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  1. teddy bear

    Glad to know you get what I'm implying
  2. teddy bear

    You know what synonum means, don't ya?
  3. teddy bear

    Ever heard of a thing called a hypocrite?
  4. teddy bear

    Haha, I can go to sleep without him thank ya very much. I think this question stems because of many things, Wahabis, think about it. Wahabis say drawing pictures is haram and they're really loud about things, so it spreads.
  5. teddy bear

    So does that mean I don't need to get rid of Eli?
  6. What about Nollywood?
  7. Need Help Finding a Movie ASAP

    Salaam everone, I need help real quick. My dad asked me to find the movie Hussain Who Said No, he just saw the trailer for the first time just now. The thing is I've looked for the movie awhile back and came up with nothing. He have someone coming over in an hour (a sayed, so you know he's into this stuff, he's my cousins' dad) and my dad wants him to check out the movie. If you could find the movie or lead me to the right place I would really apprietite it. Thank you very much!
  8. #15 Which Child Are You?

    I'm the oldest of my father but I'm the fourth of my mom (Happy birthday to her today)
  9. Gay

    Fair enough
  10. Gay

    Could she have meant it as like unintentional gay/the visvas you mentioned?
  11. Gay

    Salaam Sinbad, Langar is right in this case. As long as the person doesn't commit the acts they didn't do anything haram.
  12. 1995

    I didn't exist on Earth of yet.
  13. The Zohar

    Just from that quote that ya found makes me a bit suspecious. Jews don't have a Iblis/Lucifer Shaytan/Satan type like us Muslims and Christians do. So someone telling telling the nation of Israel to make sacrafices to (captalized S) Satan, doesn't make sense.
  14. Pizza Toppings

    And btw, mushroom and spinach ftw.
  15. Pizza Toppings

    When I was younger there was a little Muslim pizza shop around the corner, this is when I lived in another state but my family would visit Iowa a lot. Anyway one time my uncle got pizza from there, pepperoni. My mom kept telling it was halal but the idea that pepperoni was haram was really drilled into me so I refused to eat. My mom kept on telling me to take a bite and at one point even tried to force in a bite, but my younger self would cry, "No! It haram!" That pizza shop closed many years ago and was replaced with a beauty saloon, I never got to try that halal pizza that was apperantly really good.
  16. Am I allowed to follow a deceased Marja?

    I'd like to make this example, my family were eating out and a lot of us were having a certain thing (in all honesty I don't remember what it was) well my younger cousin also wanted the food item but my older cousin explained to her she couldn't have it. I then asked why and he explained that we were alive and following Fadlullah but she was born after he died. I might of gotten a couple details wrong, this happened many years ago.
  17. Dress

    From my understanding the pants has to be at least past the knees and it's best not to wear tight clothes. Hope this helps!
  18. Arab Mythology

    Salaam everyone. I've been doing some research when I realized something, I can find the creation stories for almost every religion but I can't find the Arab creation story. When I say Arab creation story I don't mean the Islamic one, people seem to confuse the two. I found a really cool list describing almost every god/goddess in Pre-Islamic Arabia and the list gives some background but I can't find the creation story. If someone could tell me and give a source or point me in the right direction it would be very much appreciated, thanks!
  19. Arab Mythology

    But wouldn't the poetry describe events?
  20. Islam

    Try Facebook, apperantly he almost always answers. https://www.facebook.com/SANakshawani/
  21. why can't shia men marry from, people of the book

    Oh for sure yeah, I'm defiently not disagreeing with that, I was just stating what I knew/heard.
  22. why can't shia men marry from, people of the book

    You are correct but it appears that is not universally agreed upon.
  23. why can't shia men marry from, people of the book

    That is the case, if a Muslim man marries a Christian or a Jew the kids from that marrige would be of the father's religion. This is the first time I ever hear that men can only have mutah with the People of Book and not full marrige.
  24. Depression

    Forgive me if I made it sound like you didn't have depression. I defiently agree with you about them causing other problems and only being temporary. I originally spoke because the way you worded it at first made it sound like you should never use the drugs.
  25. Depression

    Kirtc, that is kinda an unfair statement, the medicine is used to help people and if it's available why not use it? There's a difference with being upset and having actual depression. Yes some people can control their depression without drugs but other need the help.