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  1. Grade Four (Russian) maths resource

    Do you want the solution of those problems???
  2. muslim women

    Not only life but afterlife also Alhumdulilah...
  3. Quran

    Is it bad to take long?? I mean really long like 3 years??
  4. Consistency in reading the Holy Qu'ran

    Arabic with translation, may help your motivation...
  5. Whats your view about marrying a huri?? (Hoor-ul-aen) If that's same for huri then some riwayah also said that Hazrat Yafs a.s and Hazrat Seth a.s both married huris.. (Nazala and Manzala) one got daughter and other got son and then there came cousin marriage... And now here we are!!! https://www.imamreza.net/eng/imamreza.php?id=9803
  6. Hazrat Yafs a.s (son of Adam a.s) married a jinn women "Manzala" according to some riwayahs..
  7. I verily will punish him with hard punishment or I verily will slay him, or he verily shall bring me a plain excuse.﴾21﴿ (Solomon) said: We shall see whether thou speakest truth or whether thou art of the liars.﴾27﴿ Hoopoe was not punished because he was right about queen and her kingdom..!!
  8. I agree with you for that!!She'll have transplant..
  9. Its easy for you to say!! Lets just suppose(خدا نا خواسته) how will you react if your future wife tells you that she is having this and that problem with you so she wants to quit..
  10. Huff I should hit her face to the wall then she'll get a new face... Aha problem solved
  11. I told her the same thing.. But she was like "me kis mun se mana kroon bhae?? "
  12. Have some changhez khan guts
  13. I am not "farigh" ,its just i can't neglect her!!!
  14. Welcome

    Exciting Me and my sisters made this backdrop on her wedding