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  1. Did Islam spread by force in Caliph 2's period?

    As an Egyptian I've read much about Omar (ra)'s liberation of Egypt and Syria. Forced convertions didn't take place. All legitimate historical sources confirm this fact.
  2. Why shrines are over crowded

    It's not a shia/sunni thing. The problem is ignorance and superstition. Ignorant folks think their wishes have a higher chance of getting fulfilled if they do it in the shrine of some revered figure.
  3. prostration on clay

    Noob question: If the point is to copy the prophet, wouldn't it be more logical to prostrate on clay from Makkah/Madina instead of Karbala?
  4. Palestinian activists calling for regime change

    If you mean Assad, yes. Shia tend to support him. Not all of them though. If you mean pan Arab nationalism, only in Syria and Lebanon. Not in Iraq, because Saddam Hussein was a Baathist (Arab nationalist) himself.
  5. Palestinian activists calling for regime change

    Assads only source of support is indeed among the Pan Arab nationalist circles. The ideology that ruled and exploited our people with an iron fist for 70 years.
  6. Is this an ex-muslim?

    In Europe there are tons of Shahist Iranians running around claiming to be ex-muslims eventhough probably not even their grandparents were muslim. It's fun to expose this kind people.
  7. The tomb of Abu Lulu

    A wikipedia article states: "Sunni tradition has that the next day, in the Hijri year 23, whilst Umar had just begun leading the Fajr (dawn) prayer in Al-Masjid an-Nabawi, Pirouz had hidden the dagger in his robe, the grip of which was in the middle, and hid himself in a corner of the mosque. Shortly after Umar had begun the prayer, Pirūz leapt upon him and stabbed him six times (only three times, according to Ibn Sa'd), this was five times in the stomach and once in the navel, which proved fatal days later. After attacking Umar, Nahavandi stabbed more people, who were trying to subdue him, killing six or nine of them as he tried to flee. When cornered, Nahavandi committed suicide. Shia tradition has reported that Nahavandi killed only Umar and following the assassination Ali provided support and advice to Piruz and, through a miracle, transported him to Kashan, where he safely lived out the rest of his days among fellow adherents of Ali." So, Abu Lulu is not actually burried in the tomb between Kashan and Fins, correct?
  8. Are you Sincere to Islam?

    I have opened my mind for the sake of Allah I've studied Christianity, Judaism and Shia Islam and considered them seriously. If one of them would be the truth I'd convert. So far it looks like I am staying where I am.
  9. Future of Yemen

    I'd take any Arab unity without Persian puppets on our soil.
  10. One explanation of the trinity?

    I still believe that it's a Roman innovation. Why do the original Judaeo-Christian scriptures say absolutely nothing about the Trinity?
  11. Has anyone ever researched the origins of the Jewish religion? I am asking this because I discovered that before the Babylonian Exile Jews had several Gods, or names for God that are the same as the Ancient Canaanite religion (El, Yahweh, El Elyon, Baal). After the monotheistic zoroastrian Persians freed them the Jews became monotheists again. Are there any historical sources that state that the Jews (or Canaanites) were monotheistic before? I do know that the Jews took the Torah (the first five books of the Old Testament) with them to Babylon. Throughout these books God is addressed to by El, Yahweh, El Elyon and Baal. Does anyone know more about this matter?
  12. Proving there is exactly "Twelve" Successors.

    The only valid argument that might be used for the Twelve Imams is the hadith of the twelve successors. Everything else you stated is baseless numerology. You can't expect people to take this as proof if it doesn't say anything about twelve people who are the successors of the prophet (pbuh)
  13. Don't be so dogmatic. Ask yourself: what if you are wrong? I always take shia opinions into consideration, because it might be the truth. Every religion and school of thought in the world claims that it is the only true one.
  14. Future of Yemen

    Our problem, we will deal with them. But i highly oppose the import of Persian and Russian fighters who then turn against our own people. Also, Salafists have killed a far less number of Arabs than the Iranians and Russians did the last 5 years.