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  1. Nah thats fine, if it isn't distracting you from your islamic obligations.
  2. It depends on the content. There is nothing wrong to watch videos on YouTube provided they are free of filth. However, majority of the Youtube videos are pointless and it makes us more and more stupid. So be careful when you decide what to watch.
  3. Sister, I remember reading your posts a while back and you just happened to eat harram food. Please don't take it to this state, where you don't want to live anymore. This is being so ungrateful to Allah. You have so much to look forward to in life, if you just be a bit patient. Have you visited a therapist? to tell them about your situation?
  4. 'They have certainly disbelieved who say, " Allah is the third of three." And there is no god except one God. And if they do not desist from what they are saying, there will surely afflict the disbelievers among them a painful punishment.' I feel there are no 'ifs' and 'buts' when it comes to this verse. Many of the tafsirs of our knowledgeable scholars indicate that this doctrine is completely wrong.
  5. Yeah, but my point is that Allah clearly rejects the doctrine of trinity because it has no ground. You say that the idea of trinity is in the bible, and compare that with Imamat. However, bible has been altered, so how will you know whether that was the word of god? However, the fact that Allah clearly rejects it (Quran 5:73) shows that this doctrine was was completely false.
  6. @eThErEaL Do you think Quran has any verses that objects trinity? or are there any verses from the Quran that objects certain concepts of Christianity? What is your view regarding this?
  7. 1. Going through hardships makes me gain more hope in Allah. I always think that Allah loves me and therefore wants to test me. Also the hardships we face are nothing compared to what we will go through in barzakh. 2. I might check my own attitude towards salah. I will make sure that I pray on time and with humility. I will also make sure that I have kept away from the diseases of the soul like (backbiting, pride, arrogance, disrespecting parents etc). Given you have checked all this, I will continue and just leave the rest to Allah. 3. On a daily basis I recommend you to listen to Dua hujjat (aka Dua e Imam Zamana). This is a great dua which gives you hope if you have any difficulties. 4. I prefer to ask Allah directly. However, I praise the the Ahlulbayt (as)/Imams (as) before asking Allah.
  8. I know when we all think about Anime, we say 'how can this ever be harram?' However, there might be certain elements which go against our Islamic teachings. Dragon Ball Z creates a very false representation of the hereafter. Like if you die, then you go to a small island with King Kai. This is clearly shirk and offensive to any believer who has some sort of faith. I know I sound radical by speaking against my own favorite childhood anime, but would Allah really be happy with some random faithless producer depicting him in this absurd way? So make sure the anime doesn't have any sort of element that could be associated with shirk. Also, make sure it doesn't promote zina, nudity, etc
  9. That was my dream too Defs go for the trials and join an Academy! African people are very talented in soccer and I'm sure you are too. Who knows, maybe you will be playing for Liverpool FC one day. I don't see any problem. There are many Muslim soccer players. I think as long as you stay humble, then it is fine. Emre Can and Sadio Mane are both muslims who play for Liverpool FC.
  10. Salam, It is very important to understand the science of Pornography addiction. Not only pornography addiction, but also sexual fantasies can be pretty harmful. Children who get exposed to certain material are basically being 'brain raped' as Dr. William Struthers says. Young children are forced to view sex, the way the video represents it. Sexual fantasies and porn addiction is very harmful and not letting go of this, will cause our brains to be programmed in a very wrong and destructive way. That is why we need to make sure we get married as early as possible. Norepinephrine: Is basically the adrenaline of the brain. This is the neurotransmitter that helps you wake up in the morning, and form long lasting memories.The brain is basically is learning to know - when should I refrain from sexual acts and when should I should not. Dopamine: This helps us focus on a situation. This pulls us in, so we lose track of everything and forget everything around us. That is why when people view pornography or a video, they lose track of the time. This is released when we are addicted to drugs. Norepinephrine: This helps us remember a particular scene or porn video. Dopamine is different to this in a sense that it helps us focus or concentrate as opposed to remember. Endorphin: When someone has a sexual need that has been met, these chemicals form a euphoria that a person gets. So basically when a person reaches orgasm. Serotonin: Another sort of neurotransmitter which is basically the mood connector, This helps creates a mood balance. Oxytocin and Vasopressin: These are two hormones which are released by the brain that helps binds us to a sequence of behavior and rituals. The problem is when we view pornography we are being bound to a representation of someone in a specific video. That is why we have to look at a lot of different pictures to get aroused. You also see many porn addicts have that one porn video that makes them get aroused or feel great. So they will always go searching for a specific scene they had viewed. Mirror Neuron: Pornography activates a circuit in a a brain which is called mirror neuron. The brain basically mirrors the actions we see. It is the circuit that gets activated when we look at a specific sexual act.These mirror neuron maps us on the person we watch. It is like, we will pick up the behavior of what a specific video is teaching us. For further reference, watch this:
  11. I'm pretty sure we can't edit after an hour. Otherwise many users will be able to change their content and act all innocent(if they made a particular offensive comment).
  12. Only a Khawarij would bash Imam Ali (as). I thought Shias and Sunnis both love Imam Ali (as). But yeah, I am in favour of Sunni and Shia unity. I will never have respect for certain Sunni figures but I will never insult them. There is a difference between not respecting someone and insulting a figure. We Shias take the historical facts and don't hold everyone in the same position. However, It is very wrong on our behalf to insult the figures. You are only looking at it from one side man. The problem is that many Sunnis don't even consider us Shias as Muslims, as they compare us to Christians. To have unity, there needs to be a lot of work done to change the thinking of people. Firstly, we Shias need to be at least considered Muslims and not Kafirs. However there will always be ignorant people and I don't want to generalize. I have met many Sunnis who do respect us Shias. But yeah both of us believe in God, Quran, Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) and his family. Difference of opinions is fine as long as it is respectful.
  13. I know some apologetics say that Allah only mentioned eternal hell to scare off people to not sin. They quote verses that hell is not eternal. Javed Ghamidi is an example of someone who believes in this theory. However, Allah only speaks the truth.
  14. Thats why I always say Allah and not Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. I always wondered too. Maybe shaytaan does it secretly?