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  1. Islam is based on Quran and Mutawatir narrations. The latter includes the name 'Shia'. Anyone who uses a different term is the one creating a new community, giving a new identity and are limiting themselves in prison with shackles.
  2. Keeps your spirits high ...
  3. Why is shrimp halal ?

    Everything is halal unless you can prove it to be haram.
  4. Highlight Video of Allahyari Evading the Debate

  5. What exactly is his faith?
  6. Why am i so ugly

    Confidence is beauty, look in the mirror and say 'Subha Allah Masha Allah' x3 every morning and every night. Keep smiling ...
  7. Bodies Rising To Heaven?

    If I had to choose, I would say the narrations about the bodies not being in the grave are true but the burial stories are not. The point of visiting graves is that it marks a point of salutation. Allah is not inside the Kaba nor is Rasulullah صلى الله عليه وِآله in his grave, but there are angels present by the grave who convey the greetings and messages to him.
  8. Resent and denial are two different things. Yes they deny, but not because of resentment. Go to a sunni mosque and ask the congregation if the imam of the masjiid ever encouraged resentment of the Ahl al-Bait عليهم السلام.
  9. This would be true if we live in parallel universes ...
  10. Of the names mentioned above only Aisha has a number of narrations not the other 3. Of her narrations there are those that coincide with the Ahl al-Bait عليهم السلام, those that contradict and others which function as neither. You seem to be oversimplifying ilm al-hadith ...
  11. Anyone who has seriously studied hadith will know that the narrations from non-Shia sources have led them to embrace Tashayyu'. This is sufficient to prove that non-shia sources are extremely valuable. As for enemies of Ahl al-Bait, there are many narrations that teach us that even the munafiqeen sometimes narrate the truth, it's common sense they would mix lies and truths to gain trust of the tabi'een. There are narrations from particular criticised companions that are the same as those of the Imams عليهم السلام.
  12. The Ahadith from non-Shia sources are reliable as long as they don't contradict the Quran and Ahl al-Bait عليهم السلام. Scholars refer to them and rely on them for supporting evidence all the time.
  13. Ahl hul kitab and sunnis all Najis ?

    Point is most of the are are neither kafir nor najis.
  14. Ahl hul kitab and sunnis all Najis ?

    Oversimplified ... as far as the majority of Sunnis are considered most believe in Allah and his messenger ﷺ and have no enmity towards the Ahl al-Bait عليهم السلام.