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  1. who was the first caliph? ali or abe bakr

    what was the main reason to breastfeed the man?
  2. who was the first caliph? ali or abe bakr

    can you proof it? if they say it i will become today shia
  3. who was the first caliph? ali or abe bakr

    the sunni hadith says this: ali has given bayat to aboe bakr after 3 hours!!! he says wait till i come home than i pledge alligeance to you
  4. can anyone proof with sunni hadith that ali was the first caliph
  5. not true. saudi arabia is against isis they support USA againt coalition. oke my last question my friend. iran always says it hates america but now they are allies with america against IS? a little bit strange yesterday they were enemies and today they are allies?
  6. saudi arabia and iran are rivals of eachother saudi arabia is sunni and iran shia.. but they fight togheter isis..? a little bit weird.
  7. [TRASH PIT]My Conversion To Shiism

    is that a main reason to convert? i dont think so
  8. shia mosque amsterdam

    iran embassy is difficult to go you can just walk in and say hi i want to convert!
  9. The Differences Between Sunni And Shia Hadiths

    which sunni hadith book is the most truthfull?
  10. [TRASH PIT]My Conversion To Shiism

    what has made you the dissision to convert
  11. shia mosque amsterdam

    anyone who knows a shia mosque in amsterdam i want to become a shia and looking for shia books thank you
  12. i am sunni is my religion the truth?

    the reason why i am thinking it is of the current situation worldwide. the sunni side of islam is very diveded and you have now isis and saudi kingdom they claim both that they are sunni very strange . the shia at the other hand are simple and more pure (i think) but when i see on youtube shia sunni discussion it lets me thinking still to convert to shism and one question. how do i convert i am still muslim right?
  13. i am sunni is my religion the truth?

    thank you. i have a lott of questions my friend if you can help me with hadiths that shia is the truth in sunni hadith books please help me i am thinking to convert to shism maybe but i need hard proof
  14. can the shia prove why their religion is the truth also in the shia there are a lott of groups like alawites and ismaelis and is it true about abdullah ibn sabaa the jew that founded the shism or is it just a hoax