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  1. Marja

    I'm not sure, persoanlly I follow one but I'll check others rulings and come up with an idea of my own after some research.
  2. How's everyone doing?

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Laayla


      Mash'Allah.  That would be great.  God bless your hands.

    3. A Muslim Artist

      A Muslim Artist

      Just to let you know it'll take a few days to complete and that's before the scans haha. But don't worry I'm starting with some rough drafts.

    4. Laayla


      Much appreciated brother.  Your reward is with Allah.

  3. teddy bear

    Glad to know you get what I'm implying
  4. teddy bear

    You know what synonum means, don't ya?
  5. teddy bear

    Ever heard of a thing called a hypocrite?
  6. teddy bear

    Haha, I can go to sleep without him thank ya very much. I think this question stems because of many things, Wahabis, think about it. Wahabis say drawing pictures is haram and they're really loud about things, so it spreads.
  7. teddy bear

    So does that mean I don't need to get rid of Eli?
  8. What do you despise the most?

    What about Nollywood?
  9. Need Help Finding a Movie ASAP

    Salaam everone, I need help real quick. My dad asked me to find the movie Hussain Who Said No, he just saw the trailer for the first time just now. The thing is I've looked for the movie awhile back and came up with nothing. He have someone coming over in an hour (a sayed, so you know he's into this stuff, he's my cousins' dad) and my dad wants him to check out the movie. If you could find the movie or lead me to the right place I would really apprietite it. Thank you very much!
  10. #15 Which Child Are You?

    I'm the oldest of my father but I'm the fourth of my mom (Happy birthday to her today)
  11. Gay

    Fair enough
  12. Gay

    Could she have meant it as like unintentional gay/the visvas you mentioned?
  13. Gay

    Salaam Sinbad, Langar is right in this case. As long as the person doesn't commit the acts they didn't do anything haram.
  14. 1995

    I didn't exist on Earth of yet.
  15. The Zohar

    Just from that quote that ya found makes me a bit suspecious. Jews don't have a Iblis/Lucifer Shaytan/Satan type like us Muslims and Christians do. So someone telling telling the nation of Israel to make sacrafices to (captalized S) Satan, doesn't make sense.