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  1. I would actually think that the fatwa wouldn't do us all good, because if you think about it, if everyone followed this fatwa and didn't show dissociation from the historic personalities at all, then the next generations of Shia Muslims wouldn't be able to distinguish clearly between what is right and wrong in the religion, which would be a disaster.
  2. From wikipedia: Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi: 'the ritual of Tatbir (Qama Zani) is halal and mustahab. Shirazi deems tatbir permissible for women as according to him, it was first practiced by Lady Zainab, a woman.' Sayyed Sadiq Rohani: "I love the youths that do tatbeer/GhameZani and I ask Allah to resurrect me with them." Sheikh Muhammed Saeed Hakim: 'Tatbir as one form of the mourning of Husayn ibn Ali is permissible. It is permitted under the intention of sympathy with God and trust-seeking, to promote searching for trust.' Sheikh Muhammed Fayyadh: 'Tatbir is permissible, if it does not cause serious damage to the body.'
  3. Im not saying that i support him, but in the video where he is seen insulting scholars, this isn't enough to judge him. The reason is because all of the things he says, are from videos that are only a few seconds long, which doesn't really give much information about his views. We must see all of the things he said in the full context, so that we can give a proper judgment of him, without any ignorance.
  4. Show me where i referred to anyone as stupid. Don't make false accusations. You just trashed me in your previous post, saying that i have a 'shortcoming and lack of knowledge', and telling me to go and educate myself. You in fact are referring to me as stupid. Instead of just insulting, why don't you just get to the point if you believe you are correct, and stop with these unnecessary and rude statements. If it is in our books, then tell me something about it then. What about the followers of other people, or the non-WF followers, would they have any role in Imam Mehdi's (afs) society? One more thing i would also like to ask you: In what universe is it allowed to refer to any muslim as an apostate? tell me. You say that xyz refers to 'so and so' as apostates, but followers of WF also seem to be doing the same, which is quite concerning. Is it halal for them but haram for others? Isn't this taking away people's rights? There is no doubt that some WF speakers do not happen to have any good akhlaaq towards others, because they are not tolerant to anyone with different opinions and criticism.
  5. Ok. Now I just remembered that i wanted to ask a question to those that follow WF. My question is do you consider those that don't follow WF as apostates, because i am quite suspicious of the fact that some representatives of WF, like Hamza Sodagar, declare in some of their lectures that anyone who doesn't believe in WF is an apostate. Is this not fitnah? Calling fellow brothers in faith apostates? Shame on these so-called lecturers. This is the real disunity that our Prophet (saw) warned us about. Wilayat faqih is a theory, not usool deen. There is no solid evidence that it is obligatory. If there is evidence, please present it to me from the narrations of the Prophet and his pure family (pbut). And those people that claim WF followers are the only ones that will save the Islamic world from danger, are clearly mistaken. If this was the case, then this would contradict the purpose of Imam Mehdi (afs). He is our saviour and he is the one that will rid the world from all injustice and tyranny, not Iran. You can't decide who follows Imam Mehdi, and who doesn't, unless you are the Imam (which you are not). This makes even more disunity in the religion, which is incredibly haram. If you (WF followers) really want people to follow WF, then use your common sense and treat other brothers with compassion and respect, just like the way our Prophet treated his fellow Muslims. And don't pressure people and force them to accept something (which is in fact just a modern day idea), because this will turn them away from you. If you treat other brothers the way our Prophet did, then people will have a good image of you, and might even consider becoming a follower in the future. wasalam
  6. Salam everyone, i hope the video below is relevant and helpful to the current discussion. According to this video of Sayyed Ammar, some scholars and followers of WF say that if you don't follow WF, then you don't follow Imam Mehdi (afs), which i believe is quite an offensive statement to voice upon fellow brothers and sisters in the religion who have done nothing wrong. Ammar Nakshawani on Wilayat Al Faqih If non-WF followers are tolerant to criticism, WF followers must also be the same. We are all Muslims after all, which means that we must all follow the teachings of our Prophet Muhammed (saw), with regards to his personality, manners, and qualities.
  7. I would assume that it is based on scholarly agreement, because I do not know about any hadith that also says the same. Also, during the time of the Prophet and Imams, there was no such thing as a 'marja' because there would only be one leader, which was infallible. Because today we are led by fallible leaders in the period of major occultation, I personally wouldn't see a problem, because everyone can be prone to error, and even the best person wouldn't be perfect (with respect to all maraji').
