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  1. Dancing in groups of men is common for those of them belonging to the chassidic movement. Youtube is full of videos about the matter. But the important thing is that they seem even more devout to the shrine of Rachel than to the western wall. I mean,Jews are supposed to pray towards Jerusalem,while these guys pray towards the tomb surrounding said tomb (so there cannot be the possibility that they face both the tomb and Jerusalem). As far as I know,Shias don't go to those extremes;they always pray towards the Kaaba. But correct me if I am wrong.
  2. It seems that Jews,or at least some of them,indulge in intercession too;and in a quite "extreme" way too:
  3. Becoming Freemason change status as Shi'i?

    @wmehar2: that's precisely the matter! The soul which God breathed in us is considered by kabbalist Jews and Freemasons as part of God Himself and not one of the things He created. Thus,they believe every human(this goes only for Freemasons,since Jews limit this "privilege" to Jews only) contains God and is Godly! But the sound and real view of this matter is that the soul is a creation of God just like anything else and that He created it in order for us to have feelings,fear of Him,etc. But it's a createdthing,not part of God Himself! It does not make us contain a part of God in ourselves and does not make us Godly!
  4. Becoming Freemason change status as Shi'i?

    What they publicly write is a bunch of lies! I do NOT say that they are devil-worshippers,even if they are suspiciously fond of the morning star which brings light.....(the meaning of which I leave you to discover). But the fact that they believe in the presence of God in humans like kabbalist Jews do is enough for me to consider them filth.
  5. Becoming Freemason change status as Shi'i?

    Please. There are people who have made researches about Freemasonry (including my humble self) and have written that they actually do have a theology even if they deny having one:they basically believe every man is godly and has to work on himself to become aware of his divine nature and thus be able to change the world. Since believing God in any shape or form is physically present in humans puts you out of Islam,a Muslim who becomes a Freemason is a murtad,whether you like it or not. I suggest you learn what Tawheed is,expecially in Shia Islam,and then come back without your feel-good/love-all attitude.
  6. Becoming Freemason change status as Shi'i?

    Arminmo is defending Islam so why attack him I wonder????
  7. Becoming Freemason change status as Shi'i?

    Right on! Tell 'em!!
  8. Becoming Freemason change status as Shi'i?

    Guys,stay away from freemasonry! I do not know if they worship the devil but one thing I know for sure:they believe every man is God Himself and that their task is to help him realize this fact by working on himself just like a mason works on a building! I've read these abominations in several Mason forum where I lurk and in Dan Brown's book ' The lost symbol' which speaks about masonry and which has been rewied favourably by freemasons! If you believe God is within you,or that you are actually God,you are outside of Islam and you should also should be locked up in a mental institution!
  9. Shia thought on Female Circumcision

    You're not for real,are you????
  10. Can God destroy Himself?

    Ibn Al-Ja'abi and rinneganMahdi gave the best answers! Thanks!
  11. Iran vs KSA ?

    Well said!
  12. Can God destroy Himself?

    How can a question be wrong?Questions do NOT state anything,thus they cannot be wrong.