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  1. Stop degradation of Ahlulbayt to mere pathetic beggars of mercy from their enemies. Stop degradation of Shia to mere pathetic dogs collared with chains, rolling over mud. Stop degradation of Sayyida Zainab to pathetic woman who shamed herself and her brother by her lack of patience. Stop faking up narrations and false karamat of this x and that y on the Minbar of Hussain. It is his pulpit, not yours, you should promote his words not your hakawati skills. Stop spitting on God's greatest gift to humans, intellect. The believer should be intellectual person, the prophet had great dislike to the works of madness, but we today call our love to Hussain as madness and are proud of this degradation. How can believing in truth degrade us to be less than animals without intellect? Sayyid Hassan
  2. God already said that He perfected the religion and sealed the messenger-ship with prophet Muhammad. If there is any perceived imperfection, it must be human error. Correct. The original Arabic text uses the word Muslims.
  3. Hi The brackets in these translations are explanatory, they are not part of the original text. Let me break down that verse for you to see how translations go: http://corpus.quran.com/wordbyword.jsp?chapter=22&verse=78 and struggle for God as is His due, for He has chosen you, and has laid on you no impediment in your religion, being the creed of your father Abraham; He named you Muslims aforetime and in this, that the Messenger might be a witness against you, and that you might be witnesses against mankind. So perform the prayer, and pay the alms, and hold you fast to God; He is your Protector -- an excellent Protector, an excellent Helper. And strive for Allah with the striving due to Him. He has chosen you and has not placed upon you in the religion any difficulty. [It is] the religion of your father, Abraham. Allah named you "Muslims" before [in former scriptures] and in this [revelation] that the Messenger may be a witness over you and you may be witnesses over the people. So establish prayer and give zakah and hold fast to Allah. He is your protector; and excellent is the protector, and excellent is the helper. And strive for Allah with the endeavour which is His right. He hath chosen you and hath not laid upon you in religion any hardship; the faith of your father Abraham (is yours). He hath named you Muslims of old time and in this (Scripture), that the messenger may be a witness against you, and that ye may be witnesses against mankind. So establish worship, pay the poor-due, and hold fast to Allah. He is your Protecting friend. A blessed Patron and a blessed Helper! Jihad instruction: and struggle for God as is His due, The word that was used for struggle is Jihad. Although jihad linguistically can be translated to struggle, jihad in islamic thought has a special meaning. It is a term for specific actions: Lesser Jihad: holy war, whereupon the dead is martyr (not all wars that muslims enter can be called jihad, there are specifications and conditions) Greater Jihad: self discipline. We are referring to restraining self from all that was forbidden by God, and training self and pushing it to perform all that was condoned by God. There is a word used here to describe the way this Jihad should be performed :Haqqa Jihadeh. Haq carries the meaning of right. It is Allah's right to struggle to him. But it also carries the meaning of perfection and doing it correctly and thoroughly. So