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  1. Ok, I'll try to do it all
  2. I am shia who don't have shia knowledge
  3. But, how do they want us to be ?
  4. thank you for your reply
  5. And what are those manners & procedures ?
  6. yes but the imam are here to teach us the religion, to let us die in the right path. Maybe we are the generation who will see the last imam, but what about the muslim who dies in the wrong path ? there were no imam to guide them. So the "there is no period without an imam" mean there is no period without the presence, teaching, knowledge of the imam or just there is no period without the presence of the imam ?
  7. There is something that said "there is no period without an imam", i think that mean in all period, there is someone to teach us the religion, to show us the right path. In our time we said that there is an imam in occultation. So we can't talk with im, this imam can't show us the path, answer our question. The shi'a detractor say that the first 11 imams die to fast so tey had to creates a story to match the reappearance of the 12 Imam at the end of time. Do we have strong arguments to answer that ?
  8. uponthesunnah Thank you brother for your time !
  9. Shia approves which book of hadith
  10. Ye we better ask a real marjas
  11. And the girl must tell to her father "can i do a mutah with this person ?" Or just "if i want to marry someone, will you let me get married ?"
  12. just christian or jews ?
  13. For some scholars, the permission of the father is not necessary
  14. ok thank you for your answers
  15. i just saw this on a website : Q: Could a man marry a woman whom he had sex with when she was married to another man? A: If a Moslem makes a contract of marriage (Aqid) with any married woman, or if he consummates the marriage with her (has sexual intercourse with her), knowing that she is married, then she is said to be banned from him eternally. did he just insinuate that a men could marry a married woman freely ?