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  1. Do you guys know if there is a punishment and what the punishment is according to sharia if you commit suicide and don't succeed in doing so?
  2. I suppose you have a good point there.
  3. Gaius, but I also know who got prescribed the medication, they took it and it made them feel worse, they stopped taking it and actually felt better (still not perfect) after stopping the medication. How do psychiatrists actually diagnose the problem and determine if you need medication or a change in lifestyle etc.? I'm specifically talking about depression, not bipolar disorder or autism or any of the other neurological disorders.
  4. How does one distinguish between someone with real depression and someone who's state of mind makes them "depressed". I'm aware depression is correlated with a serotonin imbalances in your brain but what's not clear to me is that is the way you feel the cause of that imbalance or is the imbalance the cause of how you feel. I'm sorry but if the reason you kill yourself is over relationship troubles or grades or difficulty in finding a job, which are the concerns I heard mostly about the kids I was referring to, then I don't know if I can empathize with that. There's more to life than getting bad grades, getting an unglamorous first job out of college and having a partner, how does someone fail to see this? With one of the girl's who killed herself, her parents came out saying that she had expressed to them that she was unhappy because people were too competitive at the school. If that's the case, switch schools, nothing's stopping you, don't jump off a building. Allah never gives us more than we can handle, even if you do have a mental illness, isn't that a test from Allah and shouldn't it be possible to cope with the illness and the suicidal thoughts without actually doing it? And how can we then have empathy for someone who has committed a haram act? I understand that this is an emotional topic for some, but I think it's an important discussion to have.
  5. I used to think the nokia 33-10 was the coolest thing ever, lol. I remember opening up and cleaning up video tapes, when they would get stuck too often. Playing prince of Persia, Dave, Skyroads. In school, we used to play football with pencil sharpeners and use our fingers to make a goal and use the middle finger as a goalkeeper and see if anyone could get the sharpener through. We use to play penfight, basically just see who can knock whose pen off the table first. Struggling to handle the newspaper your parents were just reading because it just had too many pages and I wouldn't know how to hold it. I remember Cadbury's in green wrapping, I don't know if you guys had them, they had a minty taste to them. I remember reading famous five, thinking they were so cool, and thinking they were real lol. Most importantly, I can remember not feeling like I lacked anything lol, now I'm totally dependent on my smartphone, really sad honestly.
  6. What are your opinions on freedom of the press in a country? Is it something that should be allowed so alternative viewpoints that oppose the government can be sought, or does it impede the progress of a country by encouraging rebellion that makes things harder to get things done? What if you have a president that means well and wants the best for the country and he bans press freedom because he feels it gives a voice to the corrupt opposition that has it out for him? Would that be something you would agree with? Or would it be good to allow other opinion's to be heard so that it doesn't seem like he's running the country like a dictator? (This is not about Trump btw, its the case in some African countries, where presidents are now being accused of being authoritarians, because of this policy).
  7. Actually I have A LOT Of these come to think of it. People who find it a point to make their personal lives my business. Like for example PDAs, but also people who can't stop bragging about how much they love their spouse on social media, like bruv go tell her that instead of telling the whole world. Also people who advertise their insanely over the top affection for their friend and people who cannot live a moment of their lives without putting what they are doing on social media. This ranges from the food they eat and their insecurities to the clothes they wear and their anxiety issues.
  8. When someone can't stop saying like and umm every third word.
  9. Salaam brother, Its amazing to hear you are considering Shiism. I recommend Then I was Guided by Muhammad Al-Tijani. Your welcome brother, and don't hesitate to ask any questions that may come your way in your search. Mohamed.
  10. They seemed pretty fascinated to learn I was from Tanzania, they thought I was Indian or Pakistani or Afghani when they asked me where I was from.
  11. So, having had about 10 people throughout my time at university commit suicide through various means. We always had people feeling empathy for them and what they went through, they were articles in the university newspaper about reducing the workload, improving mental health facilities on campus etc. I always felt very skeptical of all of this. If I'm honest, I always felt like how selfish of these people to kill themselves. I would think what more do they want? They're studying at a pretty good university, they have the opportunities that other people can only dream of, they're not poor, not starving, so what is the problem? And when killing themselves, didn't they think about their family? What they'd be putting them through? I tried talking to my friends about this, it was a huge disaster, they called me unempathetic, unsympathizing, they're like you don't know what these people go through etc. Ok maybe, I don't know exactly what they go through but what I do know is that there are people in this world far more deprived of opportunities who know how to smile and get on with their day. How dare you think to yourself then that life is so hard for me and let me just take these pills or jump off this building when people worse than you fight? Sorry if this comes off as a bit harsh but criticism is always welcome.
  12. He is more muslim than many who call themselves muslim.
  13. In my experience, they're pretty warm. When I went for ziyarat, they were fascinated by people from other countries, and open to learning more about them.
  14. And in the US money decides as in many neoliberal societies. If you don't have massive financial backing through lobby groups, banks and corporations, you don't have a chance. Look at what happened to Bernie Sanders. Some democracy really. In Iran that jury is elected by the supreme leader, who is elected by a council and that council is also elected by people. It's not a full democracy but it's not in the West either. This is by Noam Chomsky;