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  1. How true is Yasir al habib

    Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem: what came from Yasser Al-Habib does not have any place within Shia doctrine Okay I know this place too has so called die-hard "fans" of Yasir al Habib as there are fans of other people as well who are not righteous. But let me put this discussion in this way. I want answers of people and I insist , only those people (not some childish fan) who have enough enough knowledge of life of Maasumeens(a.s) and the lives of Righteous scholars who went before (right from the advent of Marajiat) to persuade me to believe this Man (and Co.) are rightful in all their senses and what makes them the carrier of truth. Also Please don't post any video of him explaining Qur'an. I am sick of him creating stories. When a man who suddenly comes up from no where and starts preaching Hate (just like Wahhab and Tayimiyyah) and a large herd of people start to follow him because he gets Sponsorship as the one who are sponsoring him find his "class of Islam" to their benefit. He who doesnot even has even 1% consent of Shia Scholars all around the globe claims to be the ONLY righteous group. And all others are Deviants itself proves me why Islamic state or Al Qayeda or Taliban while being only less than 1% of entire Muslim Ummah claim to be the only Righteous group. I ask O people of Yasir al habib- From where did you took islam in its first hand?? From Youtube videos ?? Or from some website?? How many books have you read on commentary of Qur'an, and how many hadith books you've read (The 1st 4 authentic books of Shia Islam which also doesnot has all authentic hadeeths) and how much Science of Hadith you know to believe on some hadith? Do you know Arabic? Do you know Ahkaam, Akhlaque, Usool etc.. The list is long. Since you are Minority (followers of Yasir al habib), you must have enough enough knowledge to know whether the minority you are with is actually Truth. Don't fall to prey to those Over Emotional Ya Zahra slogans because Islamic State also kills people in the slogan of Allah is Greatest! Shed enough, Shed alot what you've been told until you find the truth. A person sitting in the corner of world (Father of Colonialism) and blasphemising The greatest names who have given their life and soul to Islam (unless you know them better, Oh you don't!!). Was This the seerah of Islam to use Slangs!! To blasphemise?? To Abuse rather than cursing?? To Become "Muawiyah of the time"?? Oh to those who have taken Islam from Youtube and the likes, Please tell your Maraje/whoever he is Yasir al habib to please please demonstrate the Love of Ahlulbayt(a.s) he has in himself to step to the embassy of Britain and protest for what they have done to Bahrain!! Also to come on the streets (not with those state sponsored british cadets) but with people who are like those Iranians and Palestanians and Bahranians and Iraqis who are ready to defend no matter what. And please help me find what all he has done else blasphimising!! What work? Exegesis? A book on the life of Ahlulbayt(a.s)?? A book on religious matters which is being appreciated all over?? Any?? What makes you O people of Yasir al habib to believe this man?? Is he the role model?? Does he in any way depicts Imam Ali (a.s) and Rest of Imams(a.s)?? Come on! Leave the Imams(a.s) . Nobody can have their Complete Marefat. Have you read truly about the True Companions of Rasool Allah (saws) and What humility and What Amazing Amazing Tawheed they possessed? About Ammar? About Meesam al Tammar?? May my life be sacrificed for these Souls! Were