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  1. This is so true yet so sad
  2. This is the moral degeneration of our society. Freedom is enslavement to materialism, capitalism and entertainment. The most enslaved people are those who falsely believe they are "free".
  3. This guy is such a stooge. Those who agree with his tweet are those who think Iran was "free" before 1979 when hijab wasn't mandated, pretty obvious who he is trying to appease.
  5. Are you from India? Where are you looking to go? Location preferences?
  6. Rest in peace to these brave souls. What a tragedy.
  7. Can't disagree as far as I am concerned.
  8. Sigh did he just compare Iran's role in Syria, where we have terrorist groups coming from all over the world and being funded by multiple countries fighting the government to Saudi's role in Bahrain, where we have Saudis backing up a regime against its people, largely peaceful protestors, and where there are no terrorist groups? I used to like this guy but it seems he's trying too hard to appease Wahhabis now. Of course no mention of documents claiming the West's role in destabilising Syria and documents claiming the opposition is primarily terrorist factions.
  9. This is accurate and I think as Muslims we need to make this very clear when we speak to non-Muslims, we can't simply say this has nothing to do with Islam, or it's all foreign policy. If it's all foreign policy, what is Kenya's role in destabilising the Middle East, yet they had a terrorist attack in Nairobi. As for Corbyn and May, the choice has never been so obvious, granted Corbyn might not get much done, but he's a principled man, while May is an incompetent, Wahhabi/Zionist stooge who flips on every issue and cannot answer a single question without dancing around it and avoiding it,
  10. True I suppose, but Corbyn's actions in the past have impressed me, however when they do get in power, they do tend to cave. But it would still be better to vote Corbyn and see what he's got than continue with incompetent May.
  11. He is a good man, but he's got the whole Zionist Wahhabi infested media against him. May is a puppet, so they all vouch for her. This election will determine how many Brits still buy the stuff they hear from neocon promoting trash.
  12. I think a bigger deal is made of the hijab than people make it out to be. In most places in the West, the government doesn't allow you to walk around without clothing, in some states in the US, I think masks are illegal as well. Similarly when people go to work, they have to abide by a dresscode. People don't walk around the streets in swimwear even though they technically could, because in some way psychologically people know which clothing is appropriate where. Maybe the standards of modesty and morality are different. Why is it that a mandated veil is so oppressive, its just a piece of clothing, like a piece of clothing you would wear to abide by a dresscode, when you go to a fancy dinner. Is it worse when a government mandates it? I don't see why it is. As for homosexuality, well this is not unique to Islamic countries, my home country has fairly secular laws, its evenly split between Christians and muslims, 40% each roughy, sodomy is punished with a life sentence. So to make it out to be a solely Sharia issue is inaccurate. And again, its a matter of perspective, but then I don't understand why a perspective should dictate how countries should be run, and those perspectives are used to impose human rights sanctions, demonize a country etc.
  13. Well I can't speak for all the brother's claims about her. But, from a Shia perspective, she is not liked at all. She did wage a war against Imam Ali (a.s.) who is supposedly the Sunnis 4th caliph, yet there continues to be praise for Ayesha, would there have been such praise for someone who waged war on Umar, Abu Bakr, Uthman? Why don't we hear Abu Lulu (RA) from anybody? Why is it that rightly guided can fight rightly guided only when its the 4th caliph being fought, but not rightly guided when its the 2nd caliph being killed? Ayesha was also involved in ordering arrows to be fired at Imam Hassan's body to prevent it from being buried in the prophet's mosque. The Shia opinion on Ayesha and Hafsa are that of the Quran. Whilst insulting is prohibited in Islam, voicing legitimate criticism is perfectly acceptable. Debate should be encouraged in a religion that is secure, ignoring history and not questioning it highlights weakness. Just my take on it.
  14. more like a circus lol.
  15. Lol, they don't, but people often say Islam should be banned or that human rights sanctions should be imposed on countries in the region because they have "backward laws", I was just referencing those claims, not necessarily referencing governments.