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  1. Absolutely, 100% agree brother. I'm all for peaceful protesting as well for the right causes. But many of these people are burning cars, breaking windows, damaging property, how on earth is that acceptable and how is it going to change anything in this country?
  2. Lol, he certainly is divisive, but the reaction to his presidency is just so funny. Its one thing to peacefully protest, a whole other to go around smashing windows, damaging people's properties, its like these people have gone absolute nuts. And if these protests continue this way, the security forces will have to use force to suppress them if they haven't already, kind of reminds you of the "peaceful uprising" they discussed in Syria during the Arab Spring that security forces violently suppressed, well it looks like they are going to have to suppress a "peaceful uprising" here now too, will Syria call for regime change in America? What will they call it? The American Spring?
  3. Brace yourselves people, we're in for an interesting 4 years, I am not scared though for muslims in America, I think we will see very little change from Obama's time. Not sure about muslims abroad, Trump's foreign policy seems very very confused.
  4. I think people think because of what Israel does to Palestinians, all Jews are bloodthirsty and enjoy the suffering of others. I would think we would be above making such generalisations and equating Jews with Zionists, particularly given the crap we as Muslims face for what ISIS and Al Qaeda do.
  5. Wouldn't read too much into what they are saying, they defend Saudi starving the Yemeni children deliberately, just because the Houthis are closer to Shia Iran. We just have to do more to look out for ourselves.
  6. tragic. Pray for the victims . See a lot of posts on social media saying this is "karma for killing Sunnis in Syria", and name calling toward some of the Iranian leadership. Sigh! I guess sectarianism will always make people blind, and yet we keep emphasising unity with people who seem to hate us more than anyone else.
  7. Yep I brought this up earlier, Muslims trying to ally themselves with the left. And not to mention, I do think people are exaggerating life under Trump, I really don't think it'll be much worse than Obama honestly. I think Trump is too stupid and cares far too much about his popularity to do anything that would impede Muslim lives in the west.
  8. Problem is the city is under siege at the moment by ISIS forces and if ISIS capture a crucial airbase, they will enter the city and terrorize the population living there. Keep them in your prayers.
  9. Sigh brother! Sadly I think I was one of those people who used to complain about nothing, but this just adds a whole lot of perspective into my life at least and I'm sure the lives of many on here. Now looking at the scenes from Yemen, I feel so helpless, what can we even do? I try speaking out, updating people on social media and through texts, talking to friends about it, no one seems to care, all I see is posts praising Obama and his family while the rest of the world starves and is terrorised by actions he supports. Very few people in America sadly give a crap about what is happening elsewhere, I doubt they could even tell you where Yemen was.
  10. so the world will just allow this to go on until Saudis bomb the hell out of everything and starve them to death?
  11. With the help of the US, it seems it's only a matter of time before Deir Ezzor falls, based on a Facebook post: Four days ago a new attack by #ISIS on #DeirEzZor was launched and has since continued. ISIS reinforcements and resupplies had come over months despite air interdiction from the Russian and #Syria air forces. Yesterday ISIS managed to cut off the airport, where the local #SAA command and its main supplies are hosted, from the city proper. It is now attacking in full force from all sides. Bad weather makes air support from the outside sporadic and difficult. Unless some unforeseen happens it is only a question of time until the airport and the city fall to ISIS. The #US has condoned and/or even actively supported the imminent ISIS taking of Deir Ezzor by (at least) three measures: - A massive U.S. air attack on SAA forces in September 2016 enabled ISIS to take a controlling position and to cut off SAA resupplies - A U.S. attack against a power station in January disabled the last electricity supplies to the city - U.S. non-intervention enabled ISIS reinforcements from Mosul and west Iraq to Deir Ezzor in east-Syria
  12. I flew on Iran's domestic flights, they were free roller coaster experiences . The planes were actually not too bad, it's just the turbulence was really shaky and you felt like the plane would fall apart any minute from the sounds it was making, but I wasn't too scared for some reason, I enjoyed the experience.
  13. Brother can I ask you then if the problem is just Wahhabism, why on earth are all the sunni nations with the exception of Oman allied with Saudi Arabia and not Iran? The gulf states, Jordan, and even many north African countries are part of the coalition bombing Yemen. Many of these North African countries don't have Wahhabi governments. How can we desire unity with these people? It seems even if they are not supportive of the Wahhabi ideology, they can all agree on being united on one front, hatred for Iran and Shias.
  14. The problem I see with sunnis is wahhabism is just the most religious sunni. Its not a big jump to radicalize a moderate sunni to become a wahhabi, according to SAN, its could just be one Friday Khutba. Its no secret that the caliphate of umar, abu bakr and uthman was terroristic and this is what sunnis adhere to. They may not know enough about them, but when their leaders can quote hadith from different scholars that advocate killing shias and praising these scholars, a sunni, a moderate one, may read this hadith and think, he is justified in killing shias. I really don't think its accurate to say America and Israel created the disunity, yes they took advantage of it and benefit from it fully, but in the absence of America and Israel, do you think Shias and Sunnis would not be fighting? Look at our history, Sunnis have been oppressing shias since the prophet died really, we've had some periods of peace, but not a whole lot. Why do the Saudis treat us like crap when we go for hajj, and the Iraqis treat us like royalty when we go for Arbaeen? Muslims have to take some responsibility for it, we can't really blame the West for everything, the West benefits from our divisions, but when a person tells me I curse the Sahaba and the wives and that I worship graves therefore he hates me, what does the west have to do with it?
  15. So, I've noticed from my own experiences at university (and I went to one of the best ones in the world, just for context, I don't mean to brag at all) that people being educated does not necessarily make them very bright. I fell into this trap too of associating grades and how you did in school with intelligence, the reality is far from this. In university, I met many ignorant people who would make claims like well its not surprising islam is associated with terrorism because all current terror groups are muslim. It doesn't take a lot of intellect to know that American actions broad constitute terrorism, the Zionist government's actions towards the Palestinians is also terrorism no doubt, but it seems these people are very easily swayed by their own mainstream media and government's propaganda, which somehow can objectively define what terrorism is and what it isn't. These aren't dumb people either, they would ace exams, get well paying, lucrative jobs, but they didn't have critical thinking abilities to make nuanced judgements. Yet these people would support hillary clinton and think she's a great champion of equality, women's rights etc. Actually, when I talk to people that aren't so formally educated as much, they seem to be more aware of things, maybe that's just an exception. How do reform our education system to allow people to engage their mind critically? It seems all our education system succeeds at doing is teaching us to parrot what we hear in lectures and put it on an exam, not too different from parroting politician propaganda and spreading it everywhere. Of course, we learn useful things in school, but in many jobs, its often not the content you use on your job but the actual skills, however critical thinking in my opinion is not a skill our present education system teaches.