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  1. Imam Khamenei Lovers please comment

    The only guy who can keep the Zionist, satanic, dajjali, arrogant powers from falling asleep at night, labaik ya khamenei! You and your allies are the shia heroes, from nasrallah to zakzaky, the revolution is ongoing and the pinnacle of this revolution will be the return of imam e zaman ajf inshallah
  2. wsalam bro, even amongst the general shia population mutah is regarded as a taboo practise, even though Allah swt has made it permissble and ahlulbayt (asws) have highly recommended it's practise if one is not able to commit to permanent nikah or is unable to for what ever reason
  3. Umars Death

    salam is this an accurate account of umars death from shia and sunni perspectives?
  4. Do looks matter to you

    it hurts but it is a fact of life, and I never said it wouldn't hurt but Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى has given us this right so we must respect it no matter what, and being patient in the remembrance of Allah is the cure in these situations, i don't know how much more honestly i can express myself through typing these words all i can say is our lord the almighty understands and i hope you've understood my point brother I gain absolutley nothing from lying except a step closer to the hell fire (which I obviously don't want) just gave my thought on the OP's question
  5. Do looks matter to you

    wsalam, i'm just reassuring the OP that islamically what she's saying is not wrong but obviously if you read the last part of the narration rasoolallah (sawa) still confirms the fact that marrying someone because of his or her faith is still the best criteria and ofcourse I agree with that, just saying their is nothing wrong with someone rejecting a potential spouse because of shallow reasons but like you said in your post above it's a two way street so if I can reject someone due to shallow reasons i too should expect someone can reject me for the same shallow reasons, wsalam
  6. Do looks matter to you

    Salam OP, their is no problem islamically in loving someone due to their aesthetics, rasoolallah (sawa) has a narration in which it's stated that you can marry someone if you find him/her physically attractive, or because they are financially stable and well off, but the best criteria is marrying someone due to their faith, so anyway in essence their is no problem if you reject a man because he's not aesthetically pleasing because Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى has given you and every other man/woman that right, and even ameerulmomineen Ali (as) has a narration in which he states that 'only a fool forces somebody to love them', Allah has given us rights so if people refuse to accept that then that's their problem, wsalam
  7. Do vines make you cringe?

    Oh yes most definitley! memes also make me cringe but some can be funny
  8. Becoming Freemason change status as Shi'i?

    Salam bros, their seems to be a lot of misconceptions about freemasonry, first of all as other members have already stated you have to be a monotheist of some sort to become a freemason (but deity doesnt matter), secondly 'the arrivals' and all these other documentaries should be watched cautiously and not be taken as absoloute proof even though they seem mind blowing and mesmerising but you got to remember that conspiricy theories are the foundation of these documentaries so not very academic and logical, and finally if you want to learn about a people you must learn from those who are familiar with the customs and not from keyboard warriors sitting in their parents basement at age 35 high of energy drinks selling you conjecture because they have too much time on their hands
  9. Daesh declares war on hamas

    http://www.presstv.com/Detail/2018/01/05/547908/Palestine-Hamas-Daesh interesting turn of events
  10. Don't always believe your loved ones opinions

    Totally can relate brother, and you've summarised my post in the most eloquent way in your last few paragraphs, jazakhallah for that! Allah swt is what we should live and strive for, and only his command his worthy of obedience
  11. Honestly we should use our own God given brain once in a while instead of relying on mummy and daddy, and auntie and uncle, brothers, sisters, cousins etc, opinion. Don't get me wrong I don't mean disrespect your family and friends by any means, but at least have the audacity to think for yourself, e.g, My mother had a positive view about this far right group in the uk lol and I had to explain to her that they are savage in their beliefs and are extremely anti-islam, and my dad considers turkey's president Erdogan as a hero and a nobleman?! (What's he thinking?!) Anyway the point of my rant is that just because my mother and father and other family members are ignorant doesn't mean I should conform to their ignorant lifestyle just because, 'oh she's my mother she can never be wrong' and 'oh he's my father surely he's a wise man', etc, God isn't gonna let that be my excuse for being ignorant; I'm raising these points because most people listen to 'stories' from relatives and friends and believe them without even an ounce of independent research! Like seriously Allah swt literally gifted us free will so that we can utilise our intellect to decipher the truth yet we just go along with every band wagon that is there just because 'somebody I know or trust' has been on that wagon, brothers and sisters it's not an excuse especially if you're at my age and older to not do independent research on every bit of information you come across, these habits are also the cause of bigotry, racism and all other venomous tendencies, Look on shiachat and we have examples of these right before our eyes some people fighting other members due to their belief of the complexion of ahlulbayt (asws), we have others promoting hatred towards other countries due to some thing their 'family' members have been telling them about that particular country, we have people making up stories about certain personalities because they again 'heard from someone', We have others mocking beliefs of other members because they are different, Learn to let go of biases and think freely, Allah swt is extremely merciful but remember he is also extremely just, I cannot leave this world hating or loving something I have no clue about, Anyway jummah mubarak to all members on here and please pray that we don't die in ignorance of what Allah has established as true
  12. What Skin Color Were The Ahlul Bayt?

    if anybody has an issue with any member of ahlulbayt (asws) being darker or whiter in complexion, is clinically insane and must book an appointment and get checked up as soon as possible
  13. Iraq not part of any axis

    People also fail to realise sayed sistani supports sayed khamenei, and if iraq had the same opportunities iran had be sure that sayed sistani will follow in the footsteps of imam Khomeini and will knockout all the aggressors, sayed sistani alone cannot bring a revolution but his one sentence is enough to inspire true shias in iraq to bring about an Islamic revolution, but like iraqi members on here are saying iraq wants to be a secular country whereas majority of iranians back in 1979 wanted an Islamic government with imam Khomeini as the leader, but I know for a fact their are shias in Iraq ready to sacrifice their lives for islam and to establish an islamic government under the guidance of sayed sistani, but again it's like do people want Imam Ali (as) or are they happy with their 'democratically elected' khalifas? knowing full well that one is the driver of the train to heaven and the other the rider of the chariot to hell
  14. Salam can someone please provide me the verse in Quran where Allah states if the servants new about Allahs love for them they would die of delight knowing this fact, jazkhallah khair
  15. Christmas and reverts

    Logically speaking their is no problem in giving and receiving presents, unless presents are not islamically suitable such as bottles of wine or something along those lines, other wise receiving toys, games, sports stuff etc, their is no problem at all