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  1. Stones

    This belief constitutes shirk.
  2. Shia Muslims Community in Italy

    I am not able to help,sorry. Maybe you can ask in this facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sciitiinitalia/?hc_ref=ARQPCxnuy2qesusLVI8ZcxPE6Y8fnI8OzvYtc4OJUGKgI_q1s378iOfTIciYcM8Lrd0&fref=nf
  3. Problems that reverts have

    Why the number 2?Aren't Muslims supposed to treat converts as any other Muslim?
  4. Is the soul of man Godly?

    Trying once again to come back to the topic,read for yourselves,expecially in chapter 2 of this accursed book of theirs called Tanya (try to Google "tanya chapter 2"),how they explicitly say that the soul of the Jew is literally God Himself and that connecting to their (dead since 1994) rebbe is like connecting to God! It's worse than what Christians say or what Sunnis say about Allah having a body and moving through space: https://kabbalahwisdom.org/quotes-from-the-tanya/
  5. Is the soul of man Godly?

    That's what I hoped too! But,looking in the matter more deeply,this particular branch of Judaism called Chabad literally believes that God is physically present in the soul of every single Jew,thus making him totally superior than the rest of humanity which hasn't got God in its soul! To be honest,they have been and still are harshly criticized by other Jews for this idolatrous doctrine which turns men into walking demi-gods by other Jews!
  6. Is the soul of man Godly?

    Guys,let's stick to the topic,please. What's your view,based on Muslim doctrine,about this Jewish doctrine(which,it has to be noted,is not accepted by all Jewsih scholars because some of them view it as idolatry) that the soul is literally a part of God in the body of humans(Jews only)?
  7. Is the soul of man Godly?

    I don't know the difference between these two terms.
  8. Is the soul of man Godly?

  9. Is the soul of man Godly?

    I've made some research online and I've found that there is a strong component of Jewish thought,namely kabbalah which,expecially in the nowadays predominant Chabad version of it,teaches that every single Jew(mind you,Jews only!) contain a literal part of God Himself in his soul. They openly write and make videos about the fact that Jews are not normal human beings,but a completely and infinitely superior being due to the fact that they contain a part of God in themselves. These doctrines are for all to be seen in a book called Tanya,which is the "Bible" of the Chabad movement and are nowadays widespread amogng Jews. Any comments?
  10. I've come across this video about Judaism where the rabbi at around min 9:30 and onwards explains that for them the soul of men is literally a part of God Himself within each human. What's the islamic view of the matter?Is the soul a created thing by God and thus other than God,being a created thing ,or is it a part of God we carry in ourselves like in Judaism?
  11. Arab superiority in Sunniism

    In my opinion this Sunni doctrine is quite racist;but do Shias share this view of the Arabs being superior?
  12. Please,read the the thread in the following link very carefully and you'll see that not only Salafis but Sunnis in general declare the Arabs superior to to the non-Arabs,just as the Jews see themselves superior to the non-Jews! What's the Shia view of this issue?Do Shias agree that Arabs are better than the rest of humanity,or do they believe everyone is equal? http://www.ummah.com/forum/showthread.php?280949-Salafis-why-would-Ibn-Taymiyyah-say-this-despite-the-prophet-(SAW)-last-sermon
  13. Sunnism or Contradictionism??

    Shias do NOT believe in the Sunni doctrine that there once were verses which are not present anymore in the Quran but their ruling still applies. i.e. the verse of stoning which we are talking about.
  14. Sunnism or Contradictionism??

    And what about their claim of Quranic verses being eaten by a sheep but still valid? And what about their claim of Allah having a body and actually sitting on a throne?Or the Quran having seven different ways to be read?