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  1. Questions on shia rituals

    I just want your honest thoughts in the answers to each question.
  2. Questions on shia rituals

    Due next week and no
  3. Questions on shia rituals

    I am practically on my knees here. Can at least 6 persons take just 5 minutes to answer these please???
  4. Please answer as I need data for a school based assessment: 1. Are you a committed Shi'ite Muslim? 2. Do you observe the rituals initiation, marriage and death? 3. Do you consider all these rituals important? b. Give a reason for the answer in question 3. 5. Why is it necessary to whisper the call to prayer in a newborn's right ear? 6. Why is it important to recite the Shahada in public before being initiated? 7. Do you agree with the Mutah marriage being temporary? Why? 8. What is the significance of Aqd and Mahr?