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  1. They also have a travel warning on Iraq, but Najaf and Kerbala in the South remain pretty secure and millions go for pilgrimage and return without issues. I went there myself last year, I can tell you walking around Kerbala at 3 AM is safer than walking around some parts of America where you're likely to be confronted by a gang etc. Just be aware of your surroundings, that's it, take the risk and go if you really want to find out what Lebanon is like. Also, I find it funny how they have a travel warning for Iran but not for France, despite the fact that Iran (touch wood) remains much safer from terrorism than many cities in Europe that have been victims of terrorist attacks, sometimes multiple terrorist attacks.
  2. The PLO recognized Israel, renounced terrorism and signed the Oslo Accords, Netanyahu clearly was recorded on secret video stating he had no intent for peace. All PLO, which still controls the West Bank got in response was more occupation, more settlements, more oppression etc. it's funny how everyone is expected to make peace with a nation that has no defined borders, no intention of treating others as equals, all they want is to dissolve Hezbollah and steal more land by eliminating the deterrent. The fact remains that the Lebanese army is not powerful enough to deter Israel and so there needs to be another force to protect the southern regions, which are the Shias, someone the Saudi puppet Hariri couldn't give a toss about. Israel would not have the ability to construct more settlements if a military deterrent that prevented them from doing so existed.
  3. Is it? I did not know that, in the US it's a crime to provide financial support but not to morally support them, though it could have devastating consequences for your career.
  4. To think some of these people are Palestinian refugees who Iran has compromised so much to support. Shame!
  5. Of course there are good Shias and you're right that they are at the forefront fighting tyranny. But the fight brother is not limited to military, spreading information is also key, let's not forget it wasn't just Imam Hussein's sword that saved Islam and humanity but also Bibi Zainab's sermons. Letting people know the truth is a part of the fight, especially in a part of the world filled with propaganda and distraction. Many non-Muslims are brave enough to stand with the truth despite the consequences it may have to their personal lives.
  6. Bro which Shias do you speak to? I know many that can't care less about what happens around the world. Look up people like Norman Finkelstein, he praised Hezbollah in public in New York and explicitly said that as far as he was concerned, leaders in Washington and Tel Aviv could drop dead. He has praised Nasrallah so often. It actually cost him his job. Many of our Shia aalims don't go this far in the west for fear of potential consequences. Look up people like Miko Peled, son of former israeli general, he talks about Israel's oppression of Palestinians. Look at journalists reporting from Syria letting us know what mainstream media won't say. Are these not people who stand against oppression brother? We may be the perfect religion, but only Allah knows how many of us practice it. Islam to me is a way of life, you can pray, fast, go to Haji, but if remembering the oppressed and helping the needy is not something you do as a Shia, will Allah see you as better than someone who's done more for subjugated people than you could have? I'm not so sure man. There are atheists who don't believe in God and have sold their souls to the world, these are in my view and according to some scholars the Kaafir, there are some atheists who just haven't found the truth, but are some of the greatest fighters for justice. I think Allah has a plan for them that we as humans do not know of. That's why we are not Allah, he knows best.
  7. Alhamdulillah, I have encountered so many incredibly brave activists who are not muslims, but they stand up for justice more than our very own Shias do. Some of these people have even compromised on their careers to do what is right. What is their fate in the hereafter? I know Allah (S.w.t.) is merciful enough to grant them the reward that they do deserve, regardless of their faith, whether they are muslim/christian/jewish/hindu/buddhist/atheist. Given what is being done in the name of religion (ISIS/Zionism/Colonialism), I can understand how someone who isn't religious would be deterred from believing in religion, because he/she would see it as a source of violence, terrorism etc. I can also see someone who is born into another faith, would not take the time to research into other faiths. Alhamdulillah, I was very lucky to be born a Shia, and I would never convert to anything else, but if I was born a non-Shia, I am not sure I would revert to Shiism, probably because I would not look into it much. Surely a merciful Allah (S.w.t.) has a special place reserved for non-muslims who are open-minded, humble (people who just have not encountered the right sources and right guide, and/or haven't done enough research) and fight for the right causes which many Shias don't even do. What happens to these people? What makes me better than someone who is not a muslim but has done more for the oppressed than I could ever dream of?
  8. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Who needs comedy anymore, just listen to these lunatics.