they busy blasphemising The Caliphs?? Or they were on the forefronts defending their religion patiently fighting the Yazeed of the time in a way Islam needed that time!! If you believe in the teachings of Imam (a.s) why only a minute form of hadeeth (Authentic) are there discussing about those 3 caliphs?? Why? If this was so important blasphemsing OPENLY then Imam (a.s) would have done that (all 11 Imams) at every occasion. Like he( Yasir al habib) keeps doing this from dawn to dusk! What was that that made Imam Baqir (a.s) to be known as Baqir al Uloom? What made Imam ar Ridha (a.s) to be called ar Ridha?? It was clearly they won the heart of people all over. Even the Evil rulers were in awe such that Umar Abdul Aziz ( Great grandson of Al Khattab) at the time of Imam al Baqir(a.s) was asking Imam (a.s) how he should handle khilafat. Umar Abdul Aziz was the one who stopped the cursing of Ahlulbayt(a.s) from the pulpits. If Imam wanted he could have openly blasphemized the Caliph of time!! Did he?? But you can clearly see that Imams's nature hit Aziz so much that he was in somewhat love with him (though the right of the Imam was in his hand). Now come to this point , Why Prophet (saws) wanted Imam Ali (a.s) to be patient. Let me tell you the answer. This is because he wanted Islam to remain. Yes the True message of Islam was lost in shadows but it was better than blood shed and at last no islam at all. If Imam Ali (a.s) wanted, he could have killed all the conspirators but he stayed patient even he said - That Even Ka'ba was destroyed, I will remain patient. Such was his patient. But why Imam why? Why So much patience? Imam knew what was going to happen afterwards. But Islam to remain was much larger. It was the will of Allah. Even when Imam (a.s) came to khilafat he never started blasphemising any of those caliphs openly in the sense Yasir does! (Yes I've read those sermons of Nahjul Balagha). No way near!! He (a.s) rather was busy giving and giving and giving all he had! Now learning this from Imam(a.s) and our responsibilities to our Imam of Time(ajfs), May I be his ransom. What should we do to please him?? Sit in a corner of the world and keep abusing?? Or Be ready to read,read,read and practice,practice,practice so much that when time demands I'm ready to sacrifice myself. Unity is the core of Islam. This issue is 1400 years ago. All the Imams played their best role in maintaining unity among ummah even when majority was wrong. If they would not have done this, Islam would have tainted with blood shed and fabrications. The message would have lost. Do you know due to this Yasir al habib this very Unity is in Entire state of danger and for this only unity Imam had spent their lives for.!! Because they knew the time would come people will turn towards the truth. And yes it is happening. True Shias are cultivating. (Not the one Yasir is converting). The one who know the very essence of Islam, its beauty and the realms of heavens not hatemongers! Islam teaches to hate evil but at the same time there are many other factors which direct us to keep this hate in our prayers rather than practice! Please people Yasir is not going to spiritually uplift you. He is not going to make you love Islam in truest of its forms. He is not going to revolutionalize you in True manner. Give up hate in practice, Spread Love. Don't push others who are trying to come to Shiism away . Learn! Stop Sectarianism. Open your head! Start learning. Let your Intellect govern your emotions!! Let logic prevail! Watch all these videos. These are the True followers of Ahlulbayt (as). These Martyrs!
  2. Tatbir in times of bani Abbas?

