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  1. ali_fatheroforphans

    Should I make a YouTube channel

    Nah she'll lose all her potential Salafi followers and she might get attacked in the Youtube comment section. I reckon she should just stick to iftar meals and not use this as a platform to promote Shia Islam.
  2. ali_fatheroforphans

    #35 Do You Consult a Dictionary?

    When I read using 'play book' app, I just highlight a word that I don't understand, and it gives me the definition of it.
  3. ali_fatheroforphans

    What is needed to unite the Ummah?

    Honestly the best way to achieve unity with whole of humanity, let alone with Sunnis is to identify the great satans of our time ----------> Israel, USA and Saudi Arabia
  4. I recommend you to listen to these series of lectures by Shiekh Mohammad Shomali:
  5. ali_fatheroforphans

    Medieval music

    Music is like a drug, which is sweet at the surface but it eventually sucks you into a hole, leaving you with a feeling of emptiness. Our Imams (as) were against most types of harram music because it is truly a distraction in this short life. Music just makes you feel better temporarily, there is no scientific evidence that it in itself treats anything. Just like how doctors may use drugs to treat people, they may also use music.
  6. ali_fatheroforphans

    Do men have a harder time accepting rejection

    There was this job I got rejected from, so yeah, we do have a hard time accepting rejection.
  7. Don't be overwhelmed brother. I know there is so much knowledge out there, but God also doesn't want to burden our soul beyond what it can take. Some people have so much knowledge but it isn't of any benefit to them. Some people gain knowledge, and they become arrogant and have not achieved the purpose - to gain nearness to Allah. You need sincerity in seeking knowledge. You also need to be thirsty for knowledge. Your soul is yearning for guidance and it is overwhelmed by all the knowledge out there - which is a very good sign mashallah. Here is my advice: (1) Contact a local Shia Mosque and let them know that you need a mentor who can guide and help you. There are many shiekhs out there who you can sit with and discuss Islam from the very basic. In addition, try to attend as many Islamic events as you can and make Shia friends - you will learn a lot in the process. (2) Al-Islam.org is your friend. I recommend the following book (I've searched a lot of books and I'm gonna list a book which is very basic). This book also discusses Islamic laws such as ablution, purity etc. https://www.al-islam.org/elements-islamic-studies-allamah-saeed-akhtar-rizvi (3) Enrol yourself in an online course, or go to an Islamic seminary. However I would recommend this when you familiarize yourself with the basics. (4) Learn Islamic laws, because that is how you will practice Islam. I don't know if you have converted, but do pick a marja who is knowledgeable and learn from him. May Allah help you in your journey to seek knowledge.
  8. ali_fatheroforphans

    Shia lacking on Social Media.

    I agree that Shia speakers who talk about sectarian issues become slightly popular, maybe because that is when Salafis feel the need to watch our videos and attack us in the YouTube comment section. I agree that we need more speakers who can talk about the traditions of Ahlulbayt (as) in an eloquent manner that would attract everyone, including the youth. Our madhab is very pure and it in itself can attract almost anyone, but we just need regular speakers who can convey the message. We only find the highly intellectual scholars on the pulpit who will talk about akhlaq, piety etc. But not everyone will be able to understand them. Shiekh Mohammad Shomali is an example of a speaker/alim who I highly admire. I wish we had more speakers like him.
  9. ali_fatheroforphans

    Shia lacking on Social Media.

    I think it's because Sunnis are greater in number than Shias, therefore their speakers get more views not because they are exceptional, but rather that they have more followers. I don't want to mention any names, but some of the salafi speakers have no intellectual grounds to be standing on the pulpit and giving speeches, but despite this they get a million views. When I was a younger I used to be attracted to such speakers, thinking that they are the leaders of the ummah. Unfortunately some people can get misled by knowing that Sunni/salafi speakers get more views etc. However I realized that the message of Ahlulbayt (as) is more pure, despite our YouTube channels and speakers having no more than 8k, 10k views. There are so many of our speakers who deserve more views, but unfortunately only Shias watch their lectures. I do hope that non-Muslims do get the message of Ahlulbayt (as) before they are misled by a salafi speaker.
  10. Salam, I don't like it how society is making it difficult for common people to talk about religion. Yeah, we certainly have scholars who talk about religion all day, and that is great. However why is talking about religion and God in an informal setting difficult for people? I believe that many people want to talk about God, but they don't know how to express themselves. People don't know how to talk without offending the beliefs of others. Treating topics which have always intrigued the minds of humans as 'sensitive' is irrational in my opinion. Keeping the concept of God as some personal thing is not right. Yes, it is our own personal journey to discover the truth and understand the essence of God, however why can't this be openly discussed, other than in Islamic seminaries and mosques? I might have this view maybe due to my own personal experiences. Do you find it hard to casually discuss God with your non-Muslim friends?
  11. For me it is Ramadan. I truly believe that this month is blessed and Allah is truthful in his words.
  12. ali_fatheroforphans

    Should I continue fasting?

