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  1. Bismillah ir Arahman ir Rahim Salamu Alaikum! I heard that Zainab, (as), the Princess of Islam was born in the month of Sha'aban. I can not find what day she was born or when she died. Does she also have a ziarat that we can do this month? Did she also die during Muharram? I would deeply appreciate any help. Shukran.
  2. I wonder if much leeway is given for culture? In my country, its not considered masculine for a woman to ask a worker for help. But my husband told me that in Morocco that it is extremely unfeminine to ask someone for directions, or anything of the sort.
  3. Men in the West are becoming Feminized

    Where I live, the men are pampered and frequently live with their parents up to a scary age. and yes, i live in USA. And many of teh girls, myself included, were independent and living on our own as teenagers.
  4. Men in the West are becoming Feminized

    Lots of more men are also getting Low levels of testosterone because of how much phytoestrogens that are in the diet. Which then is also leading to other problems. And also low levels of hormones that help men build more muscle, other than testosterone.
  5. Salawaat Sha'baaniyya

    should this be made every morning in Sha'aban?
  6. Zionist Hot Takes

    What insanity! I can not even fathom the math that he went through to get to this conclusion
  7. Getting to know them before or after marriage? Before marriage, I would say it would take more than one week of Q & A.
  8. New Subreddit Dedicated to Refuting Sunni lies

    would love to follow and see where it goes.
  9. A Deeper Look into the Thighing Fatwa

    How can you thigh someone when you can't marry them under the age of 9?
  10. Women's Intimacy in Marriage

    this is all sounding confusing either sex is for both men and women are women are more "patient" and don't ask for sex much and its only for men a woman's patience for sex in my opinion does not negate her sexuality. and when you are in a relationship, she will become less patient and shy with the comfort of knowing someone. I just don't see how both opposing ideas can exist at the same time.
  11. Tasbih Beads

    oh ok. thank you. I deeply appreciate it.
  12. Shukran. That's what I had read also in Nahjul Balaghah. Shukran.
  13. Salamu Alaikum! I know that Abu Talib called 'Ali (as) Zayd. That his mother called him Asad and Haidar and that the Prophet (saws) was a young man when He called him Ali (as) but I'm confused as to how old Ali (as) was when the Prophet started caring for him. In the biography of Nahjul Balaghah, it says that he was an infant. In a book written by Mateen Joshua Charbonneau, he says that Ali (as) was 5. Now I'm just even more confused ...... Shukran if anyone has any answers.
  14. Beginners Books

    Salamu alaikum! What would the best books for beginners be? After the Qur'an and Nahjul Balaghah? would it be abook on prayer? or special duas to make on certain days? Shukran
  15. Tasbih Beads

    Salamu Alaikum! I have recently read about the excellence of tasbih beads made from the dirt of kerbalah. However, I'm afraid of how easily they break. I live in AK, so thats much much extra shipping mileage, and more chances of it arriving broken. Are these the only kind of tasbih beads that we are allowed? Are there others? Also, I am having a hard time finding them anywhere online. Shukran.