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  1. [TRASH PIT]Ban the "s" word!

    Salam, I don't understand how the word sex or intercourse is seen as derogatory, like brother Gaius is saying I'm assuming that everyone on this forum is mature enough to understand in regards to what context we use these words in our discussions
  2. Controversial ibne Arabi?

    This has shed some new light on my perspective thank you so much, it's fascinating tbat mujtahids have a vast opinion on this matter especially surprised by what ayatollah Qahzi thinks since he believes ibn arabi was a shia
  3. Controversial ibne Arabi?

    Maybe that's why many high ranking shia mujhatids praise him because they recognise the fallacy made against his character, because if we see the mujtahids that praise him, they seem to be noble and extremely exceptional such as ayatollah Qahzi, Khomeini, behjet etc, these ayatollahs are known to be far from ordinary and are not typical mujtahids, anyway I'm just assuming here of course so please don't take anything I state awa factual evidence only Allah swt knows best, I'm just trying to put the puzzle together lol, would love an answer and further explanation, wsalam
  4. Controversial ibne Arabi?

    Maybe it's false claims against ibn arabi that state he praised enemies of ahlulbayt (asws), like how do we know that he actually praised enemies of ahlubayt and that it's not just a made up fallacy by other Islamic schools of thought?
  5. Let's be honest, throughout human history the most persecuted people were those who believed in the oneness of God, the Quran gives many examples about how those in power always literally hunted down and abused those who believed in God, and coming to the modern age was the Vietnam war a religious war? Was Stalin a religious dictator? Was the bombing of hirioshima and nagasaki religious? And are most wars perpetrated by Islam, or the enemies of Islam? Are religious proxy militant terrorists actually funded and manufactured by religious men? Or men who have sold their souls to the non religious in return for worldly pleasures? Before we blame islam and other monotheistic religions, let's open our eyes and realise that satan is an open external enemy as it is mentioned in the Quran, and also realise that till this day imperialists are the real criminals, these lot would stab eacother in the back if they could get the opportunity, my Grandfather may Allah bless his soul, before he passed away told me that just to wait and see that America will destroy Saudi Arabia eventually and that it won't be a long time from now, because to America saudi Arabia is just a cow they keep milking until their is no more use for it, anyway what I'm trying to say is that the lovers of this world are also it's biggest oppressors, if somebody has too much of a deep connection to this realm they are oppressors either to themselves or to others, it's notdue to their love of God but rather the luxuries of this world that lure them down this dark path, and ss for those who kill themselves and others in the name of God is due to extreme ignorance and misunderstanding, or because from the shadows the enemies of Allah are rewarding them with worldly pleasures
  6. Thanksgiving Mubarak, Y'all

    For the past couple of years the UK has been having 'black Friday sales' , and my God it's hilarious to see grown men and women fighting for bread and milk that's been reduced only by a couple of pennies, seriously YouTube it and you'll see what I'm talking about, as for Thanksgiving it's not really established in the UK, but I know of friends who celebrate it here
  7. Can God destroy Himself?

    Salam dear friend, God is the 'creator' of destruction, so how can his creation be applied to him? It's like saying for example, I make a sandwich and then I eat it, but I don't believe it's possible for my sandwich to eat me lol (I know weird example lol), the rules of creation don't apply to the creator it's that simple, God is not limited to the imagination of our mind, but we are limited to the imaginative ability he has 'created' for us, anyway I hope you find the answer you seek all the best, wsalam
  8. why Shias are less in number compared to Sunni

    Their was always a distinction the moment rasoolallah Muhammad (saws) took his last breath, the ummah split into shia of Muhammad vs the shia of arabian aristocracy
  9. Saudi Arabia Arrests 11 Princes

    Don't be fooled, Salman ain't no saviour, he's Donald trumps ultimate arab stooge, had to explain this to some sunni girl in my class that just because Saudi Arabia legalised women driving (about time!) under salman doesn't mean it's heaven on earth lol
  10. Gay Mullah forced to flee Iran

    It's interesting how these people want to still be Muslims but want Islam tailored to their desires, I mean it's one thing knowing and accepting that what you're doing is haram and you're struggling to overcome your nafs, but to bring your fallacies into religion is a serious crime, you're basically choosing your desires over Allah swt meaning you don't love Allah swt, or maybe they're just clinically insane
  11. Gay Mullah forced to flee Iran

    I mean this guy promotes gay marriage and goes to gay clubs yet still considers himself a practising muslim, I mean if you make halal what Allah swt has made haram and vice versa, are you not out the folds of islam?
  12. Gay Mullah forced to flee Iran

    This is shocking, I've never heard of gay shia scholars up until now,
  13. question again

    Quran (109:6)- "You have your faith and I have mine", that's the answer to this question
  14. Were Banu Ummayah Really Muslims?

    They were only apparent Muslims islam was just a means of power and control for them, deep down they were full time pagans and considered Rasoolallah Muhammed (sawa) to be their ultimate enemy, they hated him so much so that their whole plot of revenge was to destroy his religion and make it into their own by violating every single command, but then satan plans and Allah plans and Allah is the greatest planner, they thought that they were destroying the religion of Muhammad (sawa) but in fact Allah (azwj) used their own poison against them and Islam had spread all throughout the lands, and when one nation fails and cannot hold onto the rope of Allah (azwj), Allah then chooses a nation greater than the previous which will never break that covenant, and we can see glimpses of some these nations today
  15. #10 Battle Poll

    A In karbala three imams are also available, imam hussein(as), imam zainulabideen(as) and imam baqir (as), imam baqir also spoke in the court of yazeed(la) at only 5-6 years old