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  1. sabih e bibi

    Aslmalaikm I wanted to know what is sabih e bibi n y do we Shia sisters let open our hairs n cover our faces in majlis
  2. descendants

    Jazakallah for this info even
  3. descendants

    I was asked by a sunni sister..n I don't know about them..so I asked...
  4. descendants

    Assalamulaikum!!can anyone tell me khaja bande nawaz n ghouse e azam dastgir...I mean were they descendants of imam Ali a.s
  5. a query

    Jazakallah for ur advises...I would insh a Allah do all of that u people said..
  6. a query

    Assalamualaikum sisters...I was a Sunni Muslim and now alhumdulliah accepted the path of ahle bait a.s which is opposed by my family n my husband as well..still i'm yearning to learn about the shia Islam...but I want my children to grow as shia-e-Ali how should i implement everything in them plz help me..