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  1. So the title might be a little deceiving because what I'm about to ask is pretty mundane. Are we allowed to listen/ watch video or podcasts where alot of interesting topics are being discussed but in which there are some sexual references and cursing involved. Please reply.
  2. Bread - halal or haram ?

    Its not about bread. Its the fact that many breads made here in U.S. (maybe other places too) can be left with trace amounts of alcohol as a result of adding yeast. "Bread as generally consumed comprises of two basic types leaven and unleavened bread. Leavening refers to the addition of yeast which in the case of bread is usually called Bakers’ Yeast which is used to make the bread rise. The process using yeast requires the yeast (a single cell bacterium) to react with the natural carbohydrates (sugars) in the (wheat flour) in the presence of water to ‘ferment’ those sugars. The byproducts of that fermentation are alcohol and carbon dioxide." - http://www.hizbululama.org.uk/highlights/1432ah/dhulhajj/Alcohol_in_bread_Is_it_Halal.html
  3. Firstly, What does it mean by praying loudly? What volume exactly? To the point where only I can hear it or does it mean normal conversation volume. Also I can manage that with Maghrib and Isha but what about Fajr because people are sleeping ( and walls in my apartment are paper thin).
  4. Quran verses and prophet and imam questions

    I'd suggest you look up Dawah channels on youtube. Especially Hyde Park. Look at the debates these brothers have with christians/atheists/Pantheists. Its amazing how much information you soak up on. And not just about Islam but how to refute the misconceptions people bring up regarding Quranic Verses. Look up brother Mansur/Shamsi/Ali Dawah/ Mohammad Hijab/ Hamza (Darren)/ Hashim (@ Hyde Park) on youtube.
  5. I fell asleep after fajr and was presented with instances related to Imam MAHDI (AS). First instance is when I saw my apartment building people running towards something. So I started running with them. We were running at such great speed but I didn't knew why. So I asked someone why we were running. And that someone replied that Imam MAHDI (AS)is here. We are running to see him. The feeling was beyond excitement. It was just pure awe that our Imam (AS) is finally here. There were 4 instances in that dream where I remember being in the presence of our blessed Imam MAHDI AS. But I know it's not recommended to share your dreams. One very strange thing though. I was perfectly aware that I was sleeping during these dreams. Like my rooh could see my physical body sleeping in the midst of this. Any interpretation. Someone in a forum years back said that anything to do with that revelation of Imam MAHDI AS "is a final warning from ALLAH ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì that some major calamity is going to befall you for some major sin that you're committing." So that kind of ruined my mood. If someone can clarify this please.
  6. I am scared of doing something unlawful.

    What do you mean "I'm scared I might do something unlawful with them" Come on bro, how do you not have control over your nafs. Or maybe I misunderstood. You might mean unlawful like going to their house is in itself unlawful.
  7. I like the idea but how do you find khuloos. I'd be too worried about a awkward encounter.Someone might see you and they might feel weirded out.
  8. Okay let me give you a situation. Say your lecture ends at 12:00pm, and the Dhur time starts at 12:10pm. My college apartment is 20 minutes away by walk and a restaurant is 5 minutes from class. In this case is it better to eat first than go home by like 1:00pm and pray or go home pray, than come back. I know Islam is a very practical religion and ALLAH SWT dosen't burden us.
  9. I had a question regarding optimal praying times. Often times I'm perfectly free and able to pray when the time starts (lets say for Duhr/Asr) but I always delay it by 30 minutes to an 1-hour. This makes me feel really guilty. Like I'm just sitting on my laptop watching videos and I could be praying because the Adhan went off. Just to remove any understanding I'm not talking about Qaza namaz, ofcourse thats a sin if you don't have a valid reason. I'm talking between the allotted times of the prayers. If someone can ease my tensions and maybe even provide references I'd really appreciate that. JazakALLAH Khairun.
  10. Does this make your prayer invalid?

    How can you be so sure? Any references to offer?
  11. Does this make your prayer invalid?

    Yeah I think I'm gonna pray again.
  12. If you accidentally fart, but after the TASHHUD and SALAAM of your last rakat. While doing the voluntary DHIKR. Technically it's after the prayer but I was still wondering if it makes the overall Salah invalid. Please let me know as soon as possible so I can either prayer again or move on to Isha. Thanks
  13. Wow what do you mean by "next up will be waswasas in worshipping acts." I'm the OP and in the past 2 months since posting this, ALHAMDULLIAH Im in a much better position. By waswasas in worshipping acts do you mean repetition of stuff because I'm at the stage where waswasas haven't stopped just transformed.
  14. Is Ben n' Jerrys Halal

    Don't know why but I was randomly looking through Ben n' Jerrys chunky monkey ingredients. Saw something called carrageenan and looked it up on Google. Basically it's extract of sea weed "but during its production it is crystallized either by Ethyl Alcohol or Isopropyl Alcohol or Potassium Chloride (KCl) or nothing. If Potassium Chloride (KCL) or nothing is used during the processing of Carrageenan then it will be Halal. But if Ethyl Alcohol or Isopropyl Alcohol was use to crystallized the Carrageenan then this Carrageenan will become NOT HALAL ingredient.". A third link I came across shows halal certification for 10 of their flavors. http://sweetsandcolors.blogspot.com/2011/06/six-halal-ben.html?m=1 INSHALLAH this turns out to be halal. It's the only ice cream that actually tastes good.