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  1. Who is an American?

    I don't understand why people ridicule those who speak out against the American government? We have to realize that America is a super power and everyone has a right to criticize it's inhumane policies. America clearly affects the rest of the world - therefore everyone has a right to form an opinion on the American government. Yes, America allows Mosques, Churches, Synagogues, Temples etc. to be made (just like every other European country) and show a lot of tolerance as they allow us practice our religion, but does this mean that we stay silent to their policies which go against humanity? I myself speak out against the Pakistani government more than the American government, because I have a right to speak out against injustice.
  2. [Closed/Review]Scholars causing beef.

    http://english.alarabiya.net/en/News/middle-east/2018/02/06/Iran-arrests-son-of-Shirazi-cleric-after-calling-Khamenei-a-pharaoh.html Don't know if this is reliable, but calling someone Pharoah? Where's the akhlaq?
  3. Who is an American?

    The more we read about the American government the more we realize that its values are far from humanity. I applaud Imam Khomeini for speaking out against the American government so openly.
  4. [Closed/Review]Scholars causing beef.

    Anyone who attacks Ayatollah Bahjat deserves no respect, even the other ones listed.
  5. #27 What subject in Islam interests you the most?

    Theology + Akhlaq/Spirituality. History as well, when taking lessons from our holy saints(as).
  6. Are Nandos and Oportos really halal?

    I agree with @TheGreenWanderer that not all Nandos store are halal. It is good to interrogate when you go to your local Nandos store. I once asked someone in the front counter, and they absolutely had no idea what halal meant.
  7. Attention Span

    Salam, This week is the start of a new semester - I have one and a half years left till I graduate from uni. I am just concerned at how bad my attention span is. I'd be watching a lecture and 10 minutes into it, I start scrolling through Facebook and checking my messages. I just can't sit and focus for an hour unless I have an exam the following day. Last semester my grades were pretty average (I know that I could of done much better). I am pretty decent at studies, but I always make it harder for myself by procastinating. I want to work very hard this semester and get good grades. What should I do to get my stuff sorted? Should I just hand my smart phone to my parents? And go this whole semester without one?
  8. Salam, What is your specific way to gain Islamic knowledge? I understand how everyone is different. How do you structure your day to ensure you gain a bit of knowledge everyday? Do you have specific days where you just focus on Islamic history, others days on Islamic law, theology etc.? Or are you that type of person who doesn't really have any structure? Like you'll just read anything about Islam?
  9. Grammar Test

    For goodness' sake, just when I needed the capital.....
  10. Grammar Test

    Congratulations - you have finished!You scored 40 out of 40.Your grammar level is: perfect - CEF Level perfection
  11. How to avoid inappropriate comments

    I think that guy just respects women who wear the hijab. There are some very open-minded non-Muslims who don't like the dicrimination hijabis have to go through - therefore he probably couldn't help but to say something kind to you.
  12. How do you gain Islamic knowledge?

    @shia farm girl Mashallah! May Allah reward you for your sincere intentions to seek knowledge. I also watch Islamic lectures quite often, like when I'm driving to work (the best decision you can ever make haha). However I have certain days where I focus on a specific science of Islam. Like I dedicate one whole day to fiqh, where I pick up a book of Sistani and read it. Another day I might dedicate to Islamic history, where I research one of our 14 infallibles and learn more about these holy personalities. But your way is pretty good too, since a lot of things in Islam do overlap.
  13. What Have You Watched Recently? [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    I love Pakistani dramas so I binge on those when my mum watches one.
  14. For what reason Saddam Hussain was Hanged?

    @Shah Khan Be careful who you consider a 'good leader'. On the day of judgment we'll all be raised up with a leader who we idealize. My advice to you is that you take Imam Zamana (atf) as your true Imam and you won't even feel the need to go to these mass murderers. I know for sure that there is no way Saddam Hussein will be in the army of Imam Mahdi (atf).
  15. At what age did you get married?

    Sister you're not that old to find a decent man. I know some of my female cousins who got married at the age of 26-28. Don't be anxious otherwise you'll accept anyone out of desperation. You still should have respect for yourself - you deserve a nice and a caring husband. However be proactive and try to make it known to others that you are willing to get married. Ask your parents to contact others. In addition, you should be going to your local community and asking many aunties to find a nice guy for you. Inshallah everything will be alright.
  16. At what age did you get married?

    I'm 21 years of age, I'll marry when the right time comes. I aim to get married before 25.
  17. What is your goal today?

    My goal today is to sort out my stuff for uni since it starts on Monday. Inshallah I will be organized this semester.
  18. Pakistan Super League (cringe)

    Salam, Background: You might not all know but Pakistan Super League is a new Twenty20 cricket league hosted by the PCB(Pakistan Cricket Board). This is basically the third year it is being hosted and it seems to have gained a lot of popularity. Anyway, the issue I have is with the opening ceremony. I found certain segments of it to be inappropriate and not adhering to our Islamic values. I don't understand why Pakistan Cricket Board invited Jason Derulo and made him do a performance with all girls gathered around him. My family was watching it and I cringed so much that I just had to leave. PSL opening ceremony has so many Pakistani viewers, especially children. What sort of stuff are we teaching them? Just because we all love cricket (including myself) that shouldn't justify any sort of harram displayed through such frivolous performances. I understand that Jason Derulo is a popular singer and will attract a lot of viewers, but is that really a reason to display harram in front of so many families. I don't want an Islamic performance or anything, but at least something slightly more appropriate.
  19. Americans: The 2nd Amendment advocates gun control

  20. Pakistan Super League (cringe)

    Pakistan has a lot of work to do before we even think of an Islamic government. We need to first get rid of our corrupt leaders.
  21. Post Your Voices!

    I posted the voice of Allama Tabatabai, and that got moved somewhere else. Why are sounds of cats and monkeys still here lol?
  22. Pakistan Super League (cringe)

    It's not about me. It is a bad for kids to be watching that sort of stuff. What are we teaching them?
  23. Post Your Voices!

    Btw where is your voice?
  24. Salam, As you all know now, same-sex marriage has been legalized in Australia through public vote. My siblings argue with me and have a stance that we should all vote "Yes" for gay marriage (not that it matters anymore) because why should we force our religion to other people. They say that if gay people don't believe in any religion, then who are we to take away their right by not letting them get married. For future reference, say that you got a letter posted to your house, to have your input on whether gay marriage should be legalized - What will your vote be? And why?
  25. Grammar Test

    @Islandsandmirrors You're an english teacher, lets see if you can score 40.