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  1. I think they are pretty firm in their decision so no matter how hard we try, they would never see the beauty in men. Also the problem is when majority of people in society are telling them that their feelings are completely natural and they are free to do whatever they want.
  2. Salam, There are literally so many young people and even adults who pray salah 5 times and day and never even understand the significance of it. We basically repeat the actions we have been taught since childhood and think this is enough for the rest of our life. This is not the salah of a true moimin or salah of anyone who claims to love ahlulbayt (as). That is why there is a hadith that it is possible for all the years to pass and not even a single salah will be accepted by Allah. "The Radiance of the Secrets of Prayer "Book by Muhsin Qara'ati is a beautiful and simple book which definitely helped me in my salah. I would recommend this to anyone who hasn't read it. This book tells the significance of every action and the words we utter in salah, from a philosophical perspective and also from the perspective of our holy ahlulbayt (as). Once you really spend time perfecting your salah then it is worthy of being accepted in the eyes of Allah.
  3. Also Irshad Manji is also married to another woman, which goes to show how she fits quran based on her own desires.
  4. Salam Everyone, I finished the whole Quran in Arabic when I was young, but since then I haven't read the complete translation. I have been exposed to the translation of certain verses but not in any particular order. I decided last year end to start studying quran fresh with different tasfir(mainly tasfir al mizan). I am currently at verse 2:121. I read 1-10 verses a day, but I am not consistent at all. I sometimes take a week break or more at times. Has anyone here finished the whole quran with tasfir? And how long did it take? Also how did you do your quranic studies(individually or by a teacher)?
  5. I started this thread last year, just in case you haven't read it. I have not watched porn for over a year and a half. If I can do it, then you can as well. Always pray salah and learn to let thoughts go away. When you get any sort of sexual thought initially, then be tough and think about something else. The more you pay attention to any thought shaytan puts in you, then the more importance you give to Shaytaan as a result. Keep asking Allah for help and focus on perfecting your taqwa which comes over time as you become more spiritual.
  6. If this happened during your dream, then it is not harram. But If you are awake and tried to deliberately have such thoughts knowing it will lead to ejaculation, then it is harram.
  7. Man this is horrible. She is not just an athiest but a step further as she hates Islam. She should respect your belief and choice. Is your sister younger than you or older? because the way you describe her, she seems like an immature teenager.
  8. Bye

    @AfricanShia, I just read the post you had made on True Christianity. I must say that @iCambrian(with due respect to him) could clearly not present facts to you and therefore just kept going on about how usless your post was. Being a shia muslim, If someone made a accusation against Islam, I would try my best to present facts and not target the user and his question(like that user did to you). Anyways, I don't really think there is anything to get offended about because Christians will respond as they found the post a bit offensive. You have to be open-minded and take everything they say and be happy to argue with them.
  9. There is not much authentic account on the life of Prophet Muhmmad(pbuh) based on non-muslim historians in the first place. In the late 18/19 century certain non-muslim scholars even doubted that he existed in the first place, so why trust such people? Plus do some research for yourself and you will find that very few non-muslims had written on Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) in the early seventh century, who witnessed his life. Sebeos (7th Century Armenian Author wrote on Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) based on certain events he had encountered. "In that period a certain one of them, a man of the sons of Ishmael named Muhammad, a merchant, became prominent. A sermon about the Way of Truth, supposedly at God's command, was revealed to them, and [Muhammad] taught them to recognize the God of Abraham, especially since he was informed and knowledgeable about Mosaic history. Because the command had come from On High, he ordered them all to assemble together and to unite in faith. Abandoning the reverence of vain things, they turned toward the living God, who had appeared to their father, Abraham. Muhammad legislated that they were not to eat carrion, not to drink wine, not to speak falsehoods, and not to commit adultery. He said: "God promised that country to Abraham and to his son after him, for eternity". These recent lies about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) are ridiculous and every man with some sort of intellect knows that Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) was nothing but a mercy for mankind and his mission was inspired by Allah and not his personal motives. History has countless accounts of his beautiful character. There is nothing more authentic or descriptive you can ever find till you read only from our great shia scholars or even sunni. Also the Islamic Government is perfect. Look the the rulers throughout history and not even a single one of them can ever be compared to Imam Ali (as). Imam Ali (as)'s government was beyond perfect and non-muslim historians cannot stop admiring it no matter how much one hates Imam Ali (as).
  10. Yeah I saw that as well. I think it is very wrong to make statements before there is any sort of concrete evidence. Any bomb attack we witness, then within minutes you hear the media saying stuff like "Radical Islamist", "Islamic Terror" etc. This just goes to show how much bias there is within news report.
  11. Bye

    Don't judge the whole Shiachat by some few who might of been disrespectful to you. There are many who are respectful to you from what I have seen.
  12. I do kind of get your point. I am sure there are many non-muslims who might be far better than me and might of also done more for humanity then I will ever do. I am lucky to be born a shia I guess. The truth is that there are so many factors to consider when deciding the fate of someone who happens to be non-muslim. I prefer to stay silent and let Allah be the sole judge. Allah will not even do the slightest bit of injustice to anyone, so it is wrong to decide people's fate. Also we muslims might be judged by Allah more since we were exposed to the right religion but failed to abide by its rules(if we are careless).
  13. If you die in a state of having sinned without repenting then you can be subjected to punishment. And it is very important to leave this world in the best state possible. Most pious people die in a very good state. It is not so much about dying while being impure because you could even ejaculate during wet dreams and other lawful ways(when married) which doesn't mean you would punished. The problem is that you got impure by doing a very bad sin. Try to take ghusul before sleeping and repent, which means you don't have to worry about it during fajar. My advice is to once in for all quit masturbation because it can be done (also since you claim you are not addicted) and then you will reduce your likelihood of dying in the worst state. There are some people who die in their sleep so be careful.
  14. Salam, Almost 6 months since I joined Shiachat and it has helped me a lot, looking back now. I randomly came across this site out of nowhere when I was researching about Shia faith, and after some time I decided to join the forum. I joined the forum in order to be connected to the Shia community and learn more about our sect. I also wanted to stay away from sins and thought this site would help. I actually have more non-muslim friends, so it is very refreshing and nice to connect with like-minded Shias around the world who have similar life goals through this website. Before joining Shiachat I wouldn't really have that urge to develop my iman due to the environment I was in. Since then I have had an urge to learn more about Islam and it has really helped me to stay away from sins. The thought of sinning doesn't come now compared to before because, I don't want to be giving people advice and on the other hand be sinning. Shiachat is a community and what I got out of it is just amazing. So yeah, I would like to formally thank all the Administrators here and also the users who are making this experience. You all are part of this great cause and don't underestimate how many people's life it can change. How has Shiachat helped you?
  15. Yes that it is true that newly converted muslims are forgiven for their past, but still Allah is very merciful to everyone and can forgive almost every sin. If you avoid the major sins which you are forbidden, We will remove from you your lesser sins and admit you to a noble entrance [into Paradise]. (Quran 4:31) According to what I know, Allah automatically removes some minor sins given that you put effort into abstaining from the major ones.