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  1. Sunnis don't have any connection to many of the family of the prophet. I had never heard of some of them till I joined Shia chat.
  2. Maybe Assad should have made reforms and then millions of people wouldn't be displaced and hundreds of thousands dead. The king of Morocco and the Sultan of Oman did it and thier still in power. Really don't understand why people even support this murderer.
  3. Oh yeah, I forgot about the travel ban. It's not for ever though.
  4. I've been to all of them my fathers family has a family reuinion every year and my dad has us travel through at least one state to get to the reunion. Utah, Colorado, and Montana are my favorite.
  5. US( my home),Switzerland, and China. I'm only 17 so hopefully my list will expand soon.
  6. Well it depends on where you live. If you are in a rural area then it's propbably not the best idea to have a hijab on, if you live in a big city it's safe. I live in DC and women wear hijabs without concern. Also lots of the stories about hijabi women being attacked have been proven false.
  7. My father isn't really into it, my mom is more into it than my father, my sister is not muslim, and I'm the most religious in the house.
  8. Wouldn't he also tell them he was the imam and is divinely guided?
  9. I heard that the shia imam Jafar al-Sadiq taught some of the founders of the Sunni madhab. M y question is if Jafar taught them then why are they Sunni, wouldn't they see that he was infallible and become shia?
  10. She went on dr.phil
  11. There really isn't another equivalent. I'm a Sunni and I use shia chat because it's the only terrorist free Muslim forum. Also shia chat has people of all faiths and sects of Islam unlike the Sunni forums that are mainly Salafi, Hanafi and extremeist with a few others who are bullied to leave the forum.
  12. Umm.. I luv in Washington dc am a black muslim andno offense but everything you said was basically a lie. Black people are killed by policeless often then somone gets struck by lightning and trump isn't sending out police to murder us. As for the south Korea point you mentioned, well the north Koreans are building nuclear weapons and are about 30 miles from the souths capitol, so they need missiles to defend themselves.
  13. Like north Korea, it works out just fine there.