  8. Just to clarify to everyone, an illegitimate child is someone that is born directly from adultery or fornication, regardless of what religion they come from.
  9. I would assume a legitimate son of an illegitimate person is considered legitimate. Otherwise, nearly all the people we know of from the West that convert to the religion would not be able to study and become a marja. For a person that is directly illegitimate born, this is what I have absolutely no idea on.
  10. Salam to all. When I was recently reading the rulings of how a person can become a marja, I paused when I came across a ruling that said a person must be of a legitimate birth. I then thought what if a person of an illegitimate birth wants to become a top scholar, because I don't believe they can't be blamed on their birth. wasalam
  11. My friend, the same lie was said about the Prophet's wife aisha, that she got married at 9 years old, when she was actually about 19 according to our belief. Now this same lie is being passed on to Fatima (as), that she was apparently 9 years old, when she was actually 18 or 19. Even the wikipedia page on Lady Fatima (as) confirms that she was in fact about 18 or 19. Some people like the sunnis (no offence to them), because of the fact that they consider these marriages ok, they try and make us believe in their ideas, by saying that holy personalities from our own religion did the same thing. Its just a disgrace. wasalam
  12. Firstly, I am just going to say that since I do not understand farsi in the videos you posted, and I don't know any iranians around me that can translate the videos for me, that means now that our argument has reached a dead end, because there is nothing more to talk about now between us. About learning to speak farsi for myself, no thank you. I have other studying to do, and I believe Arabic should be sufficient for me in life. And about the quote that I have included in this post, I want to say one last thing before I go. If you are saying that Sayed Ammar Nakhshawani deserves to get arrested, think again. This man is one of the greatest voices for the Shia Muslims of Britain. He has spread the true image of Islam to the people of Britain with his outstanding lectures in many areas of the religion. He has spoken out against those who attack and defame Islam, such as the violent extremists in Iraq and Syria, and he has invited numerous people into the Shia religion. I believe that he has done more for the religion than any of us have done combined, so I recommend, that instead of saying that he is spreading 'fitnah' from a two minute video (in which he in fact justifies his statement), you should watch his other lectures, learn about him, and know who he is, because you cannot criticise someone without sufficient proof, and especially when you don't even know who they are. Also, I recommend that you understand that he lives in Britain, where the laws are very different from other countries like Iran, and according to the law in Britain, he cannot get arrested, because he is not known to have spread extremist beliefs, or cause any harmful trouble to anyone. If you think he should be arrested, you have basically offended the majority of Shias in Britain, some of which can actually see what you just posted on this forum.
  13. As WF is an idea, being an enemy to it means someone who disagrees with it and rejects it. If you watched the video (which I doubt you did), you would know that the WF followers are referring to those who do not follow the idea and reject it. If the current supreme leader says it is haram to curse certain personalities of a different sect, then surely it would be even more haram to curse someone from the exact same religion as us. Also with regards to Sayyid Mujtaba Shirazi, it is true that he calls many people names, but he is irrelevant to this topic as we were only talking about the people in the list. I have never seen the Shirazis relevant to this topic 'trash' other scholars in videos, but the video I think you are talking about (with Sayed Sadiq), doesn't produce insults at all, since he is being neutral and simply states what happened before him. And as I do not speak farsi, if there are some videos with English translation that you are talking about, then it would be nice if you could post them.
  14. Could you please prove to me how they have grudges against him. Have any of the scholars from this list ever used insulting language or said any insulting statements towards him and his followers? If they have, I have never heard of it. These scholar are some of the most eminent scholars in all Iran that have studied Islam for many years, and have good akhlaq. In fact, it is actually the followers of WF that have grudges towards people like these scholars. I remember last year when I went on a trip to Mashhad in Iran last year, it was actually very surprising that some followers of WF would make dua next to the shrine of Imam Ridha (as) saying statements like 'may Allah remove his mercy upon 'so and so', enemy of WF.' I have never heard of any people, like the scholars I mentioned above, say statements like this (backbite) about any fellow Muslim, especially when they are right next to the holy site of an infallible Imam. If you think I am the only person that says this, then listen to this video by Sayed Ammar Nakhshawani who also says a similar thing. Ammar Nakshawani on Wilayat Al Faqih