    Realize that it is the law of Allah to not fast when your health may be compromised. If you decide to go to the extreme, of still fasting it is considered disobedience, not obedience to Allah.
  13. ali_fatheroforphans

    Thoughts 2018

    Backbiting is horrible when you experience it. There is this guy (not my friend but I do occasionally talk to him) at uni who is in the same course as me. One of my friends told me that he was talking bad behind my back, and it kinda hurt me tbh. I never even thought he would say such stuff (I don't need to mention it here). Some people make me sick as they will act all nice in front of your face, but behind your back they might be uttering bad stuff. I never considered him a friend (thank God), and I won't fall down to his level. The moment my friend told me that he was backbiting, I felt angry and the need to do the same. However I remembered the verse in Quran which instructs us to repel evil with good. I will forgive him although I'm never gonna look at him the same way. My advice to all - Your iman is precious! Don't let certain toxic people affect your faith! They will try their best to drag you down to the level their souls are at. Have hope in Allah and do that which will pleases Allah, even if it goes against your will.
  14. ali_fatheroforphans

    What made you laugh today

    I think a bit of both
  15. ali_fatheroforphans

    What made you laugh today

    My bank balance
  16. ali_fatheroforphans

    Hell fire

    Salam, Did God intend to fill hell with the disbelievers prior to the creation? I mean did God choose to have the worst of humans residing there eternally? Such as Pharaoh?
  17. ali_fatheroforphans

    Hell fire

    I understand your point, thanks for it. Very Interesting, because when a lot of people think about creation, they think that there existed a time when God decided to create the world etc. Therefore they always ask this question that why would a merciful lord create certain individuals such as Pharoah who he knew would of been condemned to hell fire eternally.
  18. ali_fatheroforphans


    Remember this passage from Dua Kumayl And how many of my stumblings hast Thou protected, how many of my detestable acts has Thou averted, and how many of my undeserving praises hast Thou spread abroad!
  19. ali_fatheroforphans

    What are you like in groups?

    Salam, Describe yourself when you're with a group of friends. Are you the weirdo who cracks random jokes? The overdramatic one? Awkward one? Leader? The debater?
  20. ali_fatheroforphans


    I don't wanna generalize but it has everything to do with the flawed mindset of many immigrant Muslims who don't wanna integrate with anyone except Shias who are from the same country as them. Parents are unfortunately training their children to only mingle with Shias who have similar cultural values. We need to stop our future generations from having this sort of toxic mindset. Parents will come and try to create a little Pakistan, Iran or Afghanistan etc. They care more about culture than religion. The priority of parents is that their children become Shia the traditional way they themselves were raised. The consequence is that there is no unity, and it would be harder for reverts to integrate. We need to give young Western Muslims leadership roles, who can understand reverts better in my opinion. The newer generation is more open, trust me. Living in a Western country, where you interact with people of different backgrounds etc. Just makes you realize that we're all essentially the same. Inshallah our mosques will changing slowly, we all need to understand the message of Ahlulbayt (as) better. We're all the same.
  21. ali_fatheroforphans

    **Ramadan 2018 Lectures and Speeches**

    Fairness in Islam - Shiekh Mohammad Shomali https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uDcpMYSp0k
  22. ali_fatheroforphans

    What are you like in groups?

    Ayyy, I think I found a new mate
  23. ali_fatheroforphans

    Thoughts 2018

    @Hamodiii that's him
  24. ali_fatheroforphans

    Revert help - what to do in Ramadan?

    Download this amazing app called 'Divine Pearls', it has all the duas you will need under the section 'Amaal/Ramadan'. Dua Iftitah is recommended after Magrib and Isha prayers. Therefore recite it or perhaps listen to it online. Check the program of your local Imambargah/mosque and try to get involved. There's just an amazing spiritual feeling when you open your fast with fellow mu'mins. Dua Allahuma Kun is a very powerful dua you should be reciting as much as you can.
  25. ali_fatheroforphans

    **Ramadan 2018 General Discussion/Plans/Iftar**

    I find it very amazing that while we fast we're so thirsty to a point that we feel fatigued and drained. We feel the hunger, and it is very hard when you look at others around who are casually eating. Despite this, the thought of actually opening up the fridge and taking a bite doesn't even come to our head. We're so obedient to Allah that even if we eat a crumb of a bread by accident, we instantly spit it out. Even people who are not practicing, manage to stay away from that which Allah has made harram for a certain period of time. Ramadan transforms our attitude towards sin. We should realize that the thought of sinning should never even occur to us. This is the level of taqwa we should aspire to reach. If we can stay 5, 6, 7 or even 9 hours without the halal that Allah has made harram, we should be able to stay away from any sin.