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  1. Unfortunately not.
  2. I disagree. Ayatollah Shirazi has in fact helped the growth of Islam throughout many parts of the world, as a result of his works and organisations. In fact, recently an Imam Shirazi Islamic Centre has been established in Cuba, and a number of Cubans have embraced Islam as a result of this.
  3. What channel are you referring to? And can you show me a video of this please. wasalam
  4. I don't think they are against supporting Palestine, but they instead stress more importance on supporting things like the Askariyain shrines. I believe the second point you said is correct though. wasalam
  5. This is new to me. Can you please show me a video of him saying that. Jazak Allah
  6. Whoa! Thats not a very nice statement to make, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. If you believe that Sayyid Ahmed is deviated, then why should you also fall to the same level as him. Why are you mocking his voice? Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì created him with this voice. Are you saying that you have a problem with the way that Allah has created some of his creatures? Also, how does he sound like he smokes a lot? Are you now going to mock the ulema that actually used to smoke, like Sayyid al Khoei and Sayyid Khamenei? I would recommend that you don't slander any Muslims, especially our scholars, during this month and during any other month, because this would be considered as gheeba (backbiting), which is a very severe sin in Islam.
  7. Here is another video that refutes this ignorant channel on this topic.
  8. If you became a sufi, then there is a possibility that you could fall into the trap of believing in wahdat al wujud/mawjud, which ultimately makes a person a mushrik/polytheist. And this makes someone an apostate from the religion of Islam altogether. Wasalam
  9. We should ask the Ahlul khibra (people with good knowledge in religion), who I believe are scholars that have studied the religion of Islam quite well, like the Imam of your mosque for example. We cannot tell for sure who the most knowledgeable marja is, but as a result of who the Ahlul khibra usually reccomend, the overwhelming majority of Shias today follow Grand Ayatollah Sayed Ali Sistani (ha).
  10. What is the ruling if water gets into your mouth during wudhu?
  11. i I dont know why he would claim that the Iranian government is a 'terrorist' government, when he was happy to meet a representative of the same government. Strange
  12. Wa alaykum salam On tv there is Ahlulbayt TV which is available on Sky, and is a very good channel. On Youtube I personally like watching the channel called 'Rafida' which is pretty good, and there is an Ahlulbayt TV youtube channel as well. Peace.
  13. Salam If you visit Page 166 in the book of Islamic laws by Ayatollah Shirazi (ha), you will see that the instructions given on how to do tashahhud in Salah only mentions the first two shahadat, and there is no indication made about the third shahada. I believe that the Sayed allows the third shahada to be recited, but he most certainly never says it is wajib. Here is the link, http://www.english.shirazi.ir/books/Islamic_Law_2013_SecondEdition.pdf
  14. Salam. I just want to point out though that Ayatollah Montazeri is a significant scholar, very significant indeed, since he was very well qualified and experienced, and was emulated by many people. Even if you dont think his opinion bears much weight, clearly the Iranian security forces thought the opposite, because they attacked his religious school and put him under house arrest. If he was insignificant to them, they would have simply just ignored him, or tried to refute him, but no one had done so. Instead they just attack him, probably out of their own frustration and anger.
  15. Yeah, obviously a pro WF website is going to say that. In that article, it says that they have clear evidence, but they dont actually show proper evidence of it. If you can, then show me an unbiased source please. Ive also heard claims that Khomeini was an agent of the West, but these types claims usually come from pro-US articles. Yeah, but if Sayed Shirazi's objectives are to work with the Zionists and destroy the 'holy' revolution, then surely they would have persecuted him, or even exiled him from Iran.