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  1. I agree with Mehdi Hasan in this article. ISIS simply have a plan to cause division between Muslims and Westerners. Ultimately ISIS want Muslims to be hated and kicked out so they then turn to ISIS. Islamophobic people are fools and I curse them for being part of ISiS's strategy.
  2. Oh ok my bad. In that case it should be all good.
  3. I don't think you should ever think that your mother has any personal thing against you. Your mother carried you in her womb and went through all that for you. Every mother wants the best for their child and I really think she cares for you more than anything. I feel your mother has a picture of your future in her head and is assuming the worst case scenario. I know my mother would never like me to be dating a girl for like a year and would assume the worst case scenario. Your mother has a certain ideal guy in her own head which she feels is better and more suited to you. Be realistic, most mothers don't like their daughters dating a guy. I know my mum would be worried if my big sister had been dating a guy for quite a while, as she would assume the worse. Anyways mums are mums, you can't change their thinking but you do have a right to be with someone you love. I advice that you still love your mum and spend time with her if you can. It is Ramadan and do something for her like make her cake or something which will make her happy. Your mother needs your company more than anything else, to better understand you. Inshallah your mum will understand over time but respect her a lot.
  4. Is it possible for you to defer your exam and schedule it to another date? I know my university allows any Muslim to reschedule their exam during Ramadan.
  5. He is very dangerous to listen to. I can suggest thousands of better lecturers. There have already been threads on his absurd and offensive statements.
  6. I doubt if Tawhidi is even a Muslim. Not a single post of him mentioning about Ramadan. He is so busy slandering others, that he probs forgot it is Ramadan.
  7. Yeah this gateway thing has intensified during Ramadan.
  8. Ramadan Mubarak bro!! I have exams coming up, so sadly I won't be able to do as many recommend acts as I would of liked. I plan to always read a few verses of quran after fajar. Also yeah since I use public transport, I plan to listen to lectures on my phone. Plus I will recite zikr in my spare time.
  9. Salam, Off course man, never doubt Allah's mercy. It is a sin to even think that Allah won't forgive you. It is good that you stopped this filthy addiction at such an early age. My advice for you is to be very patient and stay free of it. You will have a great marriage life if you avoid this addiction. I am 20 and managed to quit like a year and half ago, but I wish I could of quit it at your age. You are lucky to already be aware of this. If I was you, I would do everything to stay away from it. Have a blessed Ramadan and stay clean
  10. Yeah man, especially when writing #8 you were first one to come in mind.
  11. This statement is from Sistani's site: 'The expression “the music or the song that is suitable for entertainment and amusement gatherings” does not mean that the music or the song’s tune amuses the heart or changes the mental state because there is nothing wrong in it. The expression actually means that the person listening to the music or the song’s tune —especially if he is an expert in these matters— can distinguish that this tune is used in the entertainment and amusement gatherings or that it is similar to the tunes used therein.' I may be wrong but most songs played at entertainment and amusement gatherings are those beaty "party type" songs. Like be realistic, do we expect any soulful and calm music in amusement gatherings? I think Sistani is against music which causes us to shake and dance in a way. I think he has got his fatwa spot on. Sistani should of also added that, songs with a bad message should be harram.
  12. It really depends whether the "umm Khaltum" album is halal in the first place. The most important thing in Ramadan is to stay away from any kinds of sins possible. If you follow Sistanis fatwa then "any music which is suitable for entertainment purposes is harram". You may then figure out whether it fits into this "harram category". Given the music is harram, there is no way you should listen to it, despite it being for an assignment. I would personally take notes from my friends and ask them what points they took down. I would then work from there.
  13. This is horrible. The fact is that these Islamophobic individuals are as radicalized as ISIS.
  14. It's scary how much coverage the Australian media is giving him. He is brainwashing many Australians to hate Muslims and think of them as radicalized extremists.