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  1. Arbaeen

    Shukran akhi
  2. Arbaeen

  3. Arbaeen

    Bismillah ir Arahman ir Rahim Salamu alaikum! I know its a bit late to ask this, but is there something special to do or say on Arabaeen? I know that it marks 40 days since the day that Imam Hussain's Death, and 50 days since the first of Muharram. I have also heard that when you do something, or observe something for 40 days straight, it becomes marked on your body. Is there anything else. Shurkan.
  4. Ziyarat for English Speakers

    oh ok. so I can purchase a tour that can help me with my very first ziyarat? I'm not ready for it yet. I would need my children to be older for me to go. But I am just curious.
  5. Bismillah ir Arahman ir Rahim Salamu Alaikum! I was curious how is it for English speakers to make any kind of Ziyart. The videos I have seen of Ziyarat al-Hussain. It looks so crowded and chaotic Masha'Allah. Are there any directions for English speakers? a traiing manual? a map?
  6. Shi'a Genocide spread by Wahabism

    WOW. You literally hit that on the head Masha'Allah. There was a former Shi'a. And Taqiyah which validated them saying all Shi'a are liars. And Mutah. But no one mentions the Sunni Scholors who say you can marry with the intention of divorce, as long as you don't tell her. I don't remember the name as my files on my hard drive got corrupted. And then the next was Ayesha. They dismiss all other wives except for Ayesha and Hafsa. They dismiss poor sweet Bibi Khadijah (a.s.) and Bibi Umm Salamah?.May Allah be pleased with her. She was the only wife trusted enough to help our Mother (a.s) in child birth and used to encourage Ayesha to go on Hajj with all the rest of the wives. Masha'Allah. She is truly under appreciated. But anyways, yes, you hit all the points on the head. But of course, they said we are not Muslims and we don't know how to truly love Ahlul Bayt without shirk.
  7. Ali (a.s) as Mawla

  8. Bismillah ir Arahman ir Rahim Salamu Alaikum! I was curious what all the meanings of Mawla are? I know from what I've read that All the Imams are Mawla. But on the other hand, many Sunnis say that Mawla is only a friend, and it has nothing to do with being Imam, as per al-Ghadeer. That Rasullulah (s.a.w.s.) only did this because of how disliked Imam Ali (a.s.) was. I am curious from people who might know more than I do. Shukran.
  9. Bismillah ir Arahman ir Rahim Salamu Alaikum! I accidentally happened upon a forum about Shi'as. Yes, it was the wrong link. Wow. they really hate us. They say that we kills Muslims, that we rape women. They don't think the problem is Wahhabism. So I know that Wahabbism is spread by oil money. But I'm curious if they are the ones that are the biggest spreaders of Shi'a Genocide? I'm just curious.
  10. Uthman - Trump

    1. Let's behave. 2. Stay on topic and ignore any off topic comments please. anyways- when I was Salafi and then Sunni, there was no real emphasis on history. I never read one bit of history, not really, until I became exposed to the tribulations of our Mother (a.s.) and Ruquaya (a.s). It broke my hurt. So much pain so young. And now that I'm reading Nahjul Balaghah, and the things from the life of Ali (a.s.) It is - wow. The horrible things the first 3 did, and then looking at the world that we live in today. All the opressors today, remind me in some way of either the first 3 caliphs, or the main 4 bad guys or Abu Sufyan and his bad tribe. It is always reminding me so much of the horrid stuff. They have so much in common.
  11. Uthman - Trump

    Bismillah ir Arahman ir Rahim! Salamu alaikum! I have recently started reading Nahjul Balaghah, the intro. I haven't even gotten to the actual lectures yet. I"m sill on the biogrophy of Imam Ali (a.s.) . Its amazing Masha'Allah and so much stuff is getting filled in. I have less gaps in understanding, etc. I have been reading, and Trump is sounding a LOT like Uthman. I was wondering if its just me, or do other people see it too? Its like a big round of history constantly repeating itself. Just curious ..........
  12. Understanding Sex Crimes

    oh ok. I deeply appreciate all of the replies.
  13. Understanding Sex Crimes

    Well, this person, who I'll not mention has been Shi'a a little longer than I have. We were talking about a famous man who molested young boys. And he told me, that molestation can be consensual. I asked how. And he told me Imam Ali (a.s.) invested crimes of boys being molested. and because they did not fight it, then they were charged with zina. And I am still having a hard time with this because some women and children, who are stuck in an abusive situation, have a hard time speaking up. The more they fight, the worse it will be. And they know from experience. So ..... its kind of difficult for me. Especially as multiple women in my family were molested and raped as tweens.
  14. Dr. Norman Finkelstein arrested and beaten

    I'm not surprised. Here in America it seems like the victim is the criminal.
  15. Bismillah ir Arahman ir Rahim Salamu Alaikum! I was recently told, that for cases of molestation and rape, that if you don't fight and say something right away, then the lawful crime is Zina. But I am curious for children unable to say NO. Or for women who are frozen with fear. I am having a very hard time understanding this one. Shukran.