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  1. Salam dear friends can anybody provide narrations strictly from ahlulbayt (asws) about the physical appearance of prophet muhammad(saws)? Jazakhallah khair
  2. Weaboos ruin everything
  3. Wsalam have you recently been watching a certain movie or have you read a certain book, or have you been reading certain hadiths on the end times? to be honest most of the dreams we see mean nothing at all just mere figments of our imaginations, but maybe their is a possibility your dream could mean something especially in regards to the way you are feeling about it, maybe Allah swt has something important planned for you (Allahualim) , inshallah a knowledgeable member maybe able to help with your enquiry ,
  4. If human urine is so ' pure and healthy ' , then why do we Muslims have to wash our private parts after urinating and are not allowed to even pray in clothing that has urine on it ? Their maybe a hadith about camel urine but obviously their must be a context to it , human excretion is poison
  5. I laughed during the entire intro lool , especially when the guy says here is some damn bacon for you Muslims , too funny
  6. It depends what you mean by friend? Do you mean school/work colleague ? Or a girl you like spending time with ? If it's the latter it is haram but if it's a girl that you work with or a girl that goes to your school and needs your help with school work then it becomes professional so therefore it is not haram , but beware that you keep it strictly professional and avoid any physical contact such as hugging , or shaking hands etc , and may Allah swt protect you if you fall into a difficult situation
  7. salam dear brother i hope this helps , http://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/2168/
  8. Salam , The documentary aired it's final episode on may 8th 2016 , so either the documentary is ongoing and has a new season or this is from last year , or maybe brother morgan is just curious about the day of ashura and what it represents , either way it is a pleasure to see
  9. Okay if assad steps down who's hands will syria fall into? The zionists or the takfiris? Iran had to go through ten years of sacrifice after the revolution of 1979 and since the iranians fought hard and never lost faith in Allah swt now they are a beacon of light on the earth and also a sanctuary for the lovers of muhammad and ahle muhammad , if the syrians want peace they must remove the foreign zionist and takfiri filth from their lands and not submit to the tyrants who are making the syrians destroy their own country , assad is supported by majority of syrians so why should he step down ? Just because congress in Washington , tel aviv , riyadh , london , paris is not happy ? May Allah swt destroy these foreign satans and their mercenaries
  10. Just because someone considers themselves as the friends and companions of the prophet (sawa) , does not mean that they actually were his friends or companions , the true friends and companions were known by Allah swt and the ayat above refers to them and not to some random 'claimers'
  11. So what you're saying is that if assad listens to the takfiris and steps down there will be peace in Syria? Wow this is such a fairy tale ! You actually believe that the liver eating sons of hind (la) will be great leaders for Syria? The same barbarians that kidnap young yazdi girls and rape them till they die? The same barbarians that shoot innocent sunnis , shias , Christians and other minorities because they don't agree with the takfiri beliefs? These child abusing son's of hind (la) and iblees (la) deserve nothing but to be sent to the scorching hell fire for their crimes against humanity , these animals are not fighting for islam they just can't control their lusts for this world hence why they rape and pillage whatever they lay their evil eyes on , they are a gang of thugs and pirates who have caused the greatest harm to the religion of islam along with their zionist brethren , I swear as the day of ashura approaches I know that every shias heart is burning like an inferno and we can't wait to rip these illegitimate animals to pieces , once our beloved imam ( may Allah hasten his reappearance) gives us the call we will inshallah destroy this yazeedi filth from the face of the world
  12. Yes he likened assad to yazeed (la) but the OP also stated that he disagrees with the terrorist groups like isis as well , the OP however put more emphasis on how he is disappointed in iran and hezbollah for supporting assad , for some reason I get a feeling the OP is not a shia muslim... anyway the OP's statements against assad being a tyrant are not valid
  13. Assad was chosen by majority of syrian people to be the leader , he is a secular kurdish leader , the war in Syria is all because the zionist regime could not stand assads relationship with hezbollah and Iran , therefore they trained mercenaries who were able to recruit brain washed laymen who believe that the war in Syria was a jihad and that this army of daesh/al nusra is the chosen army of God the prophecised black flags ( hence why isis carries black flags) , another reason is due to syrian and iraqi resources on top of all this what motivates laymen to join daesh is their relentless hate for the lovers of muhammad and ahle muhammad and their are more reasons , but the bottom line is that the root cause of this war is the illegitimate zionist regime of Saudi Arabia and Israel
  14. Loool I'm sorry but how can you even believe that prophet Muhammed (sawa) loved moaviyah? And we shias always praise the true companions of rasoolallah (sawa) like abu dhar , salman , bilal , miqdad , osama , ammar , malik , etc , but don't expect us to praise cowards and munafiqs who did absolutely nothing for islam but were just planning to use this religion to spread mischief across the lands , the only reason your sect supports Moaviyah (la) is because if you didn't support him sunnism would collapse and the truth will manifest itself as the light of muhammad and ahle muhammad you are the illogical ones who believe in fairy tales not us , lol how can you claim to love prophet muhammad , imam ali , fatima zahra , hassan , hussein and at the same time love abu sufyan , Moaviyah , khalid bin walid , amr ibn aas , umar ibn khattab , abu bakr , the abbasid caliphs etc , clearly everything in your islamic world view is a beautiful party in which their is no right or wrong , lol your ' fairy tale party ' version of Islam sounds similar to the protocols of the church of satan , in which it is stated that their is no right or wrong and everybody should have a good time ,