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  1. Were Banu Ummayah Really Muslims?

    They were only apparent Muslims islam was just a means of power and control for them, deep down they were full time pagans and considered Rasoolallah Muhammed (sawa) to be their ultimate enemy, they hated him so much so that their whole plot of revenge was to destroy his religion and make it into their own by violating every single command, but then satan plans and Allah plans and Allah is the greatest planner, they thought that they were destroying the religion of Muhammad (sawa) but in fact Allah (azwj) used their own poison against them and Islam had spread all throughout the lands, and when one nation fails and cannot hold onto the rope of Allah (azwj), Allah then chooses a nation greater than the previous which will never break that covenant, and we can see glimpses of some these nations today
  2. #10 Battle Poll

    A In karbala three imams are also available, imam hussein(as), imam zainulabideen(as) and imam baqir (as), imam baqir also spoke in the court of yazeed(la) at only 5-6 years old
  3. #10 Battle Poll

    Karbala trumps everything, every single prophet and imam and the entire creation in all the worlds(not including humans but referring to angels and nature in general) would give their soul in allegiance to aba abdillah (as), as this is the light of Allah that needs to be guarded and it's the pinnacle of any event that could ever take place, nothing shall ever surpass it and the twelfth imam (ajf) can confirm that once he uprises inshallah
  4. Ammar Nakshawani on sex slaves

    In this day and age most people are free so therefore this 'right hand possession thing' is very limited, maybe in some Muslim countries this may still be a thing, but now that Most Muslim countries are pretty much secular I don't know how this will be practised, and just because you can do something doesn't mean it's necessary or obligatory, it's just one of those things that's just there if the situation arises, islam is simple and elegant and Allah has made this religion fulfilling for the believers
  5. Confused

    Bro don't be bothered by what us keyboard warriors think, just be your noble pious self, your heart is in the right place and especially since you are respecting your mums wishes Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى may possibly make this woman your soul mate and inshallah you'll be more than content with her, but even if your not satisfied respectfully decline your mum's offer and show her gratitude, after all heaven lies at the 'feet of our mothers' wsalam bro
  6. Confused

    Anybody who's replying harshly and rudely to the OP's question are in fact exposing their own hidden 'inferiority complex'(maybe been called/felt unattractive at some point, God knows what), the brother has the right to his preferences and we shouldn't bash him, anyway beauty is subjective and we have no idea of the OP's type perhaps some of you 'inferior' girls responding harshly to his statement may even be his supposed 'type' lol, give him a break seriously no wonder youngsters stay away from islamic forums and communities because all they get is a bunch of egotistical 'know it alls' bashing them instead of sincerely advising them on what to do, bro don't worry inshallah all will be well, I'm from the UK too by the way so I have an idea of what you're going through, it's all up to you mate you have the right to set your standard but always keep in mind that Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى has his standard, I pray you find a pious and beautiful wife inshallah tallah kareem, stay blessed bro wsalam
  7. Sectarianism has to end!!!

    Wsalam, only the truth should be honoured and respected, we all have our differences but we can disagree with each other respectfully as that is what rasoolallah Muhammed pbuhf taught us through his majestic and unmatched akhlaq, other than that no one has the right to shove ideologies and opinions down another's throat just live and let die, we will all face reality on judgement day, may peace and blessings be with you, wsalam
  8. How to increase testosterone

    Jazakhallah for responses, how about narrations from ahlulbayt (as) regarding physical strength ? Are you you being serious or joking my brother?
  9. Salam my beloved brothers, can you give hadith of ahlulbayt (asws) on how to increase physical strength and other Islamic narrations from learned scholars on how one can increase testosterone naturally? Scientific responses are also welcome, Jazakhallah khair
  10. 313 Already know who they are?

    Jazakhallah my beloved brother for answering my question
  11. Salam my beloved friends, is the sheikh speaking about hezbollahs victory against the zionist in 2006 from 48:30-50:20? (when you hear it you will get goosebumps)
  12. Salam dear friends, according to this lecturer the 313 already know who they are, how much substance does this brothers claim hold?. Please listen to this lecture and analyze it for me and give me your knowledgeable opinions, jazakhallah kahir
  13. Salam dear friends can anybody provide narrations strictly from ahlulbayt (asws) about the physical appearance of prophet muhammad(saws)? Jazakhallah khair
  14. How to Recognize a Terrible Anime (in just one ep)

    Weaboos ruin everything
  15. What Have You Watched Recently? [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Brutal bro....