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  1. Do Shias respect Christians?

    I have never attempted to convert anyone to islam, I respect people of all beliefs, and even those who don't believe in God (provided it's not a militant type of atheism, more like live and let live). If they ask questions I try to answer them to the best of my ability, but I try to treat people with respect if they treat me with respect, regardless of what belief they are.
  2. KFCs in UK closed

    If you don't cook, halal KFC, halal nandos, halal mcdonalds is the best thing that could happen to you. I know its super bad for you, but if you're a student, its extremely convenient.
  3. Iran threatens to flattin Tel Aviv to the ground!

    Wars are expensive bro, and the insurgency in Iran would be way worse than Iraq or Afghanistan, but the US airpower could devastate Iranian infrastructure from the air. So far Iran has behaved very rationally and sensibly to prevent this type of escalation. I believe they will continue doing the same. This is why you see the occasional Israeli strikes in Syria ignored, because Iran can take these hits and maintain their main objective, rather than if they start bombing Israel which would surely invite a US attack on Iran.
  4. Iran threatens to flattin Tel Aviv to the ground!

    As much as I despise Zionism, I hope you realise Iran's rhetoric is very different from its actions. If Iran even attempts to do anything significant to Israel, the US will step in and destroy Iran and Iran is not suicidal. Iran will act in a manner that's calculated and proportionate, it will not do anything to significantly damage Israel.
  5. You do not sound American.

    Yeah, this is true and I also think muslims can do more to pay attention to stuff going on in their local communities rather than focusing on the middle east exclusively. The latter is important don't get me wrong, but serving in your own community is important too, work with the homeless, the needy, invite non-muslims to mosques, volunteer to help refugees/immigrants, get involved in a building project etc. I need to do more of this myself.
  6. You do not sound American.

    No! He lost the popular vote by 3 million votes. And not everyone that voted for Trump voted because of his anti-Muslim bias. We had a horrible set of candidates, some voted for him because they wanted to keep Hillary out of the White House. And btw 46.9% of eligible voters did not vote in the 2016 election.
  7. You do not sound American.

    Oh, I see. I didn't look through her stuff. That's contradictory though, Islam does advocate socialist policies to an extent, but rejects marxism as an idea overall. Marxists in Iran aren't allowed to run for elections as far as I'm aware, since they obviously disagree with the fundamentals of the revolution. Do you identify more with libertarians on the right like Ron Paul?
  8. You do not sound American.

    What do you disagree with specifically? Of course there is a problem within Islam, but I think there are certain groups in the US that have strong lobbying presences in DC use these groups to then target the entire population as a whole. Mostly christian fundamentalists that are also incidentally Zionist. People like Brigitte Gabriel, Robert Spencer, etc. For weapons manufacturers like Lockheed Martin, they have very strong military ties with Israel so certainly going along with this narrative that Zionists like to paint of all muslims with a broad brush is something they also profit from. So groups like Hezbollah often get painted with the same narrative as ISIS and Al Qaeda, and that's ludicrous, I think you'd agree. Of course, Americans for the most part do not hold these bigoted views, but I didn't get the sense she was talking about the people, just some of the institutions in place.
  9. You do not sound American.

    I frankly do not understand why they had to ask her about nukes, she's a fashion blogger, but the news anchors clearly wanted to stir something up, and then questioning her Americanness when she said something that was true. I was gonna say the anchors are probably less American than the girl, because the constitution guarantees the right to free speech for all, and I don't think people should be called un-American because they are honest. I actually wished she had said that and mentioned the first amendment. I have not watched the second interview, so I can't comment on it.
  10. I think the problem isn't so much guns, it's culture. America is an empire today and everything from video games and sports games to entertainment and education is indoctrinating people with glorification of violence. The pledge of allegiance and respecting the flag aren't inherently bad things but the way they are taught these days is always with some association to the military and wars, honouring the fallen dead, making them heroes regardless of who it is, it is just assumed that they are fighting to keep us free regardless of who they killed, and whether the person they killed was in any way a threat to Americans. Just think about Chris Kyle and American Sniper, for example. Also, meaningless slogans like "support the troops" (even though many veterans aren't looked after once they have been used for whatever purpose they have been deployed for), military parades. The video games are filled with violence and in many cases this has a psychological impact of dehumanizing people so that in future many of these people can become drone operators and do not ask questions over who they are targeting, rather real life just becomes a game. But dehumanizing people is not just limited to droning people overseas, it can also have an impact at home, when you do not even consider the people you shoot at to be human. It is essentially a combination of fear of everyone trying to take away your freedom pushing you to own a weapon and repeated attempts at dehumanizing people through various means (the media, education, the movies) etc. We really have to address these issues, and I don't think you can fix this problem by taking guns away but leaving intact a culture that glorifies endless war, violence, militarism etc.
  11. Chemical weapons in Syria. Is it Iran?

    ISIS areas have innocent people including innocent children living there who are prevented from fleeing by ISIS. Using chemical weapons on these areas if they were used on them would be a massive war crime.
  12. You do not sound American.

    There's this excellent quote by Chomsky; "The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow lively debate within that spectrum." This clearly fell outside the acceptable spectrum.
  13. You do not sound American.

    Isn't Chicago a fairly liberal city? These producers sound like Fox News anchors to me.
  14. lsraeIi F-16 crashes "amid" Syrian AA fire

    The drone was allegedly tracking fundamentalist rebels in Quneitra, a rebel controlled enclave that Israel has established a "safe zone" around without any int'l authorization and without the permission of the Syrian government. Israel has no borders, not surprising.
  15. lsraeIi F-16 crashes "amid" Syrian AA fire

    Israel doesn't like what's happening in Syria, a strong Iranian presence in Syria is a huge problem for them.