sometimes you will find words between brackets to list the other meaning that the word carries that English language may not be able to convey in one word. for He has chosen you, and has laid on you no impediment in your religion The verse then explain the need for Jihad. Selection. Those whom Allah is addressing in that verse were chosen, selected for a purpose?r Because the verse does not explain the purpose of this selection, some may add an explanation that may occur to mind after reading the whole verse or reading the exegesis books. The word used for religion here is Deen. being the creed of your father Abraham The word used for creed (which in some translations is mentioned as religion as well) is millah. Milan is the path that one des never get astray from. So even if Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad came with different Shari'ah (religious laws) their creed is one. He called Abraham their father. In some translations they will say : It is the religion (millah) of your father Abraham. They will put It is in brackets because there was no It is nor being. The verse simple says :He has placed upon you nothing extremely difficult (to the point it turns you dysfunctional in life, the word used is haraj). Then the verse says: Millah of your father Abraham. He named you Muslims aforetime and in this Who is he? Who named them Muslims? God or Abraham? So in past (before islam) Allah or Abraham named those chosen people as Muslims. Those who are expected to be able to perform Jihad in its best forms without feeling extreme difficulty in doing so. [You can imagine the number of simple restrictions that a regular Muslim man must abide by, we are talking about ten times if not higher more restrictions, including slips of tongue] If the translator understood that He, here refers to Allah, then where the mention happened? Some translators will add the word scripture between brackets to make full sentence in English. Then the verse say that the naming happened in past and in this.. what is this?most will understand that "this" refers to Quran. that the Messenger might be a witness against you, and that you might be witnesses against mankind So the purpose of instructing Jihad, the selection, the left of any difficulty and divine care for these Muslims, them being fathered by Abraham that they are never going to go astray from abraham path ..the purpose is to make these Muslims :Shaheed. A witness. Someone who in the judgment day will stand and say : I witness that the revelation was delivered in the best of ways to mankind , but people wilfully deviated. These Muslims will be higher than everyone, except the prophet (The messenger here means prophet Muhammad). We believe that Prophet Muhammad is the best and the closest servant to God. According to Ahlulbayt hadith [ and hadith is part of the revelation according to Quran, the text should be accompanied by Tebyan or explanatory text. It is sort of test to see who will seek the proper understanding and who will seek to impose their own understanding on Quran text and sell it to people as religion] The muslims in the verse are Ahlulbayt, them were chosen and them were fathered by prophet Abraham and them will be the witness upon mankind. Them who can perform jihad in its truest form. You can parallel this with prophet Ibrahim prayer to Allah in the bible, him asking Allah to bless Ishmael , and Ishmael being blessed by 12 offsprings. And when Abraham, and Ishmael with him, raised