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  1. Español?

    Primero que me encuentro por aquí!

  2. David Cruz

    Problems that reverts have

    We can add to the big list above mention one more. - Being tag and/or accused as a highly potential apostate. (basically for ask logic questions but considered tabu).
  3. David Cruz

    New Muslim

    Welcome to Islam Sister, I am happy to see new brothers/sisters become Muslims. I found this for you, probably is not help you a lot but I think can be a good start:
  4. There say: "no de los que son motivo de ira ni de los extraviados"... "ira" means anger, "ni" means neiter. in this context... in this case is a clear typo.
  5. David Cruz

    Need your duas please

    Assalam Alaykum sister, It's really sad to read you post, I'll make a duah on my salat for you, May Allah SWT make this easy whatever end Allah chose to test you. Please keep strong, insh'Allah.
  6. Assalam Aleykum Brothers and sisters, I am actually Muslim, after long research Alhamdulillah, I accept Islam as a truth path to Allah SWT... my question is a Sunni Muslim, to become Shia... I need to have another sahada? or just should follow my beliefs and adapt myself to a Shia-oriented path?, insh'Allah.