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  1. Jazakhallah for responses, how about narrations from ahlulbayt (as) regarding physical strength ? Are you you being serious or joking my brother?
  2. Salam my beloved brothers, can you give hadith of ahlulbayt (asws) on how to increase physical strength and other Islamic narrations from learned scholars on how one can increase testosterone naturally? Scientific responses are also welcome, Jazakhallah khair
  3. Jazakhallah my beloved brother for answering my question
  4. Salam my beloved friends, is the sheikh speaking about hezbollahs victory against the zionist in 2006 from 48:30-50:20? (when you hear it you will get goosebumps)
  5. Salam dear friends, according to this lecturer the 313 already know who they are, how much substance does this brothers claim hold?. Please listen to this lecture and analyze it for me and give me your knowledgeable opinions, jazakhallah kahir
  6. Salam dear friends can anybody provide narrations strictly from ahlulbayt (asws) about the physical appearance of prophet muhammad(saws)? Jazakhallah khair
  7. Weaboos ruin everything
  8. Brutal bro....
  9. Wsalam have you recently been watching a certain movie or have you read a certain book, or have you been reading certain hadiths on the end times? to be honest most of the dreams we see mean nothing at all just mere figments of our imaginations, but maybe their is a possibility your dream could mean something especially in regards to the way you are feeling about it, maybe Allah swt has something important planned for you (Allahualim) , inshallah a knowledgeable member maybe able to help with your enquiry ,
  10. If human urine is so ' pure and healthy ' , then why do we Muslims have to wash our private parts after urinating and are not allowed to even pray in clothing that has urine on it ? Their maybe a hadith about camel urine but obviously their must be a context to it , human excretion is poison
  11. I laughed during the entire intro lool , especially when the guy says here is some damn bacon for you Muslims , too funny
  12. It depends what you mean by friend? Do you mean school/work colleague ? Or a girl you like spending time with ? If it's the latter it is haram but if it's a girl that you work with or a girl that goes to your school and needs your help with school work then it becomes professional so therefore it is not haram , but beware that you keep it strictly professional and avoid any physical contact such as hugging , or shaking hands etc , and may Allah swt protect you if you fall into a difficult situation
  13. salam dear brother i hope this helps , http://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/2168/
  14. Salam , The documentary aired it's final episode on may 8th 2016 , so either the documentary is ongoing and has a new season or this is from last year , or maybe brother morgan is just curious about the day of ashura and what it represents , either way it is a pleasure to see
  15. Okay if assad steps down who's hands will syria fall into? The zionists or the takfiris? Iran had to go through ten years of sacrifice after the revolution of 1979 and since the iranians fought hard and never lost faith in Allah swt now they are a beacon of light on the earth and also a sanctuary for the lovers of muhammad and ahle muhammad , if the syrians want peace they must remove the foreign zionist and takfiri filth from their lands and not submit to the tyrants who are making the syrians destroy their own country , assad is supported by majority of syrians so why should he step down ? Just because congress in Washington , tel aviv , riyadh , london , paris is not happy ? May Allah swt destroy these foreign satans and their mercenaries