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  1. Link to article http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/van-pedestrians-hit-run-over-casualties-latest-police-finsbury-park-mosque-muslims-seven-sisters-a7796551.html
  2. Aww I liked Qatar the best out of the GCC countries
  3. So does this mean the Kabbah is to be avoided? Why didn't Mohammed(pbuh) just rebuild it, after all he destroyed all the idols in it so why would it have caused commotion?
  4. Can someone please explain thin hadith to me it seems a bit odd Narrated by ‘A’isha: God’s Messenger said to me, “Were your people not close to the pre-Islamic Period of Ignorance, I would have demolished the Ka‘bah and would have rebuilt it on its original foundations laid by Abraham, and I would have built a back door (too).” – Sahih Bukhari, Chapter 26, Hadith No. 655
  5. I don't know where I am right now honestly. One day I think the Shias are right the next day the sunnis.
  6. I'm very confused why you feel the need to slander Aisha(ra)
  7. Just do you guys know I'm in highschool im not actually in the army it's the Junior Officer Reserve Training Corps which doesn't require somone to enlist.
  8. Well I'm not shia so...
  9. I have a bit of a problem, during the week,of laylat al qadr I will be at a army JROTC training camp and I will not be fasting as it is extreme physical training. I didn't realize at the beggining of the year when I signed up that it would be during laylat al qadr. I can't cancel going so I want to know what I can do while I'm there at the camp (also I won't be praying I don't want people knowing I'm Muslim while there, I've heard bad stories of Muslims being abused for their faith). Also please don't comment on how I'm part of army JROTC and your opinions of the US army, thanks.
  10. I saw those it made me sick
  11. Assad=yazid
  12. No one could give me one non ambiguous saying from one of the imams saying they don't commit any sin?
  13. Please refrain from insults I'm Sunni myself.
  14. Can somone give me a Hadith from the shia imams claiming infallibility?