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  1. Dear Mawani, "Ruwayd" thinks he is the know all and expert in terms of Islamic beliefs & practices of the Shia Imami Nizari Ismaili Muslims. He and others alike easily spread false propaganda on this forum, and others throughout the Internet. They think they are the Almighty in judging who is a Muslim, and who is not. They have been brainwashed by their higher ups (Mullas etc.) into believing that their creed is the only correct one to follow, and all others have gone astray. They believe that Sunnis are partial Muslims because they follow a similar sharia & the 5 traditional pillars of Islam, however do not consider them fully Muslims because they do not follow their 12 Ithnaasheri Imams. Their sharia closely resembles to the Sunni one, because their theology stopped with their 11th Imam Hasan Al-Askari, as their 12th Imam Al-Mahdi went into ghaybah, which left their community/jamaat in disarray. So just as the Sunnis accuse they Shias of being a illegitimate sect, so do the Ithnaasheris to the other Shia branches. They accuse the Ismailis and particularly the Nizari Ismailis of deviating off of Shiism and out of the fold of Islam, because the Ismailis followed Imam Ismail, and not Musa Kazim. Think they have forgotten that they Abbasids wanted all Shia Imams dead, including Ithnaasheri & Ismaili. The Ithnaasheris probably can't accept that there is a living (hazar) Shia Imam today, who is the leader of the Nizari/Ismailis. This is a unbroken lineage which continues to till present, and will continue till qiyamat. The Ismaili theology has kept on evolving over time under the direction of the Imam, whereas the Sunni & Ithnaasheri ones have been stuck in the past, without any guidance. So for the Ithnaasheri in particular to attack the Ismaili beliefs in the past & present does not hold any water. A challenge to you Ithnaasheris since you firmly believe yours is so rightly guided, show us your Imam, bring him out of the closet. What is of use of an Imam who is inaccessible? You make a deal on how your Imam is so perfect, and will restore world order, justice, religion, etc. etc. Where is he for the last 1200 years? We all know the answers to these questions, any sensible and intelligent human being would. Ithnaasheris have no right to criticize the current Ismaili Imam, until they can prove theirs. So for the Ithnaasheris to say that the Aga Khan wears Western clothes, or Ismaili practices are such and such, look at yourselves first, then others. They don't have a clue how their Imam would function in modern day, and just dwell about the past, and make assumptions. For the Ithnaasheris to criticize the Ismailis on wudu, drinking, etc etc., many Ithnaasheris do they same or worse. Closet drinkers, smoking is halal for them, whereas the Ismaili Imams have frowned against such things. Who says they don't go clubbing or to bars, just look through the Facebook profiles of them, many of girls are ashamed of the hijab, and don't wear them. Some of the ones that do, still attend parties, and drink. Premarital sex is performed by conveniently performing a mutah, temporary marriage. Ithnaasheris are so desperate to convert Ismailis over to their lot, they go low by buying followers with money, and material possessions. Such a cheap community.