    Islam is an intellectual religion! Nothing goes beyond logic. If anyone in this world has to protest- Why would he hit himself! He would hit others in self-defense or protest it through slogans. Its a made up theory that there happened Tatbir at such and such times. All these fabrications are mere innovations. Nothing comes from AllahÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì without Logic! If there is no logic, Be sure its not from Allah.
  3. please help!!! is this ocd or not???

    Hey, You are not having OCD at all. You know what you are having is a self created world where you think you are stucked. Its Shaytan playing with you. I really need to talk to you on this. I want you to get rid of this.!! Right now!
  4. Did you know every 5 minutes a yemeni child dies?

    Our prayers are indeed with the oppressed nations. On one hand the image of Islam is getting tainted due to these Illegitimate Saudi regime and on the other hand Oppression is increasing. The only one to help is our Imam of Time (ajfs). And he(a.s) is helping Iran undoubtedly. InshaAllah Saudi-US-Israel regime will end and Haq will prevail. Watch this- https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=411930719145621&id=146901135648582
  5. Will I ever find a Spiritual & Tech lover friend?

    SELECT spirituality FROM Ahlulbayt WHERE (SeriousLevel = {10}) OR (Tech <={10}) return @NewMe end
  6. Brother (without any offences) - "You can't measure the difference between our True and Lofty SHIA scholars giving dars somewhere in Qom and Najaf and those who have just read some bukharis and muslims. Listen Brother, Our Scholars are just apart. The things they tell will not affect someone until they know the weight of their words. Its just like - You don't know how important water is! You might like Coke for instant but you can't live on it. In the same way Sunni scholars might sound amazing but let me tell you - all they have is just some cook book which each Sunni scholar goes through. They don't have depth. No concept of Irfan and They Don't have Ahlulbayt (a.s) for God's sake! Stop being addicted to coke! If you don't have water on a daily basis you'll die eventually. One of the best ways to get closer to Our Shia Scholars and thus through them to Ahlulbayt (a.s) not just to listen and judge. But to PRACTICE. Go and Pick up Qur'an and try to read 50 verses everyday which translation. Read the same from Tafseer al Meezan, or any prominent Exegesis like Ayatullah Mikarim Shirazi's Namoona. Then contemplate. Try to read and practice. Ahlulbayt (a.s) have prescribed tonnes of methods for Spiritual Upliftment. Go and read those and try those. Soon you'll find a change. You're probably loosing Maarefa't of Ahlulbayt(a.s). One of the major point is Not to practice but just to listen and read. It makes you superficial. Stop it if you're doing just that. Second - Are you preparing yourself for 12th Imam (ajfs). Do you pray for his reappearance properly after every Salat?? Dua e faraj?? Cry , wails?? Do you try to tell him sitting on your prayer mat how you feel without him?? Do you ever think All of this - Whatever we have - Islam, Allah's Mercy, Beautiful Bounties - All of this is because of Imam Hussain (a.s) May my life and soul be ransomed for him though I'm not worth it, but All of this is left for us because our Imam (a.s) gave all he had to save Allah's relgion and thus entire universe from Wrath of Allah ?? Do you think how much indebted we are to our Imams?? How much indebted we are to Secret of Allah - Mother of he Father - Hujjah on all Imams - Bibi Fatema' May my everything be ransomed for her. She right from her birth has went to serious pains and torments. Read about the lifestyle of our Imams (Though I myself have not read whatever all there is out there) but still, Go and get their Maarefa!
  7. UmmahWide- A Startup worth looking

    "It's about taking advantage of the opportunities you have right now, and right now we're in a position where you call somebody and they're willing to pick up and take the call because they're ready to serve, you have to take advantage of that and have a chance to capitalize on your ideas." Shall we engage in building such platform and connecting people and have some upliftment of our community as a whole. Atleast for the young minds who have the potential to disrupt. Remember great ideas always were started from mere a spark sitting in the shadows. If you know some people over here (cause I'm new) who can help in building the portal and the community please join hands and lets begin!
  8. Ijtihad against Tatbir

    Ayatullah Mikarim Shirazi (h.a) on Tatbir.
  9. Will I ever find a Spiritual & Tech lover friend?

    Thankyou Brother! That was some uplifting words As you said you're a Programmer! Can we have some talks? I don't know why but I'm unable to PM anyone. So if you're on facebook or any social account. Do help me so that I can connect with you. Wassalam
  10. UmmahWide- A Startup worth looking

    Assalam o alaikum brother. Having startups is not the core issue. Many Shias can have startups or small businesses of their own scattered. The key problem lies in collaboration. There are so many shias around the globe who have resources, Talent to invest in, A give back kind of attitude. Most of them want to serve Ahlulbayt(a.s). If people around the world could connect and share their ideas and resources then InshaAllah we can become great in solving so many problems (cause there are many). What do you think, How can we solve this problem?? What I think is to have a portal like "UmmahWide" to engage every shia interested in starting up. People with skills, Financial support, Contacts and etc can join the platform. Further we can have an open forum where novices could come and take insights on how to develop certain skills so that we could become better as whole.
  11. Assalam o Alaikum people. I'm a Computer Science student in India. And I'm not boasting but I try to be spiritually uplifted through various prescribed activities in Islam by our Imams (a.s) whenever I get time after the obligatory acts on a daily basis. I find it really very hard to find a friend (brother) with whom I can share approximately a similar lifestyle. All my friends (very few indeed) don't fit into this category. I also have one more question to ask. "Studying Computer Science and working in a Tech firm make will me more Materialistic? My Spirituality will be decreased in a Materialistic environment? If yes, What should I do. I'm hoping for a mature and logical reply Wassalam.
  12. Have any of you viewed this - https://ummahwide.com/ Please share your views. According to me - 1. Tech-wise its good. 2. But when it comes to Pure Islam (sure they don't have it), its too open! They have a startup list too run by Muslims (sunni-wahhabi muslims) My Question is Are there any good shia-startups around the globe? Or are we just lagging behind? or We don't need it? (Chasing the materialistic world isn't our passion)
  13. Any Indian Startup fans?