up the foundations of the House: 'Our Lord, receive this from us; Thou art the All-hearing, the All-knowing;(127) and, our Lord, make us [muslim] submissive to Thee, and of our seed a nation submissive[muslim] to Thee; and show us our holy rites, and turn towards us; surely Thou turnest, and art All-compassionate; (128) and, our Lord, do Thou send among them a Messenger, one of them, who shall recite to them Thy signs, and teach them the Book and the Wisdom, and purify them; Thou art the All-mighty, the All-wise.' (129) Who therefore shrinks from the religion [millah] of Abraham, except he be foolish-minded? Indeed, We chose him in the present world, and in the world to come he shall be among the righteous. (130) When his Lord said to him, 'Surrender,' [be muslim] he said, 'I have surrendered me to the Lord of all Being.' (131) And Abraham charged his sons with this and Jacob likewise: 'My sons, God has chosen for you the religion; see that you die not save in surrender.[muslims]' (132) Why, were you witnesses, when death came to Jacob? When he said to his sons, 'What will you serve after me?' They said, 'We will serve thy God and the God of thy fathers Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac, One God; to Him we surrender.[muslims]' (133) That is a nation that has passed away; there awaits them that they have earned, and there awaits you that you have earned; you shall not be questioned concerning the things they did. (134)
  4. الدين بين مطرقة الخطباء الخرافيين وسندان العلماء الساكتين بقلم: سليم الحسني - 25-09-2016 | (صوت العراق) | من الحيل الشيطانية التي يعمد لها الخطباء الخرافيون هي حيلة الخلط بين الغيب والخرافة. ولأن المؤمنين يؤمنون بالغيب، فان الخرافيين يسوّقون خرافاتهم على انها من الغيب الذي امرنا القرآن بالايمان به. هدف الحيلة هو إيهام اتباعهم الغافلين بأن ما يروونه لهم من الخرافات هي حقائق دينية من انكرها فقد انكر الدين، ومن آمن بها فقد كمل ايمانه. بعد أن تستقر هذه اللعبة في أذهان البسطاء يشعر الخطيب انه حقق هدفه في بناء سياج منيع يحقق له الاهداف التالية: 1ـ ان الخطباء الخرافيين قد اصبحوا بديلاً للعلماء العاملين، وأن المنبر الخرافي قد اصبح بديلاً للكتاب الديني، وأن الاحلام والقصص الكاذبة قد اصبحت بديلا عن الايات القرانية والاحاديث التي ثبت صدروها من النبي واهل بيته. 2 ـ ان كل من يشكك في ترّهات الخطيب الخرافي هو منحرف ضال، ويتراوح ضلاله بين معاداة اهل البيت (اذا كان يشكك بحلم بهم او كذبة عليهم عليهم السلام)، وبين الخروج من الدين (اذا كان التشكيك بقصة غيببة يرفضها العقل). 3 ـ يصنع للخطيب موقعاً قدسياً يرفع عنه السؤال ويُبعد عنه الشبهات. فبدل من ان يساله الناس عن مصادر ما يقوله، وبدل ان يسالوا عن حظه من العلم، ومستوى تحصيله الدراسي، يصبح كائنا مقدّساً يتبركون بلعابه او عرقه اوبـ" جكليته" لانه خادم الحسين الذي لا يأتيه الباطل من بين يديه ولا من خلفه. 4 ـ كما تصبح امبراطوريته المالية (المعفاة من الضرائب) مستثناةً شرعاً من مواساة الفقراء واعانة الضعفاء، فالذين يتبركون بلعابه لا تخطر ببالهم الاية الشريفة: والذين في اموالهم حق معلوم للسائل و المحروم، وآية والذين يكنزون الذهب والفضة ولا ينفقونها في سبيل الله فبشرهم بعذابٍ اليم، ولا يطالبونه بالاقتداء باهل البيت الذين يحرمون انفسيهم واهليهم من الفطور والسحور ثلاثة ايام ويطعمون الطعام عل حبه مسكينا ويتيما واسيرا. إن حيلة الخلط بين الغيب والخرافة لعبة ناجحة يستطيع اي متابع ان يتلمس اثارها عندما يطرح ببساطة الاسئلة التالية (حسب رقم المكاسب أعلاه، سؤال عن كل مكسب): 1 ـ هل يستمد جماهير الخطيب الخرافي معلوماتهم عن القرآن والنبي واهل البيت وسائر المعلومات الدينية من الخطيب الخرافي؟ أم من العالم؟. 2 ـ ما هي التهم التي يوجهها جمهور الخطيب الخرافي لمن ينتقد خرافاته؟ اليست هي: من لا يؤمن بخرافات الخطيب لا يؤمن بالغيب؟ وأنه من يكذّب هذه الخرافات يكذّب القرآن؟ أو أنّ من لا يصدق هذه الخرافات هو منحرف عن أهل البيت؟. 3 ـ هل سمعتم يوماً أحداً من الجمهور سأل خطيبا خرافياً: ما هو مصدر الرواية التي ذكرتها؟ أو من هم الأشخاص الذين نقلت هذه المعجزة عنهم؟ وكيف يمكن الوصول اليهم للتحقق من صدق القصة العجيبة؟ او هل حقّقتَ الرواية العجيبة الغريبة التي نقلتها لنا طبقاً للمقاييس الشرعية في علم الرجال؟. 4 ـ هل لهؤلاء الخطباء المقدسين الزاهدين في الدنيا مشاريع خيرية؟ هل يدفعون حقوق الفقراء من اموالهم الطائلة التي يجمعونها من اثرياء الشيعة او من جمهور المغفلين؟ هل يعرف أحد مساعدتهم لفقير، او عائلة شهيد، او علاج مريض مملق، او اطعامهم مسكينا، او كفالتهم يتيما او..او...؟ بل هل يجرؤ أحد ان يجرب مواساتهم للفقراء اليوم وهذا محرم قادم وهذا العراق مملوء بالفقراء والمعدمين والأرامل والتيامى؟ ... من حق عوام الشيعة على العلماء أن يشرحوا لهم الفرق بين الغيب والخرافة، ودور العقل في الدين، ومن واجب العلماء أن يثقفوا الناس على الحقائق التالية: 1 ـ ان الايمان بالغيب – الذي هو الاساس في الدين- يعني تسليم العقل بما أخبر به الله تعالى في القران الكريم، او اخبر به النبي (ص) او اهل بيته (ع) في حديث صحيح وفق الموازين العلمية التي تقوم على دراسة المتن والسند. 2 ـ وان كل قضية غيبية لا تنتهي الى القرآن والسنة القطعية لا قيمة لها في الدين ولا في العقل. 3 ـ وان الفرق بين الايمان الديني بالغيب والايمان الخرافي بالغيب يكمن في مصدر الغيبيات، فإن كان مصدرها القرآن والسنة القطعية فهي داخلة في دائرة الإيمان، وإن كان مصدرها الخطيب (أو غير الخطيب) فهي داخلة في دائرة الخرافة. 4 ـ وأن المعجزات لا تقع إلّا على يد المعصوم لاثبات مقامه الديني في التبليغ عن الله سبحانه، ولا يمكن ان تحصل معجزة على يد غير المعصوم كائناً من كان، سواء كان مرجعاً أو عارفاً أوخطيباً او رادودا، أو صاحب موكب، او سيدا مظلوماً، أوعلوية فوّادة (يراجَع بحث الإعجاز في بيان السيد الخوئي للتحقق من دقة وصحة هذا الكلام، وأرجو ان لا يفضح جاهل نفسه إن لم يفهم مبحث السيد الخوئي هذا). 5 ـ وان الله تعالى أقام أمر الدين والدنيا على السنن الطبيعة واحتفظ بخرق السنن لحالات خاصة ورد النص عليها في القرآن الكريم أوالسنة القطعية. 6 ـ وانه ما عدا الموارد التي صرح القران اوالسنة القطعية بها فإن السنن الطبيعية تعمل دائماً وبدون استثناء، وان فتح الباب لادعاءات خرق السنن الطبيعية خارج اطارها المحدد، وادّعاء المعاجز والخوارق يخرب الدنيا قبل الدين، لأننا مثلاً سنجد السياسي الذي يُسأل عن مصدر أمواله الضخمة يجيب بقصة اعجازية حول بركة اهل البيت وقدسية جدته الزهراء ليمنع القضاء او النزاهة من التحقيق، وسوف نجد اللص الذي يُعثر في بيته على المال المسروق يفسّر نقل المال الى بيته بعمل الملائكة، ونجد الخطيب الذي يبعث مجرماً ليقتل من انتقده يروّج الأمر على انه انتقام من الزهراء، واذا القي القبض على المجرم واعترف فسوف يبرر الامر بانه رأى الزهراء في المنام فأمرته بقتل من استخف بها.....الخ. وهكذا فلا يمكن ان تستقيم حياة البشر اذا استخدمت الغيبيات غير المأخوذة من القرآن والسنة القطعية. 7 ـ ان العقل هو اساس الدين، وبالعقل نعرف الله ونعرف نبيه ووصيه ونعرف كتابه، وبالعقل نعرف أن المعجزة هي فعلاً معجزة، وبالعقل نعرف ان كل ما اخبره الله ورسوله هو حق وصدق، وان الله تعالى احتج على البشر بالعقل قبل ان يحتج عليهم بالنبي والامام، ومن يؤمن بالله بدون عقل لا يقبل ايمانه، ومن لا عقل له لا قيمة له ولا تكليف عليه. 8 ـ وان هناك فرقاً بين ما يرفضه العقل وبين ما لا يحيط به العقل، فما يرفضه العقل مرفوض دينياً، فمن المستحيل على الله ان يأمر بشيء خلاف العقل، اما ما لا يحيط به العقل فهو مقبول دينيا اذا ثبت وروده في القرآن والسنة القطعية كما هو الحال في علل الاحكام التي امر الله بها فنطيع وان بدت لنا خلاف المألوف. وكما في صفات الله تعالى وحقيقة ذاته سبحانه وما ورد في القرآن من عالم الغيب والمعجزات والخوارق. كل هذه الامور ليست مرفوضة عقلاً، لكنها غير مألوفة، والتصديق بها يتوقف على ورودها من المصدر الغيبي أي عن طريق القران والسنة القطعية، لا عن طريق الخطباء ومصادرهم المجهوله أو المعلومة. 