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  1. Fasting (Roza)

    Salam-un-Aliakum brothers and sisters I have a question regarding fasting. My question is that my aiims exam is coming and that is in the month of Ramadan and I have to travel to different state. I have to go there by air. Can i go to that state with having fast on that day. I have no problem if I have fast as well as to go to other state but I have problem if I didn't fast and because of that for one day I have to fast for 60 days. Please help me with this. I can fast as well as travel to different state and give my exams but I don't want to miss my fast. Please answer as soon as possible. Thank you so much @Sarwar Ali 121
  2. Ghusl Mayyat

    Thanks a lot brother Hassan.
  3. Ghusl Mayyat

    Salam-un-Aliakum If a person is already in Ghusl mase mayyat because of touching a dead body and he touchs another person but he is not in ghusl mase mayyat. Does it becomes obligatory for both to do Ghusl mase mayyate or just the first person.thanks a lot.
  4. Ghusl

    So we can do ghusl even we are wet . Thanks a lot brother
  5. Ghusl

    Salam-un-Aliakum brothers and sisters My question is that:- When performing ghusl,after cleaning the najasat,is it obligatory to dry your body first then do ghusl or we can do ghusl even we are wet Thank you so much
  6. Sajda Tilawat

    Thanks brother Allah bless you
  7. Sajda Tilawat

    @E.L King Can you write in arabic this portion.that will be your most kindness. I have some problem in reading this in english .thank you
  8. Sajda Tilawat

    Salam-un-Aliakum brothers and sisters My question is that:- Supplication for the prostration due to the recitation of holy Quran (Sajda Tilawat Dua) I'm a shia Please give both Ayatollah Sistani and Ayatollah Khamenei Dua for Sajda tilawat
  9. Nightfall

    Thanks a lot brother
  10. Nightfall

    Salam-un-Aliakum brother I had nightfall and I woke up at the time of sehri(When we start to eat for making fast before fajir prayer ).What are the laws for this.Should I do ghusl jinabat first or eat to make fast first or I can do ghusl jinabat after I eat . Thank you so much
  11. Does swallowing tears break your fast?

    What you said is true brother If crying on Ahlulbayt(As)and accidently swallow tears still breaks fast. Thank you brother
  12. سلام عليكم Brothers and Sisters My question is that does swallowing tears (accidentally or directly) invalidates the fast . I'm a shia muslim
  13. Hazrat Abbas A.S

    Salam-un-Aliakum My question is that:- Where is the real grave of Hazrat Abbas A.S. In karbala or In Sardab
  14. Nimaz e Kasar

  15. Nimaz e Kasar

    What you said is true but My molvi's said that there are three places where is not Kasar allowed first if you are in Harem e Hussain And second is One Masjid which is in Madina and third one I fully not know