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  1. Western culture and norms have been around for ages, even during the era of the westernized Shah.
  2. Actually I have been to Iran, and the attitude of many Iranian women towards the hijab clearly shows that they despise it. Have you not seen how they reveal like 75 per cent of their blonde dyed hair, and they hang their 'hijab' on a small hair bun at the back of their heads? Have you not been on a plane going out of Iran, when loads of Iranian women immediately take off their headscarf as soon as they get into the plane? Is there any other country where women have such an anti-hijab attitude. I dont think so. 'Pro Israel/USA articles'? You really need to grow up.
  3. What a load of rubbish! If you have something to say, stay on topic and dont speak mindlessly. I said before the revolution, women supported the hijab, after the revolution they hated it and want to take it off. What Im saying, is that I dont understand why one day they think one opinion, the next day they think the complete opposite. Where is the logic in that!? Also Im not against the fact that hijab is obligatory in Iran, so dont make false accusations against me please.
  4. One thing I dont understand is that before the revolution when hijab was banned, many Iranian women wanted to wear hijab, but after the revolution when hijab was enforced, loads of the women suddenly hated it and want to take it off. I dont understand why.
  5. Welcome to the Shia religion, brother! With regards to your question, Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì in fact has the name 'Al Mumit (المميت)' which is defined as 'the bringer of death' or 'the one that brings death'. Also, out of interest, what actually encouraged you to come to our religion?
  6. If she was to convert but hide her beliefs, and the Sunni guy found out, that could pretty much bring an end to their relationship. Therefore, she should definately not convert but hide her beliefs (in my opinion), unless she wouldn't mind taking a massive risk. She should try asking the Sunni guy to convert. wasalam
  7. Does that mean that I must never talk about the Maraji, and remain silent on their errors? Fair criticism is allowed isnt it? But are you not aware of all of the lies and deviations brought into the religion by hypocrites like Abu Huraira. People like him must be exposed. We can't only look at the good side of these individuals and ignore their bad side. You have changed the subject, just like you did in other multiple threads (like in the thread titled 'The strictest marja') where you were unable to prove your side of the argument. We were talking about Khomeini's religious stand, not his political stand. There is a big difference between the two. When he introduced Islam to Gorbachov, he made a strong emphasis on Ibn Arabi and sufism, and not the Ahlulbayt (ams). As a Shia religious scholar, he should be inviting people to the path of Ahlulbayt (ams), and not the path of sufism which is contrary to the Shia school of thought. As you have been unable to respond properly to my points put forward, just like in the other threads where you ignore the other side of the argument, I think my work here is done. Wasalam.
  8. He might not genuinely believe in Ibn Arabi's wrong thoughts, but he (Khomeini) has never denounced these wrong ideas, which is something he must do as a religious leader, so that no one actually ends up believing in Ibn Arabi as a good guy. Being silent about these wrong ideas can be the same as approving of them. He made a mistake by introducing the heretical Ibn Arabi to Gorbachov, instead of introducing the Ahlulbayt, who are the best of creation. Khomeini is also a human being like us who can make errors. Just think about it logically. If you were to introduce the religion of Islam to a new person, who would be the first religious figures that you would mention to them? You would start with the most important leaders of the religion: Prophet Muhammed (saw) and his Ahlulbayt (ams) of course! Even if Ibn Arabi was a pious man and one of the best scholars ever, his status compared to the 14 infallibles would not even be worth a particle of dust from the ground. That is a good quote (if it is reliable), but does that mean we should concentrate on taking wisdom from people like Muawiya, Yazid, Umar, or Abu Huraira? These evil people would have at least a few positive things about them, but do any sane Shias take teachings from these individuals? Absolutely not.
  9. That may be true, but the letter to Gorbachov was real and very famous worldwide.
  10. Khomeini should have referred Mr Gorbachov to the teachings of Ahlulbayt (ams) who bring divine teachings to us, not the man-made and heretical teachings of people like Ibn Arabi.
  11. Sufis like Ibn Arabi should definitely be avoided and shunned by us Shias (in terms of Ibn Arabis teachings and ideas), because these teachings are outside the Shia Islamic school of thought, and in fact outside the religion of Islam, according to many of our top scholars. Sheikh Fayyadh is an example of one of the scholars who are against Sufis like Ibn Arabi. Ayatollah Sheikh Al Fayyadh Warning To All Shias
  12. Wa alaykom salam. Based on what you said, I think you would be better off staying in taqleed of Ayatollah Shirazi (ha) because he believes all types of music (including classical) are haram. This is from Ayatollah Shirazi's official website: Question: Is music without vocal allowed like classical music listening at home? Classical music is also Haraam. Question: What type of listening music is allowed in Islam? All types of music are Haraam in Islam.
  13. I think your English is very good. If you want to learn more, there is an app called Duolingo (on phone or computer) which you can learn loads of languages from, including English.
  14. Out of interest, what was he suffering from if this is true? I always thought he was in good health.