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  1. Trust me, you are in a better situation than being a female revert..
  2. On what bases do you do that? And are there any books that would help me decide which one to follow? And are there anyone else other than these people?
  3. Assalamualikum So i'm a new revert and i heard about that i should be a moqaled to someone probably an ayatullah. I'm really confused about that, so can really someone explain to me what does it mean by being a moqaled to an ayatoullah? I knew from here that some people follow ayatullah sistani and others follow ayatullah khamenei, on
  4. I dont think that Shyatan would come in the imam's image. I google marriage, it signifies Allah's care on his servants. It was the rest of the dream which was irritating me not this part. I really dont know tbh
  5. Assalamualikum, Does anyone know about dream interpretations about seeing imam Ali A.S. in the dream. I saw him getting married to me in the dream which was quite scaring for me as he is my grandfather. If anyone of you sisters really know about dream interpretations please dm me and i'll tell you the whole dream cause i really want to know what does it mean.
  6. Well, i did introduce Nahjul balagha and they believe its not Ali who said whats in it and the sunni sheikhs they asked said its all lies. So they refuse to read it
  7. Assalamualikum I'm a newly shia convert in a close minded sunni family, I knew about shia islam from a friend of mine and i kept searching about shia islam and i was suprised by how convincing it was, that i decided to dig deeper in it til i truely believe it was the right path. I talked to my parents about shia and they became really abusive to me, i tried practising taqyah but it didnt work with them cause i cant lie around them. Now they are putting me in a tough situation, their obedience and leaving the sect or they would unborn me, be angry and telling me how God would curse me and i wont succeed in my life by me disobeying them. I tried convincing them about shia islam but they believe its kufr. I really dont know what to do.. would Allah be angry at me because of their anger and not obeying them? I dont want them to be angry at me and at the same time i'm not leaving shia islam and they wont accept me being a shia. They prayed to God against me. Another point, at all my research i came to a point that i cant marry a sunni due to the difference in the sect and different point of view, my parents wont approve of my marrige to a shia man and they wont attend it. Should i stay single forever? Is there any fatwa for my case? Please help me... i'm so desperate