "Brother! do not worry, there is no God so you can sin as much as you want". Lolz. The very thing which I want to say that if there is Zero and you multiply it no matter how many times you want it will answer Zero. Similar is the case with the universe, if you neglect variable of Super intelligence, no matter how many times you say that things can come out of themselves, the cannot come into existence unless there is intelligence at work. If you say that things create themselves, then it is superfluous in the sense that they were not before and some one stopped them from creation until sometime and were allowed to be created afterwards and if you say that things existed then it must not change forms because changing forms refers that there is someone who does not allow them to remain in one shape. Even for a Random process to occur, you require intelligence. For example:- If one says that universe came into existence by Random event, then one may argue that what materials were from which universe was created and he may say that it constituted from four things, matter, energy, time and space, then one may ask that it means that those things which came out as a result of Random event were already hidden and that came out as a result of that event and it was kept in them by a one "Powerful and Super-intelligent being" in those things who pulled them outward from their places and created universe otherwise they could not have escaped from where those things came out. The presence of those elements in the "Point of nothingness" was implies towards the one supreme intelligent, who kept them intact and pulled them outward when He (SWT) decided. Without Him, they did not have power to be able to come out with properties which make them useful. So, I believe that this fact validates that the above proof had missed "Variable of Intelligence" and without it and the mathematician should included a big Zero and multiply whole result by Zero intelligence and its final result is 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 = 0 percent chance that life can exist without intelligence.
  2. I am ENTJ
  3. Energy is not eternal because it changes into different forms and anything that changes into different forms must have come out of a change that is from being nothing to something. For maintaining its eternity energy must had to have all the Godly qualities and complete in all sense, in other words, you are calling God as energy. Why are you twisting you head with these names when you can believe in God and you know that Energy is creation which is not eternal, so what is the point of using if ???????
  4. Well, everyone knows that first source is quran and second is hadith so Quran has to be preferred. However, for those verses where meanings are hidden we seek hadith. Every Alim does commentary according to his knowledge and I hope in future further research will make more in depth commentary. Secondly, no any Alim has ever said that his commentary is absolute so difference may arise. I will definitely learn farsi and Arabic and seek help from Allah and Ahle bait to help me learn about Islam further before passing judgement that prophets did mistake who knows there is still things which people are unaware about. Wasallam
  5. Agreed on the issue that "He was sent to the people who were driven to wickefness". But do not agree that Prophet did mistake because it is same act which a men of God will do when he is criticised by his people and abandoned and such person does not seek refuge to any other place except mosque or place of prayer or any other property which does not belong to a person but Allah alone.
  6. Secondly, I am thankful to Allah (SWT) that he made you to post from two different websites, and now people can read that one site says that Aqa Mehdi poya calls a Prophet "Wicked" and second the reliable website shows that Aqa Mehdi poya did not utter such a word "Wicked". So, lanat be upon liars. I am not making lanat on you but the liars so do not take it on you if you did not lie about this.
  7. Lanat is on lairs who use their analogy to understand things about which they do not have clear proofs because the above mentioned verse does not prove that breaking away from the disobedient ones is a sin. The very thing which you do not understand is that it is the quote of Allah himself in Quran which says that if there is a region which is ripe with infidelity and you cannot make them to submit to Allah (SWT) then Allah (SWT) will deal such person as among that nation that is why Quran says that when angels after death asks a person of having faith that why were you on that land when there was whole land of Allah (SWT) where you can take refuge from the wrong doings of the people. Yunus a.s did what is in Quran and his going away was same as the law of Allah (SWT). Aqa Mehdi poya just mentioned what is in Quran and he neither lied nor changed things and never said "Wicked" to Prophet but I look into Quran and found the verse to be reason for the action of yunus. And you are the one who are alleging that Prophets do mistake while Quran affirms his actions? So stop yourself from it. About Yousuf a.s his incident is same as that of Ayub a.s when he asked Allah (SWT) that I want justice so Allah summoned him for a justice and asked him what you complain for. He said ya Allah (SWT) I have endured so much but I am not having relief from this disease so what else you want me to do while you know I am faithful to you and doing your Dhikr everytime, then Allah (SWT) said that do you think that your Dhikr is something that you own by your ownself, it is I who have put my love in your heart. Every good deed which a person does and saves himself from oppressive acts is due to Allah's teachings, And Prophets were immune from doing mistakes. So, Yousuf's own actions were traced to the teachings of Allah (SWT) and whole credit is to Allah (SWT). In Quran it is said, there are people who sell our communications for the price of coins. Prove me wrong that Yunus's action was not according to Quran which is says that leave the place where infidelity is rampant. And prove me wrong that Yousuf did deeds were his own creation. Secondly, you can see that Aqa Mehdi poya never used the word "Wicked" for the Prophet and so guess who is summoning lanat for himself ??????
  8. Go to this website and read about what I quoted this is given by al-Islam. Org
  9. Hazrat Yusuf story ok I will show you wait
  10. Lolz what I quoted about Pouya?
  11. Show me from site which I shared with you lolz that is supported by al-Islam. Org
  12. Lanat upon the one who lied. Secondly you failed to find commentary on website of Al-Islam. org supported multiligual Quran website. Thirdly never ever will any shia Alim call a prophet wicked and those who call prophet with attributes of ignorance Allah curses him and so do Aqa Mehdi poya and I. Just go around Internet you will find thousands of book attributed to revered ulemas made by enemies of lovers of Ahlul bait. And about farsi and Arabic evidence which you are saying is with you then God bless you otherwise lanat be upon a liar.
  13. Agha Mehdi poya would never use the word wickedness as it is suitable for wicked people and Prophets are not wicked for it is for ignorant. Show me at the site and then I will comment further
  14. Good try, make fake books and show us website of HubAli and your own fake websites, try it brother. You should visit which is given by There is no such thing as you have mentioned. Our Alim's know their duty, please stop lying about them
  15. The site where I checked there is no commentary for this verse, thanks so I believe that Aqa Mehdi poya believe same as I believe and you are wrong again