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  1. If you live in the states, particularly Michigan, step outside and look at the moon.....
  2. Many usually fall victim of not waking up on the first day, myself and my family included. I still haven't broke my fast yet, but some advice I'd like to dish out for larger families, be mindful with the amounts of food your prep. Something I come across allot during ramadan, at least here in the states and with my family, is over-preparing. This is the last month you wanna throw any food away, make enough to satiate you and your family. A light soup or salad to break the fast followed by the main course, say lasagna for instance, and then some dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth shortly after is perfect. But going full out all-you-can eat buffet followed by copious amounts of junk throughout the night just ruins the purpose of this month. Kick it with ur family too instead of some hookah bar. Lastly, try avoiding surgery drinks and pop, lots of water and some flavored tea is much more beneficial, go for a stroll around the block right after eating to aid with digestion. You won't regret it.
  3. Umm kulthum was one of the most prominent and revered singers in the entire music world, Egyptian if I'm correct.
  4. First and foremost, id like to start off by saying that this is not music for personal use/enjoyment. I've deleted my music app from my computer and don't plan on listening to anything other than Quran during the holy month. However, ironically, I'm enrolled in a music course at university (degree requirement), and I have a pretty significant project in which I am required to actually listen to an entire "umm kalthum" album, and then dissect it, writing about its musical features and so on. If I skip it, it would probably take a big toll on my final grade. Opinions?
  5. Well, fantastic start to ramadan 2017 so far. I ended up falling asleep and magically managed to wake up by my self at 4:24am, exactly 4 minutes AFTER suhoor ended. No water, very salty meal last evening. Ur boy is parched. ): But honestly though, subhanallah, I literally woke up from the deepest sleep at the exact minute for fajir, no alarm, no prep, nothing. Total coincidence. peace and blessings upon you all and I hope you have a blessed month. Ramadan mubarak!
  6. WHAT!?!? wHaT¿!¿ h-u-s-b-a-n-d. My entire existence on shiachat, I've addressed you as bro, thought you were a bro, and quoted you for advice as a bro, BUT YOUR REALLY A SIS? You know what, it was reverse psychology, the superman avatar made me assume*, and one should never assume* regarding the unknown.
  7. -___- Ahem.......Soon to be graduate from Wayne State majoring in Political Science. Why the rough stance on P.S majors? I think its a fantastic program and a great stepping stone for someone looking to get into the public sector, or even federal law enforcement (1811's now desire these degree's, especially ones with a concentration on world politics). I'm only using it to get into Wsu's law program, but even so, I've heard that roughly a third of Poly-sci students enter the business field, namely finance. Not sure how that works, but its out there. In the end, it tops out better than most LAS degrees......your degree is really what you make of it. Having connections also helps. An example, my history teacher back in junior high pursued a history degree, It landed him jobs teaching, you guessed it, history, at DPS schools. My fathers cousin has a history degree, he owns 12 taco bells.
  8. Beat you to it For anyone interested, Also, Hasanh, even though I may not be able to eat it, you and anyone else reading along should consider this. Watermelon Cheese Kabobs Not only filling, but hydrating.
  9. A whole chunk huh? How nice. Not trying to be salty, I'm just severely Lactose intolerant, pretty sure that would instantly put me in a grave. Just always amazes me how people can gulp down that deadly toxin and walk around like nothing happened.
  10. ........ Oh nothing, only the most precious butter of all butters, given as a mercy to mankind. Really though, Shea butter can easily place high on a list of the most divinely smelling things on this planet. Its mostly used in lotions, moisturizers and body washes, but some people just buy it raw and dab it all over themselves. Extremely beneficial for the skin too. If you want it raw:
  11. Was this in yesterdays speech? Never saw this part, backdrop is different?
  12. Correction, in theory, everyone is a puppet. It doesn't matter who is in power, even if they have the right intentions, it will never make a difference, they will simply fold as all the others do. In the end, politicians still push the same policies and agendas of those behind the scenes, the real power source. Military industrial complex, banks, and so on. That's why nothing ever changes and every politician makes false promises. It happens again and again yet people never learn.
  13. As if this is actually a problem, sounds like @sidnaq is over analyzing life/things and it could be due to a lack of something. Sounds more like a delusional disorder or Cluster C paranoia. Slow down, calm down, take it easy. Free time seems to be the problem with people who suffer from DD or PPD. Sidnaq, do you have a drive for something, any passions or things you maybe wanted to pursue in the past? Maybe go back to uni? I know its such a vague answer, but think about it? Also, if you actually find it, love is love. Shia, sunni, Sufi, Blue alien, Doesn't matter. Good people exist across the whole spectrum. (:
  14. For better or for worse? Thats quite a stretch, no? The norm to fill in a void these days seems to be: Get married, Have a kid. Im not sold on it, theres a 50/50 chance it can go sour, something I've been seeing increasingly, and you absolutely want to avoid that.
  15. Pffffffffffffffff, Someone who is sadly mistaken! Ignore my left eye, I am not some pseudo hybrid dajjal.... (but is quite knowledgable in other topics, namely his religion, salute to you good sir)