9 ـ وان المقياس الديني في التفريق بين المعجزة والخرافة هو أن الغيب مصدره الله سبحان وتعالى، أما الخرافات فمصدرها الخرافيون والدجالون المتاجرون بالدين. 10 ـ وان معجزة الاسلام الخالدة هي القرآن، وهي معجزة صالحة للتحدي والاثبات في كل زمان ومكان، ولو أراد الله ان تكون معجزة الدين الخالدة غير القرآن لفعل. وبالعقل عرفنا اعجاز القران وبه ثبت لدينا نبوة محمد (ص) وبه وبالاخبار القطعية عن النبي (ص) عرفنا أهل البيت كونهم خلفاء رسول الله وحملة الامانة من بعده الامتداد الشرعي لرسالته وأنهم سفينة النجاة التي يهلك من تركها وركب سفن الخطباء الخرافيين. ... ان مسؤولية العلماء (وفي مقدمتهم المراجع) ومسؤولية المثقفين الرساليين كبيرة في انقاذ الدين والمتدينين من خطر الخرافة والخرافيين، وان سكوتهم يؤدي بالضرورة الى محق الدين بعد ان ارتفعت نسبة الخرافات فيه الى مستوى جعل العالم خائفاً من مصارحة العوام بكفر بعض المقولات التي تروج تحت شعار حب الحسين ، فتُفتي بأن زيارة الحسين أوجب من الصلاة، او تسمح للانسان ان يحب علياً ويكره الرسول، او ترفع أهل البيت فوق منزلة رسول الله (ص)، أو تورّط ذرية فاطمة في الهلاك في بطون السباع، او تترجم عواء الذئب على انه دعاء بتعجيل فرج صاحب الزمان، أو تخوض في العصر الحاضر معركة صفين، او تشرب من دلو من السماء وتستغني به عن الماء سبع سنين، أو ما شابه مما يروج اليوم من تخريف أوتحريف يخشى العالمُ الاعتراضَ عليه بحجة الخوف من شق الوحدة الشيعية، ويمتنع المثقف الرسالي من قول الحق خشية أن يتهم بانه من أتباع سيد قطب، ويخرس لسان السياسي المعمم عن توعية العوام خشية ان يفقد أصواتهم الانتخابية. ... لابد أن يضع العلماء والمراجع خصوصاً (وفي مقدمتهم مرجعية السيد السيستاني حفظه الله) برنامجاً لمكافحة الخرافات قبل ان يستكمل الخرافيون اختطافهم الاسلامَ والتشيع. ولابد ان يكون هذا البرنامج مخطَّطا بشكل جيد، واسعاً وشاملاً، قادراً على الوصول الى أوساط العوام، ولابد من مساهمة كل الطاقات الشيعية التي سوف تهب استجابة لنداء المرجعية بالمساهمة فيه، ولابد ان تقيم المرجعية الحجة وهي تبلغ رسالات الله وتخشى الله و لا تخشى الناس. ... سيهبّ بعض الجاهلين بالاعتراض على هذا المقترح بحجة ان المرجعية تعرف تكليفها!! هذا النوع من المتملقين يجهل او يتجاهل ان الدين النصيحة...لله ورسوله وأئمة المسلمين وعامتهم، وانه كلكم راع وكلكم مسؤول عن رعيته، وانكم اذا تركتم الامر بالمعروف والنهي عن المنكر يولّى عليكم شراركم فتدعون فلا يستجب لكم. سيقف امام الله كل من يسكت على هذه الانحرافات عن الاسلام يوم ينادي المنادي: وقفوهم انهم مسؤولون.
  5. Mecca or Karabala

    Are you accusing Imam Hussain of turning his back to the holy mosque? There was an order to assassinate him even if he was hanging on the clothes of Ka'abah. Imam Hussain left Mecca to keep its sacred land and the sacred season of Hajj unaffected by Ummayiah injustice. To save the land from the blood shed in the holiest spot. He moved to the frontline of his enemies and to those who called him for help and to those who offered the help. After Imam Hussain martyrdom, imams stayed at Madinah and attended Hajj each and every year. Mecca is Al-bait Al-Ateeq, the unowned house. The house and its land has been always none private land. It is not their Mecca.. It is Ahlulbayt Mecca. When Imam ZainulAbideen introduced himself to ignorant masses he said : I am the son of Zamzam and Safa. He did not say I am son of Karbala, he said I am the son of the man who was killed in Karbala This should not be taken as disregard to the high place of Karbala. But neither the case of Karbala should be used to undermine the high status of Ka'abah. As Brother Magma said, the whole thread is pointless but it shows how many Shia can be moved by fake slogans.
