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  1. This is the reason why dating and flirting are haram. Its a betrayal of the parents. Would you want another boy to flirt with your daughter? Then don't flirt with others.
  2. One way for men might be to work out and train their bodies in the gym so that the Imam will have strong bodies ready to sacrifice themselves for Islam. One way for women might be to raise their children with strong identity of Islam and awareness of the Mahdi. If not married yet, then observe strong modesty so that we can be a role model and example of haya and respect for others.
  3. Some people had Muslim fathers and Christians mothers so they tell everyone they were Muslim when in reality they grew up with their Christian side of the family and they developed a hatred for Islam.
  4. If muta is being done just for "fun" I don't think its allowed right? It should be a precursor to marriage.
  5. That is my point (or actually Islam's point) because you need energy to cause the Big Bang yet they say it happened due to randomness (quantum fluctuations the term they use).
  6. This is personally my favourite English Latmiya, mashallah. Small note, some images are a bit graphic (with blood) and sad.
  7. Bismillah Irahman Iraheem, This answer Mulla Sadr is partly answering the question of "Did the Universe begin to exist or was it there forever?" Here is a complete understanding of the answer in simpler terms with analogies. This answer is divided into two main parts followed last by the above answer by Mulla Sadr supported by this context. Did the Universe begin to exist or was it there forever? Let’s look at the “forever/infinite” option. If I had a gun and I was about to shoot you, but before I did, I had to ask the person behind me for permission to shoot you, then that person asked the person behind him for permission for me to shoot, and that person asked the person behind him, etc. If this process went on forever, will I ever be able to shoot you? No. Similarly, if I told you that I finished counting to infinity, and then I did my math homework, would you believe that I did my homework? No? Why not? “Because it is impossible to finish something that is infinite. You would never even get to start your homework because you would not finish counting to infinity”. In that case, how can someone say the universe is infinite, AND THEN we came to be? Thus, back to the original question: Did the universe begin to exist or was it there forever? Forever would be irrational. Whatever begins to exist has a cause. The universe began to exist. Therefore, the universe has a cause. Do you believe that your great-great-great-great-great grandmother existed? Yes? Why? There is no Scientific, no Tangible, no DNA, no Evidence available to confirm that. However, we still believe in her existence. Why? Because it does not matter what science says in this case, Logic dictates that your great-grandmother existed because of the fact you are existing right now. Science does not have the tools to answer this question; it is limited in its scope. However, your great-grandmother’s existence is a Necessity because of your existence today. Similarly, the existence of God follows the same logic. The fact that we are here today means there had to be a cause that created this universe. Therefore, one answer Mulla Sadr is providing is that the question of “Who created God” is thus equivalent of saying “There is no creation”. Because you need a final point in the chain of cause and effect, otherwise you would never have creation in the first place. Thus, rejecting Allah's existence is rejecting yourself. Wassalam
  8. That is contradicting the Big Bang Theory which states all "energy" was created via the Big Bang. There was nothing in the Universe that existed before this. Allah is outside the boundaries and limitations of this Universe (which He created), thus Allah existed "before" the Big Bang (since He caused it).
  9. Salam, I am a bit confused and new, did Ammar Nakshawani accidentally praise Muawiya (la) or something? Thanks.