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  1. The prophet taught Fatima tasbeeh al-zahraa' because she asked for a slave and she didn't get a slave, she got the tasbeeh to increase her faith so she could work harder so she shouldn't get a slave. I don't remember why she didn't get a slave, maybe to seek the hereafter. peace
  2. I heard im a lost INTJ, whos become leaning towards INFP that is submissive emotion, and IN is my center and TJ is my purpose and meaning. peace
  3. Thank you. I'm just not in the mood of posting. The link didn't show any tafseer.
  4. Indeed, Allah is not timid to present an example - that of a mosquito or what is smaller than it. And those who have believed know that it is the truth from their Lord. But as for those who disbelieve, they say, "What did Allah intend by this as an example?" He misleads many thereby and guides many thereby. And He misleads not except the defiantly disobedient,
  5. I have become lazy now due to how i am treated by the government, they took all my pride, i am a weaklink now. If i put my hands on the Quran i'll become their 'converted spy'. There is a Chinese proverb which says; "If one thinks he can (the Believers), he who think he can't (me) shouldn't interfere and stop him/stand in the way. You are wrong, but also right. Humans should enjoy life. I personally sought honor and that excludes good islamic practises. Just Islamic for me. Alternative being an i'lliterate. peace
  6. Because i'm high functioning autist, still autist. Allah was my only friend, i had a personal relationship with him, and when i had read half the Quran and other books i had my fill. Then i set out. I told him if i need to fill up i'll read the quran agan, but then i got physically active and couldn't read anymore. My task is (self appointed) is over. peace
  7. I promised Allah that i wouldn't read the middle when i set out at 19 years.
  8. Because when i went to Quran school as kid i memorized the first juz'. So, i live in Norway, we read from left to right (from behind). So i got used to reading from behind. At age 19 1/2, i read upto Muhammed or ahqaf, otherwise i've read from front but i didn't get through, because from like verse 40 or 60 and up it was unimportant things for a believers, not pleasurable intriguiging verses about jews oaths and nikah and loan. with believer i mean lesser jihadist. External jihadist. peace
  9. I didn't know there were believers whom treated the Quran as with misguidance. But i've read the Quran from behind until Al-ahqaf or Muhammed. And the cow, and Al-Imran a bit. Thats it. i've read do they not ponder on the Quran. All the others i havent, they were in the inaccesible section of the Quran for me. They are all placed in that section because they should be secret to Believers. maaan, the world is a [Edited Out]ed up place. My task will never end. It is hard to admit that i've lost. I don't want to admit i've lost. I wish i would die. I am crying a flood of tears now. How can i accept... never mind
  10. I believe the Quran is a dangerous tool. As long as i have a pure heart i'm doing great. Allah says: ALM. This book there is no doubt in it, guidance to those whom believe in the unknown... i'll not learn parts of the Quran to leave it be unknown. Imam Ali is the commander of the faithful and believers. A believer obeys his commander, never prioritizing his King. peace
  11. ...m. I've read half of it. Enough to catch the spirit of Islam. It is my interior and my interior is halfway or more not there. My exterior is imam Ali. Because the prophet Muhammed says Imam Ali is the door to my knowledge (Quran). That is Nahjul Balagha, i have to prioritize it. peace
  12. Thank you for this homenym.
  13. Hello I have a theory, and am interested in input or enrichment: In a fight there is an attacker whom has the first hit, and a defender whom gets the second hit (given he doesn't get knocked out off consciousness) and then the fight starts. If we imagine that every figher has one hundred points to spend on skill and attributes, then the attacker uses half his points on beauty and the rest on power. The defender has one hundred points on power and no beauty. Of course the attacker would resort to the first hit to maximize his advantage and he gets to do so also as a consequence of skill and awareness, due to scarce resources of power. So the defender is like the big bad wolf (ugly), like a man, but not neccesarily evil, he could be. He is powerful. The attacker is like a woman, lures the the wolf in and puts her life on the line in battle. Therefore in ancient cultures and in Islam, woman have to speak and act by permission of their men otherwise there would be chaos. They don't get first hit, and have to conseal their beauty (the women) and stay loyal to Allah. This is a difficult task consealing your beauty and not having your freedom of first hit, therefore women in Islam are free within their houses. Peace
  14. I've always struggeled with saying no, before i had alot of energy so not saying no was not a problem. Now i struggel. But i know in Martial Arts, you start easy and learn to block and defend yourself first probably to ensure that your heart is not harmed, your kindness. Then you say you develop your mind your skill and when you have reached a certain level you level up and do more dangerous stuff and start "saying no"" and attack. To say no is to be passive agressive. In yoga you say that the root chakra or spiritual center, its thing or word is "no". Because it tries to survive. When you try to survive you say no. But generosity to not try to survive and let others "eat your flesh and drink your blood". We can restrict the no to the bad guys, but we need to develop our minds before we start saying no. Peace