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  1. Mukhtar Al Saqafi

    Salam ALL, My favorite scene is not available on Youtube, but anyone who had the DVD should view the scene... Hazrat Muslim besieges Kufa Dar Ul Khilafa, then he receives news that his supporters are returning home and leaving him. Its time for Salat, so he decides to postpone his decision until after Salat. From this point on, whoever directed the scenes that follow and the flow of the scenes is truly a brilliant bit of directing and acting. After Salat he decides to leave Kufa urgently, realizing that the momentum is now against him. The way his betrayal is shown to start right in the middle of Salat until all of sudden he turns a corner and realizes that there is no longer the sound of foot steps behind him and that with every turn and corner...Kufis have left him alone to face the wrath of Ibn Ziyad. This for me is the best shot scene of the serial. On 2nd note why i love this serial is the fact that rather then white wash the controversial aspects of Hazrat Mukhtar, the writers presented them openly, that yes there are aspects of Hazrat Mukhtar which can be questioned. I really appreciated that he is portrayed as the hero but not as Mr. Perfect. May Allah bless all the media people involved in this epic religious tv production, its probably the best Iranian effort so far of this genre.
  2. 12 Mahdis after 12 Imams

    Salam all, I have been reading on SC about Yamani. Shamefully admitting that i never heard or read the idea of 12 Mahdi after 12 Imams before! Been reading the thread in this topic and everyone is so well researched that i feel embarrassed asking this...as you read the various transmissions/hadith...it keeps on saying 'AFTER 12 Imams there will be 12 Mahdis.' I am having issue with the word AFTER, because surely the cornerstone of Shia belief is that 12th Imam(AS) is in Occultation and we all wait for his appearance. He isnt dead, that is why we call him our Imam e Zamana Imam of the time. So if he hasnt appeared and he isnt dead, and presuming that this Hadiths "AFTER 12 Imams...12 Mahdis" is true, how can we accept the appearance of someone claiming to be the 5th generation son of Al Mahdi? Or believe that this Hadith is correct? Anyone else confused?
  3. Moses and Hammurabi

    Salam, A lot is written and stated in books about everyone, from Prophets to Imams. But we as Shias should only believe in what Quran and Masomeens as the final true word. The verse from Quran quoted below should tell you who gave what to whom! everything else for Muslims is unacceptable.
  4. muhyu din ibn Arabi and irfan

    Salam to Mercury and all the members who are participating in this topic. I mean no disrespect to any follower of ANY school of thought here. 1)why are they taking their tauheed from Ibn Al-arabi? WHY IS THIS NOT PARADOXICAL?? Admittedly but without shame, i have NOT read TabaTabei; Muthairi; Ibn Arbi or any other claimants. I recite Quran and read/listen to Fazayle e Masomeen which i find to be more than enough for me. As far as "taking" Toheed is concerned, it is best to keep it simple. Last will of our Prophet was This world is filled with learned men and women, from Greek philosophers to Western scientists and they are all great and amazing like learned scholars of Islam including Sufi/Saints. However, my Prophet told me to FOLLOW the Quran, which we can all agree is very difficult to unlock(understand) even for the most intelligent...therefore for the aid of our simple minds, are the teachings (Fazayle Masomeen). Therefore, one can learn a lot from scholars of every school or time period, but for me...a subject like Toheed...its best to adhere to what OUR MASOMEEN say. Brother Mercury, this isnt exactly the answer to your question, but you need to ask yourself if what Arbi;Tabatabei et el are the RIGHT sources for a very complex and may i use the word 'dangerous' question/subject of Toheed? (because if you go into the depths of it with the wrong rope in hand, you may be left behind in AQRAT!) 2) is ibn Arabi's way 'one' of the 'ways' to the straight path (sirat almustakem), as in tafseer al mezan explanation of different & various paths that ultimately lead to the one 'straight path' of sura Al-Hamd? ??? Sura AL Hamd is about Allah and Fazayle Masomeen Favored here is referring NOT to Sufi/Saints or claimants BUT Masomeen. Dont read X Y Z about Toheed, read all 14 Masomeen, IF YOU NEED TO, otherwise it is enough that you believe in ONE Allah and leave all the Ghuloo and Qayas to Sufi/Saints and their followers and Mureeds. Thankfully Shias have 14 Masomeen, AhlayBayt e Mohamad Rasool Allah, this is the ONLY right PATH. 3)why do i get a different feeling in the namaz i do when i believe myself in wahdat Al-wujud vis-a-vis the namaz i do with the typical usuli belief structure ..... the namaz i do with Ibn Al-Arabi's tauheed gives me a deeper connection... what do i do? find a middle path? what is that middle path? Is it Allah or is it His shadow or reflection or mirror image? is it Wajud/ Shahuud/ Mojuud? I am sorry Mercury, you can read a million books and find billion statements about all this. Ultimately, you will be more confused and lost than when you started. Satan will use this to make you miss your Namaz, he may tell you Wajud feels better than Mojuud or even when you are Paak(not Najis) he will delay your namaz to make you go shower first. How your Namaz makes you feel...and how its different from Wajuud to Shahuud...i believe is keeping you away from doing what you NEED to do first and foremost...just do your NAMAZ with the Kalma "There is no Allah but Allah", and thats it...that is the best definition/explanation of Toheed, not Wajuud/Mojuud/Shahuud. The day you rest your mind from all these things written by MEN and just believe in what Allah wrote, INSHALLAH your namaz will leave you elated/ enlightened and lighter. If all else fails, read what Masomeen say about Toheed and just follow that, whether you feel connected or NOT. If NOT than something else is the issue in your namaz and its NOT Toheed. 4)how did Ibn Al-Arabi achieve what all he did without believing in the Imam (a)? How is it that Buddhist and Hindu monks can defy physics and achieve the impossible by practicing 'Nafs Kushi' without the aid of Islam/Quran/Imams. How did Einstein come up with world changing formula of E=mc2 without Quran? Mercury, if from today til your end ALL you ever did was just pursuit the philosophy of Toheed, even you will have admirers, fans, popularity, notoriety and fame one day. Your works will be printed and talked about for ages in forums and articles. Some will disagree with you others will become your mureeds. Then again, there will be some like me, who will say good for you Mercury but word of Allah/Quran/Masomeen is more than good enough for me. La Ilaha Ill Allah. I hope you find peace Mercury.