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  1. Nuclear Test Warning:

    LOL! I really shouldn't be laughing because its millions of lives here at stake, but the way these leaders go about so casually talking of destruction and nuclear war, is really just beyond ridiculous.
  2. I never trusted this deal to begin with, I knew at some point the American govt. who is used to bullying every nation in the world that doesn't submit to it will use this deal to target Iran on other issues, such as its involvement in Syria and Iraq (both perfectly legal btw). Given Trump's speech at the UN today during which he blamed Iran for being an economically depleted regime that exports violence (funny coming from the US), he stated that we haven't heard the last of the nuclear deal as yet, and given that he just met Netanyahu yesterday whose primary concern was getting the US to withdraw from the deal, my suspicion is that the US will withdraw in October. The unilateral sanctions will come back, I am not sure that other nations will agree to impose multilateral sanctions again, Russia and China seem to want to do business with Iran, France and Germany too, Britain less so, but the latter 3 countries are part of NATO, so if the US does impose sanctions, I suspect they will bite the bullet and bend to the will of the Americans. This leaves Russia and China, whom I don't believe will impose sanctions again. But with US/EU sanctions back up, would Iran restart its nuclear program? It sure seems like Iran apart from lowering of its inflation, hasn't gained much from this deal, further sanctions will surely push them over the edge and force them to restart their program? On the one hand, I hope the deal stays because it lessens the threat of war, which will be more likely if the US withdraws and Iran restarts its program, on the other hand, the US will never allow Iran to experience the benefits of this deal, so I hope they withdraw and lose whatever little international legitimacy they have left. Of course if the US does withdraw, forget getting North Korea to ever negotiate anything over its own program. One thing is certain though, people downplayed the influence of AIPAC on american foreign policy after this deal was signed because AIPAC heavily opposed it, if America pulls out, it will just prove the stranglehold this lobby has on these politicians, who have no backbone to stand up to it, just a bunch of cowards.
  3. Yeah I read this, just wondering what's true and what isn't.
  4. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/235466. If this is true, I am very shocked, I seriously doubt he said this.
  5. Kurds get out of the way!

    Read Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall! Excellent book!
  6. Russia bombed SDF targets today, after the SDF made a statement that they would not LET the SAA cross the euphrates river. I know Kurds haven't been well treated under Baathist regimes before, but they are pretty much allowing themselves to be exploited for imperialist and Zionist ambitions to weaken Syria, if that's the case, they should get ready to be bombed, you cannot impede the progress of the SAA. No wonder Turkey doesn't trust them. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-syria-sdf/jets-strike-u-s-backed-forces-in-eastern-syria-idUSKCN1BR09K?il=0.
  7. This is what I think too, but as far as I know don't they have religious debates in Iran?
  8. Hasan's Cynicism -- London + IED

    They now have the military on the streets apparently, they could technically just initiate false flags and just crackdown more on people's basic rights.
  9. Qa'im were these laws applied during Imam Ali's rule?
  10. The trouble is what would constitute proselytizing, would having a healthy debate with your friends about religion be proselytizing, since technically they would be talking about their faith and preaching right? Also about public apostasy, so if some muslim saw me go into a church having known I was muslim before, would that be punishable by death?
  11. I think they're not permitted to preach to muslims or to preach in public, I'm not sure why though? Yeah they can misguide people, but people strong in faith would never be misguided. This law and the one about apostasy I find really troubling, I know ultimately these are rules we just have to accept, but personally speaking, the approach of don't do this or you'll go to hell or you'll face this consequence never worked with me. I always liked to see why certain things are recommended the way they are, and I believe Islam is a religion that is secure and thus, should encourage people to be inquisitive, ask questions and learn, so I'm not sure why we have these laws. Didn't Imam debate with atheists who obviously were open about their atheism, they must've been to debate, they were never killed for their lack of belief though?
  12. For the politicians though, they don't really seem to care, they get lobbied big by the defence contractors, for them its a win-win, the American people though will suffer the consequences of it. Lots of fighters from Syria are making their way back to Europe and this will have bad consequences for the people in Europe, the politicians probably supported them going to Syria to topple Assad.
  13. Hillary Clinton 2020

    She's done! THANK GOD! 12:20 onwards.
  14. http://www.balkaninsight.com/en/article/the-pentagon-s-2-2-billion-soviet-arms-pipeline-flooding-syria-09-12-2017. Under this program it becomes impossible to know who is receiving these arms, and officially there is a coverup because these arms are not stated to be delivered officially to Syria. What this means is even after ISIS is defeated there is a very real risk of these militants in Syria having these arms and destabilising the country. We don't know the type of people that have been armed, its likely that they've been other wahhabi minded groups who just view ISIS as too extreme, but are extreme in their own right, like Ahrar al Sham or Jaysh al Islam.
  15. Raped in Burma

    Targeting of civilians, raping women, slaughtering children is reprehensible and disgusting, but bear in mind brother, there is something very fishy when western media reports on these things, they always have an agenda. I want the crisis to stop and I think it should be done diplomatically, but I would never support NATO or the US intervening militarily, they will not do it because they care about people. Would you?