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  1. And about IMAM MEHDI ajtf's childrens.. It's in many of IMAM MEHDI ajtf's ziyarah and prayers.. I just read it in ziyarah-Aal-Yaseen s.a.w (in the end) ..... صلّے اللّهُ علىهِ وَ اله و
  2. Just got one.. but there is nothing about whose hadith it is.. But it says there is only one riwayah about IMAM MEHDI ajtf 's wife and it is in Alnajam-ulSaqib (255) "IMAM MAHDI ajtf's wife is from the descendants of Abdul Aza ibn Abdul Mutalib "(jazirah-khizra)
  3. All imam will rise... Above bold lines are about all except imams.. You can question here about Prophet Muhammad saw ( i didn't read about Him s.a.w in context of raj'at and that doesn't mean that He s.a.w is not the best.. Indeed He s.a.w is the best of all) for this you have to look for the cause of conduction of raj'at..
  4. Asalamoalekum.. Along with all the above superb advises also concentrate on your relation with your parents... Spend time with your mother, make her your friend... She will make you her friend too!! Soon inshaaAllah just try hard with smile and faith
  5. According to a part of hadees-e-IMAM JAFFER SADIQ a.s: The first man who will rise from his grave (raj'at)will be IMAM HUSSAIN a.s.. Raj'at is not for all.. Only some of best in imaan and some of worst in imaan will return..
  6. Thats "RAJAT" 11 imams will reappear and i have read that after shahadat of IMAM-E-ZAMANA ajtf IMAM HUSSAIN as will burried him..
  7. IMAM MEHDI ajtf have a kuniat Abu-Qasim... which proves He'll have a family!!
  8. There is more than 15 major ethinic groups and lots of minor.. More than 15 major languages and atleast 50 minor languages.. Pakistan is so rich in culture that you can find a whole different new bunch of colours after some meters... Its a growing and struggling country ofcourse it have some influence from other countries and places ( because people of Pakistan are very catchy to be very honest ).. But fascinated from fairer complexion ha-ha- seriously..?? Pakistan is so vast in beauty also... And ofcourse i'll be very pleased to add this "sometimes the people with no melilin in them are used to be named as "pheka shaljam" (tastless turnip) in Pakistan !!"
  9. ظَ Sounds like "dh" and ظِ sounds like "th"... Right???
  10. If we keep the meanings in our mind while reciting the arbi (as arbi is so vast and bit difficult for most of people who don't know it properly but of course we try to pronounce it properly) then is it any better???
  11. Nouman Ali Khan have a cool style... More of a muffasir he is likely to be a muddabir...!! His thought, his real life example and simple and cool style makes him more interesting...
  12. Then Satan whispered to him; he said, "O Adam, shall I direct you to the tree of eternity and possession that will not deteriorate?"And Adam and his wife ate of it, and their private parts became apparent to them, and they began to fasten over themselves from the leaves of Paradise. And Adam disobeyed his Lord and erred.Then his Lord chose him and turned to him in forgiveness and guided [him]. Surah taha! If you have done something wrong or bieng an unobedient to your Allah and now you are accepting it (don't be so harsh on yourself do not push yourself backward) try some warq-ul-jannah on your guilt (bend before HIM. ask HIM for forgiveness) turn towards Allah!! He will surely forgive you.. He will guide you!! As He did to Adam علىه سلام ... Allah is not far away!! Just turn towards Him.. Allah is always be there for you!!
  13. Walekum'salam..
  14. You must have to perform wajibat-e-wuzo (masah of toes is includes in wajibat-e-wuzo) and leave mustahabat-e-wuzo if you can't do it easily..
  15. Thank you all