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  1. I hope some people will do short recitations of the Holy Quran as well.
  2. What's going on in this video? Is he electricuting them? :o
  3. @Pearl178 is right, please do it! It'll be so much fun to listen to!
  4. I find it extremely difficult to go back and forth between the western culture and the asian culture. I.e whenever im outside interacting with white people, I realise just how different they are to asians. The same goes for when I go on a holiday to asia, my mind seems to mess up and get confused as soon as I start interacting with asians. Because I have to keep changing my language and the way I communicate. Personally its been quite a struggle for me to grow up with 3 different cultures. With that being said though, im still grateful for them.
  5. Energy was needed to start off the big bang actually.... and since when did I say the big bang came before Allah? Lol.
  6. I was trying to make e.l king understand that sometimes we might not be in the most suitable situations to pray in public if needed be.
  7. Then you're not a true 'peter rabbit' fan :p
  8. Since you always quote sistani rulings, I thought maybe you would have one for my question too. Nevermind.
  9. Even if a woman wears a bean bag, men with sick minds will still stare. Wouldn't it be better to not give them even more of an opportunity to stare by praying in public? (Providing that she cannot find a private place and the time is running out)
  10. I love peter rabbit! Have you watched the cartoon?
  11. Do you think its appropriate for women to pray in public considering there will be lots of men there (some with dirty minds who will stare continously) ? (Especially in the scenario that you just gave).
  12. there must be some form of energy keeping the universe in its place ...otherwise wouldn't it collapse?
  13. Is the outerspace inside the universe or outside?
  14. So doesn't energy exist outside the universe?