  6. Mecca or Karabala

    The hadith is accepted but the related ahadiths explain that this particular narration: a- is not applicable on Hajjatu Sayrorah (The hajjatul Islam, or the first ever Hajj in person's life, the obligatory one). It means that no matter how many times you visited the shrine of Imam Hussain, your visits do not make you free from the obligatory hajj. b- The narration should not be used to discourage Shia from performing mustahab hajj. Imam himself stated that: if it was not for my fear that some Shia will get discouraged from attending mustahab hajj... then imam get on and tells his companion about the rewards of visiting imam hussain shrine that the reward s equal to the reward of X mustahab hajj.
  7. That admin answer is incorrect and he is not qualified to answer such questions, a better source is this site: Congregational prayers » Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Azha prayers 1525. Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Azha prayers are obligatory during the time of Imam (A.S.), and it is necessary to offer them in congregation. However during the present times when the Holy Imam is in Occultation, these prayers are Mustahab, and may be offered individually as well as in congregation 1526. The time for Eid prayers is from sunrise till Zuhr. 1527. It is Mustahab that Eid ul Azha prayers is offered after sunrise. As for Eid ul Fitr, it is Mustahab that one should have a breakfast after sunrise, pay Zakatul Fitr and then offer Eid prayers. 1528. Eid prayers has two Rak'ats. In the first Rak'at, a person should recite Surah al Hamd and a Surah and then they say five takbirs, and after every takbir he should recite qunut. After the fifth qunut, he should say another takbir and then perform Ruku and two Sajdah. He should then stand up and say four takbirs in the second Rak'at, and recite qunut after everyone of these takbirs. Thereafter, he should say the fifth takbir and then perform Ruku and two Sajdah. After the second Sajdah he should recite tashahhud, and then complete the prayers with Salam. 1529. Any recital or Dua will suffice in qunut of the Eid Prayers. However, it is better that the following Dua is recited: Allahumma ahlal kibriya'i wal 'azamah, wa ahlal judi wal jaburat, wa ahlal 'afwi war rahmah, wa ahlat taqwa wal maghfirah. As aluka bihaqqi hazal yawmil lazi ja'altahu lil muslimina 'ida , wali Muhammadin sal lal lahu 'Alaihi wa Alihi, zukhran wa sharafan wa karamatan wa mazida an tusalliya 'ala Muhammad wa Ali Muhammad wa an tudkhilani fi kulli khayrin adkhalta fihi Muhammadan wa Ala Muhammad wa an tukhrijani min kulli su'in akhrajta minhu Muhammadan wa Ala Muhammad salawatuka 'alahi wa 'alahim. Alla humma inni as aluka khayra ma sa alaka bihi ibadukas salihun, wa auzubika mim masta aza minhu ibadukal mukhlasun. 1530. During the period of 0ccultation of Imam (A.S.), it is an obligatory precaution that two sermons (khutbas) be delivered after Eid prayers, and it is better that on Eid ul-fitr, the sermons should explain rules regarding Zakatul Fitr, and on Eid ul-Azha, rules regarding sacrificing the animals be explained. 1531. No particular Surah has been specified for Eid prayers. But, it is better that after reciting Surah al Hamd in the first Rak'at, Surah Wash Shams be recited and in the second Rak'at Surah al Ghashiya. Or in the first Rak'at, to recite Surah of Sabbi Hism, and in the second Rak'at Surah Wash Shams. 1532. It is recommended that Eid prayers be performed in the open fields. However, in Makkah, it is Mustahab that it should be offered in Masjidul Haram. 1533. It is Mustahab to walk barefooted to attend Eid prayers, with all the dignity, and to do Ghusl before namaz, and to place a white turban on one's head. 1534. It is Mustahab that in Eid prayers Sajdah be performed on earth, and hands be raised while saying takbirs. It is also Mustahab that a person who is offering Eid prayers alone, or as an Imam of the congregation, recites prayers loudly. 