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  1. Las Vegas shooting

    Idiots like Yasir Qadhi are the perfect example of what I mean. This is his Facebook post which shows the amount of intellect he posesses. He is more concerned about generalizing rather than offering his condolences. I wonder why he never does the same for Salafi extremists. ' Do you know what #whiteprivilege is? It is to murder over 50 people and injure 450, only to have authorities claim, within minutes and without any verification, that you are not a terrorist. It is to commit the largest mass murder and shooting in recent American history, and be described as a 'retired grandfather'. It is to inflict pain and suffering on others, and not have to worry that a single person of your race, or religion, or your women and children, face any backlash for your crime. It is to kill (or rape, or loot, or plunder, or colonize...) and get away with it without bringing up irrelevant issues like religion, Scripture, culture, theology or ideology. As of this writing, we still have no idea of the religion and beliefs of the killer. It is, essentially, to consider any such incident to be a freak accident, and let life continue without changing any policies, or calling for national dialogues about laws on immigration, tolerance of others, gun ownership, cultural differences (such as dress codes), and the list goes on and on. PS. This post in no way intends to trivialize the tragic loss of life. My sincerest condolences to the families of the victims in this horrible tragedy. ' -Yasir Qadhi
  2. Las Vegas shooting

    Man I don't agree with you on this. They have no other option. The fact is that some Muslims do have this extreme ideology. Many non-Muslims know very well of the extremist Muslim ideology that exists. I'm not gonna act blind and deny this reality. They have every right to call this terrorism. Many Muslims who get recruited by ISIS have assurance that religious scripture justifies their horrible actions. They are ideologically motivated to carry out crimes and kill the kafirs. Yes, they are psycho but believe in extremism. The media outlet will obviously be concerned and call this terrorism. How does this imply that every Muslim is a terrorist? Or they have a secret motive of telling the whole world that we believe in extremism?
  3. Which masum would you meet?

    One of the most difficult question to answer. I would wanna meet Imam Zayn-Al-Abidin(as). I would ask him to teach me the proper way to talk to Allah. I would try to learn a dua from him which will guarantee my sins to be forgiven.
  4. What Happened?

    Many Sunnis do cry and remember the tragedy of Karbala. I don't like to generalize. It is the modern day Salafis who have pain in their stomach when mentioning the sacrifice of Imam Hussein(as). I think their terrorist leader, Ibn Tamiyyah has spread so much hatred towards Shias, that Salafis refuse to even see this sacrifice as being important.
  5. Is my salah valid?

    Salam, What if I read salah thinking I had done wudhu, but after a few hours I realized that I never did wudhu. Do I have to redo my prayer?
  6. Las Vegas shooting

    We need to stop this 'mentally unstable label'. This guy clearly had a normal brain which functioned, to mischievously plot an attack. Such labels don't give us a solution. Many say that 'extremist Salafi Muslims' kill because of their messed up ideology, well the same goes to this sick grandpa. Take away religion, you still have these sickos who have no belief in God and accountability. This is their messed up ideology which causes them to do these acts. Extremist Muslims wanna do horrible acts and go to Jannah while these kind of people wanna do these acts and go nowhere.
  7. Las Vegas shooting

    http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2017-10-02/las-vegas-shooting-mandalay-bay-hotel-gunman-stephen-paddock/9008372?pfmredir=sm 'Police said Paddock did not have any militant links, but the Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the attack via its Amaq propaganda arm, saying the shooter "converted to Islam months ago". '
  8. What does Imam Hussain (as) mean to you?

    Imam Hussein(as) means everything to me. Through him I'm able to see Islam in its pure form.
  9. Post-Muharram depression

    I miss the first 10 days so bad. I wish I could go back in time It was so refreshing to go to majlisis and see fellow moimins commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussein(as). We can all listen to lectures at home, but going to majlisis is just special.
  10. Have you gone to Karbala?

    I do work part-time. I'm gonna try to save up for Karbala inshallah.
  11. Muhammad Hijab refutes Ammar Nakashwani

    Yeah I think that's why Hijab is so furious. Hijab has been carrying the same ex Shia for decades, trying to shove him at our faces.
  12. Hypocrites

    There was a case of an Imam in Cardiff who use to abuse girls while teaching them Quran. https://www.google.com.au/amp/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/cardiff-imam-jailed-13-years-abusing-girls-mosque-koran-lessons-mohammed-haji-saddique-a7829226.html%3Famp I cringe when someone is religious from the outside but has a lewd character. This is the worst form of hypocrisy.
  13. Salam, I don't have time to watch this. It will be nice for someone to see what Hijab is on about.
  14. Consistency in reading the Holy Qu'ran

    I agree with starlight that you need to have a hard copy. Reading from phone will aslo strain your eyes and will take your motivation away. Strictly have a Quran time and fo─║low it. Try motivating yourself to read Quran after every fajar for at least an hour. Have certain days where you work on your tajweed and other days where you just search the tafseer and understand the meaning.
  15. Zanjeer zani

    Yeah ideally getting rid of this practice everywhere is better. However it is not possible. I am being realistic. It is harder to stop this practice in countries such as Pakistan/India where a lot of people are uneducated. Also many of these people haven't even been exposed to other cultures and point of views. Such type of people are not open minded and will find it harder to see the bigger picture. With due respect to these people and their pure intentions, we can't deny the fact that they are just concerned about themselves. They feel that no one should have the right to criticize their outward love for Imam Hussein (as). Shias living in Western societies have that exposure and they understand others better. I myself have talked to numerous non-Muslim friends and they love the story of Imam Hussein (as) but they can never accept the practice of making yourself bleed. I must admit that I can't find any logical way to explain this practice. That's why we Shias living in outside countries are starting to see the bigger picture and how the whole messge of Imam Hussein (as) has been tainted. This message should not only be restricted to ourselves, but rather to the whole of humanity. There are so many humane ways of spreading the message of Imam Hussein (as) to a wider audience. On the day of judgment I want to be safe. I can't picture Imam Hussein (as) smiling while I'm whipping chains and traumatizing others.