  9. Why didn't he say it explicitly? Its not a crime to voice support for Hezbollah.
  10. It seems that Zionists use victimhood to gain sympathy from jews worldwide and non-jews too that all muslims hate jews and that's why not only is Israel's survival important but so is destroying any government that resists Israel. Israel pushed hard to topple Saddam, they pushed for US to topple Assad, and they pushed hard for US to attack Iran, after they saw they couldn't defeat Hezbollah, whose military support comes from Iran. They even tried to offer Iranian jews more money than they offer jews from other place ($60,000, about 3 times what jews from other places get) to push this propaganda that Iran wants to wipe out all the jews, and that's why attacking is imperative. In fact even when journalists from the West went to Iran and were surprised that they have freedom to practice, Israel tried to push this propaganda of a "dictatorial regime" which would not tolerate any dissent, so they must speak well of the regime to prevent being persecuted. According to some reports, they even tried to infiltrate the jewish/bahai community in Iran, to try and get some information about Iran's nuclear program and to carry out assassination campaigns against Iranian nuclear scientists. Unfortunately Israel not only occupies Palestine, it also occupies the average Western mind, who are fed this propaganda about "jews always being victims and everyone hating them" and anyone that Israel propagates this propaganda about must be destroyed. There is literally a Shia genocide campaign going on right now, in Nigeria, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Gulf States, etc. but no one cares about this on Western media, the narrative is we must destroy the one Shia state that is fighting on multiple fronts against takfiri and zionist terrorists that are seeking to limit Shias to an insignificant force with no voice and kill those who resist this subjugation. The issue is not just its occupation of Palestine, its that it knows no borders, it not only occupies Palestine and parts of Syria, it tried to occupy Lebanon, and it also tried to help Nusra fighters from Syria to topple Assad, so it could exploit more oil reserves in the Golan heights. Beyond all this though, it also occupies Western politics and media and tries to spin this narrative that turns audiences against not Islam, but Shia Islam, and this is notable by the awful imbalance in coverage in the MSM of the attacks in Foua and Kefraya this past weekend, some media even calling it a "hiccup", when the unproven chemical attacks on Sunni civilians in an Al-Qaeda infilitrated area warranted fake sympathy tears and an attack. Somehow when the victims of an attack are Shia, expressing sympathy for them seems to indicate sympathy for victims loyal to Iran, which would anger Zionists, whom they must not anger, despite the fact that not all Shias do not agree with all aspects of WF and not all support Iran either. But as I learn more, I understand why despite the fact that there may be distrust toward Palestinian attitudes toward Shias, opposing Zionism and Israel spans beyond just Palestine. Zionism's goal is reducing Islam (Shia Islam notably) to an insignificant force with no real voice in the world, at a time when Shias globally are undergoing a genocidal campaign at the hands of these takfiri militants.
  11. I watched this, even though I don't know how much to believe, I can tell you it made me shiver when I watched it. Maybe it was the background sound and the dramatic nature of the video, rather than the stuff he was actually saying. Whatever the case, may Allah hasten the reappearance of Imam Mahdi, to restore justice for all mankind.
  12. I have always thought this theory, which admittedly I have not researched extensively is too far-fetched, except some conspiracies have come true, like that the US support of Al Qaeda and terrorist groups in Syria, which is now clear from their own leaks. The new world order seems hard to contest, given all the countries attacked are those that aren't under this control. I have always thought corruption as the root of all the evil and people being too distracted to notice it, either because of hectic work schedules, or too many distraction from celebrities to consumerism. I never thought of it being linked to this devil ideology. But the world has stooped so low, that nothing would shock me at this point. I still don't quite believe all this though.
  13. How much of the stuff about freemasonry and illuminati and it's link to the Dajjal do you guys actually believe in terms of its connection to not just politics in but Hollywood/music/pornography/homosexuality/destruction of religion/secularism etc? I've been doing some reading about it, and while some of the stuff you read is really freaky, I'm wondering if it's rather farfetched.
  14. What exactly is the UK hoping to become after Brexit is it planning of being part of the EEA like Norway, is it going to form a special type of agreement like Sweden or is it just going to become another state like America or Canada?
  15. I think the era of neoliberalism/neoconservatism has rendered most western politicians disappointing. I think May is just a typical politician, maybe more on the right but by no means significant. I like Corbyn's policies and what not, but would he have real impact? I'm not sure. I sort of draw parallels between him and Sanders, who eventually we can see is falling more and more in line with many of the mainstream democrats on issues. I don't know how much this election changes, I don't care for May, but the problems run deeper than just the person on the front pages. What do you think?