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  1. Financial Support in Marriage

    The person that I heard this from was using the marriage of Khadijah (as) and the Prophet (saws) as proof that you don't have to provide.
  2. Bismillah ir Arahman ir Rahim Salamu Alaikum! I was wondering why in Shi'a marriage, a man does not have to financially support his wife. When I was a Sunni, it was required, but now as a Shi'a, it is NOT. I would deeply appreciate some help on this. Shukran.
  3. Women, does looks matter to you?

    There are men that bathe, but not bathe well. Some men will bathe and makes themselves nice, ONLY for work and ONLY for the masjid. But otherwise, no. Some men do hygiene, just not well. and are lazy to beautify themselves for their spouses, n'est ce pas?
  4. Women, does looks matter to you?

    I think I DID mention hygiene at one point.
  5. Women, does looks matter to you?

    I DO think that looks are important, I don't think that they're everything. Under looks I'll put in there that he works out, takes good care of his health, wears something to smell good, deodorant, etc. Good hygiene. Looking after oneself also shows independence and the willingness to work on themselves, by themselves. I am also a big fan of "strong body, strong mind". Its all connected. I will say that an attractive person can become super ugly really quick. Some women are more emotional or intellectual with others. I have an aunt thats always wanting to talk to her bfs about her feelings. While other women in my family are a lot more intellectual. If they aren't attracted to the mind, nothing will ever happen. What happens after marriage, can completely change how attracted they are to you. So I won't lie. Its important. But its not everything either.
  6. Children videos on Fatimah

  7. Children videos on Fatimah

    Well my kids were all preteens by the time I became Shi'a. They all have autism, so we try however we can. There's Kerbala videos no problem. But theres no Hussein (as) without Ali (as) and Fatimah (as).
  8. Bismillah ir Arahman ir Rahim Salamu Alaikum! Since the Days of Fatimah (a.s.) have started, I want to teach my daughter a bit about her tribulations. She's already do sad about Music (as). Note : she's 12 but developmentally she's more like 7 to 10 (autism). Does anyone know of any cartoons or videos showing what happened? I'm not sure how to teach it to her. Shukran.
  9. Is Rape Allowed in Islam?

    NO. Sadism is CONSENSUAL. theres no consent in this.
  10. Is Rape Allowed in Islam?

    What about marital rape? Rape that is NOT zina? A man that refuses to go to his wife with kindness? But will only do so in a way that is either painful or nonconsensual? And he tells her that she just has to be patient with her qadr?
  11. Did Sayeda Fatimah Zahra (s.a) get really attacks?

    Tribulations of Fatimah I can't figure out how to post the actual video, but very good.
  12. Muslim men who marry Christian women

    My mom was Christian. My biological father and my step-dad who raised me were both Muslim. My mom was pressured for me to be a Muslim, to be raised and to pray like my father. They would tell her over and over, that I needed to be in the religion of my father. At 14, my mom told me to choose. I studied Christianity and Islam. She wasn't supportive. I chose Christianity. She was happy I didn't choose Islam, but made fun of me for reading the Bible (she wasn't religious at all). At 19, I studied them again, and chose Islam. So I think it really depends on how they choose to raise the kids. If the women submit, and let the children be raised as Muslim, I don't there would be a problem.
  13. New muslim girl

    Free Islamic ebooks More ebooks Mateen J. Charbonneau Heres some links to some books.
  14. convince me about hijab

    I am curious if the girl is still young? Has she been bullied at school for it?
  15. convince me about hijab

    Please don't use rape into this. You don't need to mention rape to validate hijab. Women and men can both get raped. Not all women who get raped are wearing anything modest. There are girls who are targeted for wearing hijab who get raped anyways. Immodesty does NOT equal rape. At all. It has nothing to do with each other at all. And it is no ones fault for rape. Its not a babys fault. Not a child's fault. Not a woman's fault. If you want to talk about some people having risky behavior - like drinking, then yes, some behaviors put them at very high risk to be victims. But please don't mix rape with hijab.