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  1. Private School in Qom, Iran

    I have been trying to msg u but unable to, plz if u can then msg me so i will let u know my number, jazakAllah.
  2. Salam, I m unable to send u msg here, don't know why but plz if u can send me msg it would be really appretiated, jazakAllah

    1. Ali Mahdi

      Ali Mahdi

      Wa Alaykum Salaam.

      Thanks. My number is +989350693754 if you want to message me your number.

      I rarely check ShiaChat so Whatsapping me is easier.

  3. Private School in Qom, Iran

    JazakAllah brother
  4. House for Rent in Qom

    Salam, I will be moving to Qom, Iran in a couple of months. I am looking for some information regarding to rent a home or apartment in Qom. If someone has any info about rates, area etc plz guide. JazakAllah.
  5. Private School in Qom, Iran

    jazakAllah, this is really helpful.
  6. salam, I will be moving to qom, iran in a couple of months. I would like to get some information about private schools for girls and boys for grade 5 & 8 specifically english medium private schools in qom, iran. If someone knows anything plz let me know, jazakAllah.