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  1. Is Masturbation Really Haram??

    Salam Brother, actually masturbation is haram our Holy Imams have condemned this act. And since you say at the time of Prophet they had prostitutes no they had not. And yeah marriage can still be done at young age. According to the Seyid Sistani and Seyed Shirazi have prohibited masturbation under all circumstances. I wish it helps : http://www.sistani.org/english/qa/search/1012/
  2. You are speaking my language bro
  3. @DigitalUmmah Welcome back bro, it is great to see you on SC after a long time
  4. Copyrighted Audio on Youtube

    Zeesh Media.
  5. Copyrighted Audio on Youtube

    Zeesh Media.
  6. Copyrighted Audio on Youtube

    Okay thanks, i have asked for their permission lets hope they permit Edit the copyrighted audio ?
  7. Copyrighted Audio on Youtube

    Sorry ??
  8. Copyrighted Audio on Youtube

    Dear brothers and sisters, I've got a problem and i hope you'll help me in finding a solution. So I actually have a YouTube channel where I upload those nohas/latmiyas which are pretty good but are underrated and do not have good video. So i make a video for the latmiya and then upload it, so video content is literally owned by me but audio isn't. But recently from one of the famous video of mine audio has been deleted b YouTube due to copyright claim. Now what do i do to not get my audio disabled ?
  9. Please unregister my account

    Take care bro We'll miss you, hope you will join us again
  10. rahib family

    Where on neck, on the back of neck ?
  11. Learning Shia Prayer

    Yes, do anything that works for you
  12. Learning Shia Prayer

    When you are having hard time focusing on your prayers, just focus on what you are reciting. Focus on the surahs that you recite and focus on what you are saying and what that means (If you do not know arabic reading translation of surahs before prayer helps). This method works for me.
  13. Amin

    Amen is actually Hebrew word.
  14. Shaytan can be anyone but Prophet and holy imams.