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  1. 5araName

    Not allowed to eat

    And I lost those 10 pounds in a week, so yes it is alot considering I lost it from starvation.
  2. 5araName

    Not allowed to eat

    You know absolutly nothing about me. First of all I always clean and help her cook. The second thing is that she has been doing this to me ever since I was 11 years old. And on top of that, no I can not get anything to eat from outside. The money that I make, I give to my parents for living at their house. And no I am NOT spoiled. Next time dont just assume things about other people just from reading a small text. Your entire comment is just disrespectful.
  3. 5araName

    Not allowed to eat

    Salam First of all I am really embarrassed to ask this question and to even talk about it. Whenever my mom gets mad at me she doesn’t allow me to eat. I have OCD which means that I like everything to be clean and perfect and my mom hates that about me. Today I wanted to eat from a cleaner plate than the one she put on the table. So I went up to get a new one and then she told me that she is going to kill me if I ever at anything from the house again. This has happened before and I sometimes go days without eating. Last time I lost about 10 pounds because of it. I am 18 and I am moving out this summer to study at university (thank god for that) so I can hopefully eat whatever and whenever after I move out. But my question is, is it haram to punish your children like that?
  4. 5araName

    Azra’il dream

    You guys all Seem to be telling me that I am gonna die soon?
  5. Salam, I had this weird dream where I Saw the angel Azra’il sitting next to my bed as I was laying there. And as soon as he saw that I Saw him he dissapered. Anyone knows what this means?
  6. Salam Is it haram for a guy to Call a girl ugly and hurt her feelings? I while ago I liked a guy and I was stupid enough to tell some people that i considered my friends. They ended up telling everyone and Then he found out. He found me on facebook and told me that if i was pretty he Would have felt sorry for me. He kept telling me (in arabic) that i was as ugly as a shoe and that he has never Seen anyone with such a high level of ugliness. Obvioussly this really broke my heart and I know that what I did was wrong and I totally admit it and I have also asked God for forgiveness. But I was just wondering if he committed a sin by telling me this?
  7. 5araName

    Imam Ali quotes

    Salam, Does anyone have really good quotes about knowledge and learning by Imam Ali?
  8. Salam, Is it haram to be attrackted to the opposite sex even though they are not doing the act? Like lets say that a girl is attrackted to other girls but she does not come near girls in any seksual matter. I was just thinking that some people can not control their feelings and what they are attrackted to. I mean Allah put that in them. But is it still haram just to have the thoughts in your head even if you still pretend to like guys?
  9. 5araName

    Nose job

    Salam I just want to ask if it is haram to get a nosejob? I absolutly hate my nose and i have been bullied so much because of it. I really want to get a nosejob but i dont Think that it will ever happen because i am afraid that it is haram. I follow Sayed Mohammad fadlallah and i Think that according to him it is allowed. Anyways, so my question is, is it haram or not?
  10. Salam I have a dream on my mind that i had a long time ago. When i was about 14 i used to cut myself because of depression ( i know that selfharming is haram) and it once got out of control and the cuts became deeper and more serious. Then i dreamed that the skin on my leg was gone and i could see my flesh and bones. I do want to point out that i eventually stopped even though i still suffer from depression. (I am 18 now). But i never really Got this dream explained. So Does anyone know what it meant?
  11. 5araName

    Why am i so ugly

    I did suffer from depression i few years ago and i even used to cut myself. But i came over it and now i am a mentally healthy person but sometimes i just dont feel good about the way i look. But i for sure dont have depression.
  12. Salam I know this is a weird topic but i am really tired of how ugly i look. I pray, i fast, i wear hijab and long clothes (mostly black). I do everything that a muslim should do but i just still hate myself inside and out. So many people even my mom tells me that i am ugly. All my friends even people who i dislike are so much prettier than me. I am not trying to get attention from guys but when I am with my friends all the guys look at them and say that they are pretty besides me. Two guys told me this other day that I am ugly ( this really happend). This makes me really sad. I hate going outside because of this and I even wonder if I will ever get married. I just turned 18 and i feel like i am just getting uglier and uglier. So i just want to ask if anyone knows a Duaa that Can make me prettier? I know this is stupid but i just want a solution.
  13. 5araName

    Mentally abusive parents

    You know exactly what i mean. I did study but there will always be a subject that i am bad at more than another.
  14. Salam i just went to an exam and i Got a bad grade. (I Got a D) And when i came home and told my parents they started yelling at me. I know that all parents get upset when their child gets a bad grade but my parents overreacht. They told my that i suck at everything and that i dont study and stuff like that. So far i have gotten pretty good grades. But when i get a good grade they dont Seem to Care as much. I have been crying for the past two hours because of their yelling. They are telling me really horrible stuff. So finally my question is, is it ok in islam to mentally abuse your child until they have a breakdown? and what they are telling me cant be described. I honestly Think that if it wasnt haram in islam to comit suicide, i Would have done it a long time ago. I have to go through this every single year. And No i am not overreachting. I am really sick and tired. i do want to point out that i am 17 years old.
  15. 5araName


    Salam I have an exam tommorrow that I am soooo nervous about. I dreamed that a Got a 4 on that exam which is the same as a D. I live in Denmark so the grades are Different here. I do want to point out that my mom gave me a dua this other day and Said that if i read it and Pray i might see which grade i will get in my dream. First night i didnt see anything but this night i Saw that i Got a 4 (D). Does anyone know what this means? What Does the number 4 mean in a dream and am i really gonna get this grade?