    There are many domains in which Indian startups have spread their wings. The one which have topped the charts are Food, Travel, Education, Real Estate, etc all linked with Tech. All are Tech Driven! If you're interested then please PM me.
  14. Coursera Courses

    Waalaekum assalam warahmatullah e wbarakatuh I have been using MOOCS since past 1 and a half year. I'm pursuing a Btech from Tier-2 college in India. Firstly I planned to learn Programming since my stream is CSE, I enrolled in edX's Intro to Computer Sc which is offered from Harvard University. I was in middle of it that I lost interest of it and soon my area of interest drifted to Business Analytics which requires deep Business Insights (Marketing, Management, Statistics, Operations, Finance etc) and Data Science which requires knowledge of some Query based Programming Language (Which if you want you can learn but you can skip this part too) and you should be into Tech to be a Business Analyst. A business analyst is someone who- 1. analyzes an organization or business domain (real or hypothetical) and 2. documents its business or processes or systems, assessing the business model or its integration with technology. ... The technology solutions can be the use of technology architecture, tools, or software application. So Now I'm in a run to do some 13-14 *Coursera* courses and some from edX. I have a complete list and order in which I'll do the course. List goes as follows - Analytics ( statistics, excel, data analysis, data visualization, vba ) (a) Statistics for Business – I (5 weeks) Basic algebra and calculus. (b) Statistics for Business - II (7 weeks) (c) Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making (20 hours) (d) Career Edge: Analytical Problem Solving and Design Thinking (4 weeks) 1. Introduction to Data Analysis using Excel - (4 weeks) You don’t need any previous knowledge of Excel. 2. Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel - (6 weeks) 3. Data Analysis: Take It to the MAX() - (8 weeks) 4. Data Analysis: Visualization and Dashboard Design - (6 weeks) ***5. Introduction to Excel VBA Programming - (10 weeks) 6. Interpreting and Communicating Data Insights in Business (4weeks) 7. Business Writing (coursera). 8. How to Finance and Grow Your Startup – Without VC (7 weeks) (coursera) 9. High-Impact Business Writing (coursera) ***10. Business Analytics Specialization (coursera) {Do each course separately without Certificate}. {Certificate costs 30k}. 11. Foundations of strategic business analytics (coursera) 12. Foundations of marketing analytics (coursera) Marketing ( Customer/client experience, dealing with customers/clients, product decisions, digital marketing, sales and distributions, regression and conjoint analysis, market research techniques ) 1. Introduction to Marketing (6 weeks) No prior exp. 2. Introduction to Marketing (coursera). 3. Digital Branding and Engagement (4 weeks) No prior exp. ****4. Digital Marketing Specialization (coursera) 5. Marketing Analytics: Products, Distribution and Sales (4 weeks) 6. Marketing Analytics: Data Tools and Techniques (6 weeks) Basic maths. 7. Introduction to Financial Accounting (coursera). 8. Introduction to Operations Management (coursera). 9. Introduction to Corporate Finance (coursera). Communication & Presenation 1. Career Edge: Communication and Teamwork (4 weeks) 2. English at Work in Asia: Job Applications, CVs and Cover Letters (5 weeks) 3. English at Work in Asia: Preparing for a Job Interview (4 weeks) 4. Successful Presentation (coursera) Content Writing & Marketing- 1. Content Strategy for Professionals Specialization (coursera). 2. Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content (coursera- 4 weeks). 3. ** SPECIAL SELF COURSES 1. The Challenges of Global Poverty (12 weeks 6-7 hours per week). 2. AP® Macroeconomics (18 weeks) 3. Data Analysis for Social Scientists (12 weeks) I'll be auditing the course and doing them for free. And I'll try to wrap up the courses as fast as possible. An example of this is I did 4 weeks of coursework in just 5 days of "Introduction to Marketing" edx from University of British Columbia.
  15. Any Indian Startup fans?

    Wa'alaekum Assalam brother. Not able to message you. Please PM me so that I could join in the thread :/