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  1. Evolution And Islam?

    Guys, evolution is real. I think the only way to make it agree with the story of Adam in the quran is if God is referring to the soul of Adam when he describes creating the first human. When Adam sinned God simply transferred his soul to a material body on earth.
  2. What's the source in the quran?
  3. what is bad?

    "Bad" is anything that goes against the command of God.
  4. Need help losing weight

    For weight loss, exercise doesn't do much. It's 90℅ diet, the simplest way to loose weight is to just keep track of your caloric intake. You can find BMR calculators online, find your BMR and subtract about 200 to 500, depending on how fast you want to lose weight, from that you can find how much calories you should consume daily.
  5. Anything that goes against the command of God. So Adam disobeying God was a sin, he is clearly not infallible. @Ozzy said not every mistake is a sin. But any mistake that goes against the command of God is a sin, and in the Quran it is clearly stated in Surah A'raf Verse 22 : "...And their Lord called to them, "Did I not forbid you from that tree and tell you that Satan is to you a clear enemy?" God clearly forbade Adam from the tree, it is undeniable that Adam did not against the command of the Lord as the Quran says it. So how/why did Adam commit a mistake/sin if he is a prophet, this clearly goes against the concept of infallibility and perfection.
  6. I know, but this doesn't answer how God can be just and still inflict eternal punishment on anyone even if they're kafir. Because no matter how many sins and wrong things you can do on earth cannot equate to infinite punishment
  7. Sunni vs Shia questions

    M8, he's literally saying he wants to be shia, you're only lowering his motivation with your assumptions. I know many of the answers can be found in past discussions but there's no harm in restating them.
  8. Sunni vs Shia questions

    I can answer 10, 11 and 12: 10 - No, many of them can be false, it's important to hold them up to scrutiny. 11 - No, the Quran has been perfectly preserved 12 - No, it's haram and Imam Ali wouldn't do that
  9. Sunni vs Shia questions

    Who cares what his intention is. If he asked a question let him be answered, even if it is propaganda theres only benefit in answering them.
  10. How can God justify giving eternal punishment to anyone? Our life is very short, and we can only commit a finite amount of sins, so how can god give eternity in hell for a finite number of sins? Even if someone spent a million years sinning how can god justify eternity, a million years of punishment at most, but eternity?
  11. Is Allah Too Harsh?

    Can I get the source of this? It looks intriguing but I cant seem to find Descartes saying it.
  12. the best questions I got

    Shias would definitely visit the prophets shrine first, but the area is heavily controlled by the SA government which doesn't allow people to visit like they visit other shrines (in Syria, Iraq and Iran).
  13. The Sun Will Rise From Where It Set

    No it wouldn't this has happened many times in the past and guess what, a wide variety of animals are still here.
  14. The Sun Will Rise From Where It Set

    Earth's magnetic poles will reverse and (probably) nothing will happen to life, this process is underway as we speak. Earth spinning the other way around it's axis would be the result of some catastrophic impact, like the hypothesized impact that reversed Venus' rotation.
  15. Last two points are valid. However your first point undermines the whole topic, not every error is a sin...? So you agree that it's still a mistake/error. So why is the first prophet able to make errors but no others? He is the FIRST prophet and that's not a very good standard to set if the first prophet himself erred.