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  1. Beautiful MashaAllah!
  2. I totally agree, I was just speaking from my perspective, but the same can definitely be said by simply switching genders. Interesting point
  3. Ah, I see. I looked more at the structure of thr poem, how I wanted it to flow in stages almost chronologically. I allowed for the poem to flow freely as I didn't want the message to be restricted because I must keep the "beat". As for the questions, I believe they allow for an introspective dialogue which can touch pretty much anyone, as we were all once children and are affected by their soft voice. Thank you for pointing those things out.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, could you maybe elaborate on why that is the grade you've given me?
  5. Thank you so much for the kind words, may Allah bless you.
  6. Yes, I was aware of Aaron Rodgers doing that, interesting you bring that up. I think allowing for a wife to settle in with parents who are able to show love and compassion is best in some cases, as she can adapt to the way of life which the husband lives at home, to a certain extent. Not saying that I expect my wife to transform into my mother, but I think living in the environment will allow her to appreciate the way of life, while also laying out all the wrinkles in the process. Marriage is two families coming together, so I think this falls into place with that. I also believe that the son/husband will have to do just as much adjusting as the wife, in the sense that he must find a way to balance his time, effort and love between spouse and parent. With supportive parents, I believe its possible, it just takes two committed people who have mutual respect for one another and have good communication and a strong understanding of what their plan is together.
  7. I'm the speaker in the poem. I wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered the piece. However, the background piano is not mine.
  8. A poem for humanity in times like this. Please share with family and friends. Peace be with you all. #MuslimBan
  9. I find that if you be yourself for the most part, you'll be fine. Find something that you feel is worth talking about with the other person, and go from there. Also, sometimes you can talk about yourself a little bit. Example: "I'm so tired from work, I have to go to the bank now", Things of this sort. Make sure you listen to what the other person is saying too, keep a good balance between speech and listening. As long as the other person isn't dry and shutting you down, you should be alright
  10. I think that's the awareness that your marrying a wife so that she can be a wife, not marrying a wife so that she can be a maid. Maybe from my perspective, I think what your saying saying sounds hypocritical if were marrying with half our seen in mind. I personally see this as a worst case scenario in my book, but thank you for shedding some light on a situation which I'm sure occurs elsewhere in different cultures.
  11. Isn't that due to a lack of communication though? I mean, marriage is all about compromise and sometimes more for one side than the other, but in the end it should ideally even out. I get that some people will threaten divorce but this seems as though its an extreme case where the deen is not truly practiced. I think a mix of communication, understanding and love should be enough to get through that patch in the worst case. I personally don't perceive my parent to threaten my wife with divorce, let alone myself.
  12. This is what I'm thinking as well. I think if one is well enough aware of the conditions and the implications which come with the temporary situation, then as long as the parents respect the privacy of the couple and the couple adapts to the lack of privacy, things should work out for the most part.
  13. Do you see any positives to having parents directly involved? Let's assume they get along with the girl or boy, would the only issue be freedom and private space for the couple? I think I'd perceive that to be the biggest issue, because it would be harder to really speak freely with your partner if there's an issue in front of your parents, and vice versa. But could this have a healthy aspect to it?
  14. I'm Middle-Eastern, but I definitely appreciate the validity of what you're saying. Do you think if my parents were familiar with the girl and the family (ex. long-time family friends) and the love and respect were already there, do you think that issue could be resolved. Do you think there could be any positives having parents around the first couple years of marriage? In the sense that guidance, care, and financial help is directly available. For me personally, I perceive the privacy and the time to be the biggest issue because generally speaking a child isn't the same with a friend as they are with both parents. Space will be hard to com by. Do you have any ideas on how a couple could make that work?
  15. Can you name any potential pitfalls? I guess the severity of them is subjective, but generally speaking, what are some of the major downsides to this?