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  1. salam, happy birthday to you

  2. just pray that ... less people die.. and this is over soon... YA ALI MADAD (a.s)
  3. Babli

    dO u takE tEa

    ya its quite true evedn i take atleast 3 cups of tea per day and sometimes i drink upto 6 cups.. normal thing...
  4. will a girl marry a boy with many girlfriends ??????
  5. nah.. thts not possible to forget ur hijab .. how can u ?????
  6. Babli


    well rizq ka intezam tu khuda hi karta hai it was a good tight slap oon his ego that u fired him....... let him find a job himself ...... but that woman should hav taken care of her style of dressing in front of men....
  7. Babli

    A question for sisters

    The person who thought money cant buy happens didn’t know where to shop :P
  8. Babli


    only parents theres nothing like love
  9. i will marrry Mr .X not the prefect..... bc in such cases when two options are given to me .i get confuse.......and my parents willl always find a good nice Man Whom I won’t regret marrying ..i will marry mr.x and with Allah's grace will hav a good marriage with him....
  10. Babli

    True Story - Happened in Bangalore (Supernatural)

    i was to scared....but in the end it was funnny...lolz
  11. Babli


    forget all the imp dates for the first year in marriage... for wife will make sure u remember it for a life time
  12. my biggest dream would be to see my parents ,sisters and my self happpy for a life time...and setteled too but when i listen about some one's death setteleing in life hav no value at alll
  13. Babli

    unbelievable love for wife

    what a PYAR....lolz
  14. Babli

    Things you wish you could do

    i wish to go to hajj n ziyarat .. i wish to meet the one for me also wishing to get my long hair back instead of this hair cut :'(