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  1. Mohamed1993

    Economic schools of thought.

    Oh, also a very good article by Yanis Varoufakis, he is a marxian economist, but in this article, he talks about the short-sightedness of marx; https://www.theguardian.com/news/2015/feb/18/yanis-varoufakis-how-i-became-an-erratic-marxist.
  2. Mohamed1993

    Economic schools of thought.

    This I think is the fundamental problem, why do people pretend like economics can function in the same way Chemistry does, it's not a science.
  3. Mohamed1993

    Economic schools of thought.

    Corporate tax-rates are lower than in many US states I believe. The problem is corporations find many loopholes to hide their profits. Yeah theoretically it sounds like the best model I can think of, however I just don't know if human nature will ever make this possible in reality. Granting power to the working-class is awesome, but you can't guarantee that the working class will not just start to exploit and take advantage of other members of the working-class then.
  4. So I work in economic research and I've often found that the things you hear about in the news, such as most Americans being unable to fund a sudden expense of $1000, and over half of Americans being unable to afford the cheapest car in the market gets ignored by economists. You look at real GDP rising, unemployment falling and stock markets booming and people interpret that as the economy being well on its way to recovery. However, if you look at why unemployment rates fall, it's because a lot of people have taken up multiple part time jobs, and many people now take on contract jobs where they are overworked, underpaid and receive hardly any benefits. This squares up with the fact that real wage growth in the US has been abysmal since the 1970's. In fact even though unemployment rate is falling, the amount of people that are now outside of the labour force is quite high, and you're not considered unemployed if you're too discouraged to look for a job because of meager prospects of getting one or the lack of benefits in many jobs. When you look at the reasons for this, many economists will argue it is because productivity growth isn't high among workers. This is a predominant view in the US and I would probably say in most of the West, where the predominant economic school of thought that prevails is the neoclassical one, where wages are a product of market forces, exploitation of labour is ignored, it is just assumed that firms that overexploit workers will not attract as much demand. However, we know that's not true and if productivity determined real wages then are CEOs 50 times more productive than employees? That's absurd. I think the Marxian school of thought is the only one that can explain this trend in inequality and wages. However, that often is completely ignored in universities in the West. But a huge problem with Marx in my view is that he often ignored human nature, so while he talked about the working class getting fed up of the greedy capitalists and overthrowing them, he also left-out the fact that many of the working class would try to oppress their fellow working class members. I think this is a fundamental flaw in the way he thought about how people organize themselves economically. And in places like Venezuela, we see immense levels of poverty and people would rightfully argue that this is because of lack of diversification, and too much reliance on oil. This is partly true, however if you look at the Maduro government and its supporters, many of them are not suffering like much of the working class is, and there is a great deal of corruption among Venezuelan officials. I would bet they have large sums of money saved in some offshore accounts. Often socialist governments or governments that claimed to be socialist, ended up producing state tyrannies that massacred millions of people. So then the question is if Marx got it wrong and if Friedman got it wrong, what is the right approach to economics? Is the best we can achieve given human nature the Scandinavian model, which in some cases is more capitalist than even the US but has a very well broad-based welfare state which at least tries to level the playing field for people to succeed. But in that case which economic school of thought would you think would have more merit? Should economics the way it is taught in the West be reformed? @hasanhh, @King you guys might be interested in discussing this.
  5. Mohamed1993

    Why did Iran do this?

    In simple words, the world is not black and white.
  6. Mohamed1993

    Why did Iran do this?

    Many argue this is what reformists like Khatami wanted but not the IRGC and the clerical establishment.
  7. Mohamed1993

    Pompeos ultimatum to Iran

    There is absolutely no way EU will be able to stay in this deal with US sanctions, the US economy is huge, and faced with a choice they will obviously choose the US. If the Iranians restart their nuclear program, that will give the US the pretexts to bomb Iran. Iran has to tread very carefully, they don't have a lot of options if they want to avoid a war.
  8. Mohamed1993

