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  1. Later I will do research to be able to give reason to an ayatollah thank you for your time
  2. Very smart way to think I do not have the necessary informations to hold a deep conversation with you but i thinks that we can "follow based on faith" and "trust" an ayatullah
  3. Yes but, there may be as much research and reason for prohibiting or authorizing seafood, the fact is that there is one ayatollah who have forbid it and an other who have permit it, even if he say that is makrooh, he have permit it. This is two opposite point of view. If the classic muslim see "i forbid it" he don't going to eat them, but if he see "i permit" he will eat it even if it makrooh. He will nt do deeper research
  4. of what ?
  5. the two ayatollah did there research, weigh the pros and cons and reach to two different point of view but they know what they are doing, but Sistani take more precautions than Fadlallah. It's a question of precautions
  6. I don't know brother, but : He is an ayatollah so i think he know what he is doing
  7. Here an exemple : Ayatollah Sistani : Q : What type of fish is halal to eat. A : Fish that have scales are halal, other types of fish are haram. http://www.sistani.org/english/qa/01184/ Ayatollah Fadlallah : Q : It is known that it is permissible to eat fish that have scales, but what about other kinds of sea animals? What is the general rule for the sea animals to be lawful or unlawful to be eaten? For example, is it permissible to eat snails or the like? A : According to our research, we came to the conclusion that it is permissible to eat all kinds of sea animals, whether they have scales or not. However, it is a recommended precaution to avoid eating the sea food, other than fish, that have no scales for the lack of evidence on its unlawfulness. Allah knows best. http://english.bayynat.org.lb/QA/qa.aspx?id=103
  8. But it's a different topic. Thanks brothers for sharing your knowledge. May Allah bless you all
  9. 10 Muslims do not have the same religion, they can take any hadiths that it suits them in the known books. Even the great ayatollah have different point of view in islam
  10. If we start talking about hadith this topic doesn't have sense anymore.
  11. I don't report the complete verse because it's not important for the subject we are talking of. Of course i know that there is a specific context but here im talking about another point of view. Allah forbid to the people who are in a state of sacralization the hunt of the land but he permit them the hunt of the sea. So has a muslim, we can deduct that the hunt of the sea is allowed, right ? This is the only verse who talk of sea food (correct me if im wrong), and in this verse he authorized us the hunt of the sea without restriction of animals in particular like he did for the hunt of the land
  12. If i follow your logic, we are able to hunt and eat sea creature just during hajj ?
  13. By this verse allah permited the hunt of the sea, and made the food of the sea halal, he made it clear and explicit. It's not a truth that have to be detail. A truth that have to be detail is for exemple the salat, Allah has prescribed it without telling us how to do it, and this is the work of the prophet. But the sea food verse is clear and don't need to be clarify, right ?
  14. According to the coran, all sea food are halal : 5:96 Permitted for you is the catch of sea, and its food—as sustenance for you and for travelers. Why are some scholars who say that some food are haram ?
  15. Ok, I'll try to do it all