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  1. Youtube problem

    No its just happening on ShiaChat otherwise it is running perfectly...
  2. Youtube problem

    It says this every time!!
  3. Tarik As-Salah

    I'll be thankful
  4. Make-up

    Thanks @yusur317 but have you seen a Pakistani bride?? They go to parlor before asr and came back after isha.. They wears tons of make-up seriously tons, its technique may be!! I don't Care about the heavy dress or heavy make-up, jewelry etc so plz can you give a reference to this ". As far as my understanding goes, salat doesn't become batil if you pray without a turbah" Please...???
  5. Tarik As-Salah

    Sure like reference "NO"... Sure like logically "YUP"...
  6. Is it okay to download torrent?

    وعلىکم السلام What version do you want?? Ask your friend who download it to copy one for you!!
  7. Make-up

    Indeed but if we don't count duppata and tons of jewelry then what about tons of base which comes in the way of sajdah??
  8. Make-up

    And if we are talking about a bride??
  9. Make-up

    اسلام علىکم I thinks more of a western culture it is ,but can i have some advice on how to manage to offer salat when there is make-up all around the face and there is no way that forhead touches the turbat(سجده گاه)
  10. Youtube problem

    Why is my link to YouTube and website are dead?? can anyone help??
  11. Talk With an Imam

  12. Talk With an Imam

    I know but i don't want to vote 1.. So i didn't
  13. Tarik As-Salah

    1: who don't know the implementation(فرضىت) of Salah 2:who denys the implementation (فرضىت)of Salah
  14. Talk With an Imam

    How can i vote more than one?? My vote is for all
  15. love

    Is it?? Really??