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  1. Thanks if it's that lam then why did you reply
  2. They always forget my birthday but I never said anything but this was a special birthday but they still forgot
  3. Should I be mad at my parents for not remembering my birthday??? like how could they forget it? I was so excited for this but they still haven't realized yet
  4. I totally agree with you brother
  5. Salam Sis,

    you are incredible! Can you draw a picture for my wall? :D

  6. What should you do if you liked someone so much that you could do anything for them but that person didn't like you????

    1. zeesh_ali110


      Just do not like him/her, because liking the one who does not like you is the waste of time.

    2. Auriba


      Thanks Ali I appreciate it 

    3. zeesh_ali110


      No problem, at your service :)

  7. Took 4 hours to finish 




  8. Ok sir I won't
  9. Its really weird these voices though, because hatonn told me he was Iblis and to join him, because soon he will take over the planet and introduce himself as God.

    1. Auriba


      Just ignore them. 

      Do some research and you'll find your answers and if you don't you can ask others on this website 

  10. Caesar you should say sorry you're self, he'll appreciate it
  11. That's nice to know but you shouldn't argue with people
  12. You'll never learn if you argue with people, im here to learn too and I learned a lot.... your gonna learn a lot here, good luck with that.
  13. You guys need to stop being so rude and try to be nice
  14. We're friends