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  1. Aisha (ra) was 16-25 at the time of marriage not 6. I am disgusted that people in this forum justify false attacks on the prophet. http://hameem.org/index.php/multimedia/articles/89-articles/149-proof-that-aisha-was-over-15-years-old-when-she-married-the-prophet-peace-be-upon-him https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/belief/2012/sep/17/muhammad-aisha-truth http://www.discoveringislam.org/aisha_age.htm
  2. In the caves of ancient humans there were drawings of things archaeologists believe are "gods" and of course it would seem as if god came in at the last part of human existence because humans back then were too busy to be drawing and leaving evidence of worship, when they were hunting for food.
  3. Americas the best
  4. Nuke em
  5. I think you forgot that the us supported Sadam under a differnt president than when that went and got rid of him. Differnt president = different policy
  6. If America didn't go in you wouldn't be able to go to karbala and more of the Shias would be slaughtered and more Kurds gassed to death. America got rid of saddam and iraq couldn't govern itself.
  7. Well America went in and gave power to the Shias who then started an insurgency against the US. Not the US's fault iraq couldn't govern itself, and when they asked us to leave we left and the country fell apart.
  8. Good now Assad will finnaly be gone
  9. What? The Nazis were national socialists
  10. I don't have a shia mosque near me that I can get to
  11. The problem is that pipelines spill, all of them. Now this wouldn't matter as much, but the keystone access pipeline goes over a giant pool of groundwater that is used for farming in more than one state, if the pipeline gets built and leaks all the water for crops is tainted. For the Dakota access pipeline it goes through ancient Indian burial grounds and other sacred sites so that's really the reason for the protesting, it would actually be better for the environment because currently we use oil tankers and trains which are even more harmful than pipelines.
  12. The only person close to a shia I know is my dad who doesn't practice anymore and I've never met a shia Muslim.
  13. I use the Muslim pro app it has differnt translations and a bunch of other cool things like prayer time, and duas.
  14. Personally I think Ali Shiratis ideas are unislamic. I don't think religious clerics should rule a country.
  15. So the past few months I've been on shia chat I've learned a lot, and am thinking of becoming shia (not sure yet but very close!). My question is where can I buy a Turbah, since I've learned it's sunnah. I have no shia mosque near me and all the Turbahs online are either from sketchy websites or have shipping costs upwards of $30. Anyone can help me with this? *Just a note, I would like a Turbah (or turbahs) that is small and portable, I won't want the Muslim kids at my school seeing me with it.