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  1. The Hebrew Backdrop of Makkah, Bakkah and Zamzam

    @Yaaqov Ben Yisrael Thanks for your contributions that really spark my curiosity. I was wondering if you could elaborate as much as you can with the words that you said have hebrew heritage. Can you tell us what they mean in Hebrew? جهنّم إنجيل فردوس And if there are other words like that please share. I still benefit from your contribution concerning the word hamd, and it has changed the way i personally imagine and apply this word. alhamdulilah
  2. The Age Of The Earth

    hey brother, sorry if it causes trouble, can we confirm again that there is no link or actual evidence from fossils and footprints that links "hominids" to humans? @iCambrian thank you!
  3. Imams and infallibility

    ^^^ it happens to be that the ignore feature doesn't work in SC yet, so i can still read what you say, but try my best to turn on the ignore feature in my head. The reason is that both of you attacked me on personal levels, unlike brother S.M.H.A who has maintained good akhlaq throughout. So i don't even read what you say, unless it's like one sentence (or by chance) and i have no choice but to read it via scrolling at times. Unless i feel or get the message that you have repented and changed, i am not likely to change your status from a list of people whom i ignore. This counts for salsabeel and skyweb, among others - they know who they are as i usually warn and announce these things before doing it. hopefully soon the ignore feature will be working to the extent that i can scroll without seeing a single word you say in sha Allah .. except when people quote you, which makes it much easier.
  4. Origin of Water on Earth

    well in real life taxonomy we are totally unrelated as we are aware of good and evil, while they are not. At the same time i remember having a discussion with you that confirmed how there is no fossil link evidence between us humans and any "hominid" ( please prove me wrong in your above related thread if you can ). So technically there is no link between us and any ape, or ape-like creature. However, we concluded that evolution exists nonetheless, as a concept and reality in our environment. I just repeat that there is no link that proves evolution of mankind from any other creature on earth that is found to have existed from fossils and footprints.
  5. Imams and infallibility

    look @S.M.H.A. if you haven't got what it takes to answer my proofs, you can tag somebody whom you think can do that. I know that you might find it difficult to admit that you don't have an answer to my proofs, but i advice you to do that. Not for my ego or for sake of not being a bad looser, but for sake of Allah's blessings. You can PM me if you want. I don't want to embarrass. But it's a fact that you've been ignoring my proofs, and i reminded you several times. That's against the rules bro! Come on! let's play clean here! so Allah may make us clean and pure too .. if you want me to remind you again of where you ignored my proofs in the past pages, let me know. I gladly compile them again for you! be my guest!
  6. Imams and infallibility

    tactics? my tactics are that i like to leave no stone unturned, no argument unanswered. I wish you'd learn from my tactics and answer any of my proofs without posting random things and ignoring them, as you've done at least 3 times in the last 2 pages. It seems you need to step up your game to keep up with me! Because anybody reading this will surely agree with me, regardless of their opinion on infallibility. You are surely escaping and ignoring. Very bad un-islamic tactics. Shouldn't be giving me your back! It's better to admit you're wrong, or tell me that you need time to answer and research. But for now your talk of "seeing proofs" is just illusion. Been asking for you for proof to disprove me for too many times! Start with me! Prove me wrong!!!! I am waiting.
  7. Imams and infallibility

    i can say the exact same thing to you, as you seem to have problems following and respecting this man the way he is described in the quran, as well as all other prophets/khalifas in the quran. One of us is wrong. And i will admit the majority of people who consider themselves Muslim would be on your side, but truth is rarely in the majority.
  8. Imams and infallibility

    i don't really want to communicate (with you) but i keep giving you chances for some reasons. other people i gave up on, and you are on your way to becoming one of them, and you can go back to posting random things on your own again. i have just proved for anybody with half a brain cell that you are the one ignoring my clear proofs, and anybody can see that each time i give you a proof, you simply go on asking more questions or giving more copy-paste flooding. the truth will always be new, and actually i am posting not for people like you who don't care if they get proved wrong, but for people who care for the truth. PS: you still owe me a comment about proving you wrong with the whole "he does not err" verse. How many times did i ask you to even address my proof? who is guilty of using tricks here? i think i am being very transparent, respectful and straight here!
  9. Imams and infallibility

    Again @S.M.H.A. i will point out another example where you ignored me and and owe me an explanation or response. You not responding makes it look like you don't have an answer, and simply don't answer because you can't and don't want to surrender to the words of Allah: This was what you said: so i answered a clear combo of 2 verses: I hate saying this, but it looks like you are running away. Please prove me wrong and answer the above proof that seems very clear to me. Don't flood with your opinions or weird questions.
  10. Imams and infallibility

    only if the mistake is to another human. but it's not a rule. And again you are ignoring what i said and asked above. you are disrespectful again.
  11. NEW DEBATE Muhammad Hijab vs Shia Academic

    so according to you it would be wrong to say that Allah makes no mistakes. Or it is wrong to say that Allah is perfect. And from the above it seems that you claim to understand perfection, and understand infallibility, when you are an imperfect and impure being. all makes no sense!
  12. Imams and infallibility

    forgiveness form human? forgiveness is asked of Allah! i don't know why i'm even answering you when you don't answer me! how about i don't answer anything of yours again, until you respond to any of the proofs against you? Feel free to discuss with yourself alone as you have been doing. But i think i gave you enough chances to discuss with me. It takes two wings to fly!
  13. Imams and infallibility

    really? do you want me to bring you more examples where i prove you clearly wrong, and you didn't even bother to respond, and instead decide to continue by posting random other things? i will go back again to the last example: you said : i answered and proved you clearly wrong by posting: then you reacted by saying all kinds of random things and questions, followed by some copy-paste huge text. Check for yourself!!! That is just one example, do you want more? or are you going to flood with your opinions again, and keep flooding with unrelated questions, or post some other people's random texts? I have to admit that at times i thought you were a bot.
  14. NEW DEBATE Muhammad Hijab vs Shia Academic

    Allah is infallible. Allah does not err or make mistakes. This we can confidently say. So anybody claiming that other creatures can be described the same way, are partnering those creatures with attributes of Allah. like Moses [Moses] said, "The knowledge thereof is with my Lord in a record. My Lord neither errs nor forgets." should he have said "My Lord, and the other infallible beings do not err nor forget" ? of course not. Allah is infallible, Allah is perfect, Allah makes no mistakes. Allah has no partners in any way. Please be a bit critical of your own religion, as we are supposedly approaching end-times, when Islam will not exist except by name according to suni and shia narrations.
  15. Imams and infallibility

    here @S.M.H.A. an example where you made a clear mistake that i corrected you by pointing out verse 2:256 Where is the "thank you"? Where is the "yes you are right i am sorry"? You didn't even address it, and just keep avoiding things like that again and again. So many times i prove you wrong in this thread, and you don't even bother to say anything. At least prove me wrong if you can. Or answer me and say that you are not sure. Or anything. That's why anybody with slight intelligence would tell me not to waste my time talking with you about this, because obviously none of it is sinking in or making a difference to you. No ears are hearing me.