    Norman Finklestein: An Honest Intellectual

    Finkelstein is an advocate of int'l law, so he believes in a two-state solution, pre-1967 borders. He says there is practically no international legitimacy for the one-state solution in which Israel is dissolved, and you have one state with equal rights for all, so he says that's unlikely to ever happen. For this reason, he doesn't support BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign) in its entirety, he instead supports a form of BDS that calls for Boycotting businesses in territories internationally recognized as occupied, not all of Israel, because the third stated aim of the BDS movement is to call for the right of return of all those expelled in 1948 and their descendants, which effectively would be the end of Israel, since a jewish state requires a jewish majority, and all Arabs returning would no longer preserve that (artificial) demographic. He's not a Zionist, but he believes in achieving what is achievable. His position on this has put-off a lot of supporters of the Palestinian cause, many of whom regard all of Israel as illegitimate not just the territories occupied after 1967. I frankly don't think so, his arguments on the conflict are still very valid.
  9. Mohamed1993

    Norman Finklestein: An Honest Intellectual

    It's telling of our intellectual culture that such an honest individual is denied a platform to be a university lecturer. In a just world, he'd have multiple tenure track positions, but instead he says he feels his entire life has been a waste, stuck alone in his little apartment in New York. I guess that's the price you have to pay sometimes to be an honest individual. The society we live in disgusts me sometimes. It bothers me to think that having sacrificed so much in this world, because he's an atheist, many (maybe most religious scholars?) believe that his beliefs will mean he will not enter paradise. I think he is probably more deserving of it than many people who just pray and fast but really will not even spend a minute to think about the world and people suffering, yet they somehow still can enter heaven. Doesn't seem fair.
  10. Mohamed1993

    Muslim persecution in China

    Except they have man in history, why would a communist party not want to crackdown against religion? You do realise this isn't just unique to muslims right, they've been cracking down on christianity too. I'm not telling you to believe this article, but what a reasonable person would do is try to find some semblance of neutrality by reading both sides, and then reaching a conclusion, or read sources that at least have some element of neutrality on this issue. Would you believe a human rights organization that reported on US/Israeli/Saudi warcrimes if they reported on human rights abuses in Syria and China?
  11. Mohamed1993

    Muslim persecution in China

    I'm not saying this doesn't exist, but you have to be skeptical of something that China does, they hardly have much credibility when it comes to their actions.
  12. Mohamed1993

    Muslim persecution in China

    Erm, all was well with Russia and China for 1000 years? Stalin and Mao ring a bell? How many people did they kill? Assad is a dictator, I don't think he's particularly concerned about the religious identity of who opposes him, he cares about his power.
  13. Mohamed1993

    Muslim persecution in China

    You sound like those Neo-Nazi groups, how do you know these people are terrorists? And what exactly is force-feeding them pork going to do? If they are guilty of terrorism, you try them in a court and punish them if found guilty, that's how civilized people operate. That they act barbaric and stoop so low does not mean we stoop to being idiots to deal with them by doing stupid things like force-feeding them pork.
  14. Mohamed1993

    Muslim persecution in China

    Yeah, I saw this on a different source. When people talk of the rise of China as a good thing because it would end US imperialism, it would only be good in so far as it would contain the US from being able to go after countries allied with China. But China or Russia dominating the world is just as bad if not worse than the US controlling it. A multi-polar world is the best we can hope for in the current circumstances.
  15. Mohamed1993

    Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine

    Yeah, I have heard these arguments, but frankly it is really a case of two wrongs don't make a right. A Palestinian doesn't bear responsibility for what Algerians did or what Tunisians did. As for Amin-al-Hussein's collaboration with Hitler, that is one person, Israel's claim that all Palestinians should be punished because of something that person xyz or country xyz did is frankly quite absurd. Could you imagine someone in Europe attacking a Jew because some settler in Israel did something awful to a Palestinian? That is not acceptable and neither is the way Israel conducts itself today against Palestinians. It's almost like trying to say how can Israel make peace with people whose mufti years ago collaborated with Hitler, well then how can Palestinians be expected to make peace with Israel whose politicians have often called for mass slaughter of them? Aylet Shaked, Israel's justice minister called for killing of Palestinian mothers so they won't give birth to little snakes.