1535. It is Mustahab that the following takbirs be said on Eid ul Fitr night (ie night preceding the Eid day), after Maghrib and Isha prayers, and on Eid day after Fajr prayers, as well as after Eid ul fitr prayers: "Allahu Akbar, Alllahu Akbar, la ilaha illal lah wallahu akbar, Allahu Akbar, wa lilla hil hamd, Allahu akbar ala ma hadana"" 1536. In Eid ul Azha, it is Mustahab that the above mentioned takbirs be said after ten prayers, of which the first is the Zuhr prayers of Eid day and the last is the Fajr of 12th Zillhajj. It is also Mustahab that after the above mentioned takbirs, the following be recited: "Allahu Akbar 'ala ma razaqana min bahimatil an 'am, wal hamdu lil lahi ala ma ablana". If, a person happens to be in Mina on the day of Eid ul Azha, it is Mustahab that he should say these takbirs after fifteen prayers, of which the first is Zuhr prayers of Eid day, and the last is the Fajr prayers of the 13th of Zillhajj. 1537. The recommended precaution is that women should avoid going to offer Eid prayers. This precaution does not apply to elderly women. 1538. Like in all other prayers, the follower should recite everything in the Eid prayers, except Surah al-Hamd and the other Surah. 1539. If a follower joins the prayers at a time when the Imam has already said some takbirs, he should, while the Imam performs Ruku, say all the takbirs and qunut which he has missed, and it will be sufficient if in each qunut he says: Subhanallah or Alhamdu lillah only. 1540. If a person joins the Eid prayers when the Imam is in Ruku, he can make niyyat, say the first takbir of the prayers, and then go into Ruku. 1541. If a person forgets one Sajdah in Eid prayers, he should perform it after the prayers. Similarly, if something takes place for which a Sajadatus Sahv would be necessary after daily prayers, it will also be necessary after the Eid prayers. As brothers previously answered, the sacrifice is not obligatory out of Hajj ritual. It is highly recommended and it is a feast. It was not set to solve world hunger or poverty problems. It is just like the turkey eaten during Christians eids, except the Christian eids got all the flair of colourful tables , songs and happy clean faces, while muslim eids been painted with poor faces, hunger and violence. Speaking ill of this eid and this ritual is like the man who abassa wa tawalla from the poor man because he ws too busy trying to befriend the rich man. Those who can afford to buy a live cattle as not many even among the none poor can do that, they offer the cattle as qurban ( a way to seek nearness to God by doing one of His liked rituals despite all ill talk from non believers) after the slaughter, the man should cut it to pieces and distribute it among his family , neighbours and friends. They may be able to offer to buy a piece but not many societies can offer such intact bonds between members. Others may secretly take some portions to those poor people whom no one knows about their poor state because they do not make it public. Still, a kind gesture without humiliating them. Islamically, the day of Eid is day of thanksgiving. Thanking God and thanking his servants starting with your relatives the dead and the alive then the neighbours and friends, wishing everyone well and cleaning heart from ill feelings. Maybe muslim houses do not look like fancy Europeans royal palaces nor luxurious hotels and restaurants. Their media may not show the consumerist audience any colourful plates and tables nor let them hear the songs but that's the defect of consumerism mindset not the rituals of eid.
  8. ﭔ SAHIH INTERNATIONAL Indeed, he thought and deliberated. 74:19 Play Copy ﭕﭖﭗﭘ SAHIH INTERNATIONAL So may he be destroyed [for] how he deliberated. 74:20 Play Copy ﭙﭚﭛﭜﭝ SAHIH INTERNATIONAL Then may he be destroyed [for] how he deliberated.
  9. What invitation party? If you think your common sense is far better than Allah's, go for it . Satan done it before you and got himself kicked out of mercy of Allah eternally.
  10. I am not sure where this uneasiness is stemming from. The sacrifice is one of many ways to give "others". You are free to help your friend knowing his condition and knowing how to give him without embarrassing him, but I'm sure there are others around you (muslims or not) and plenty around the world who won't mind taking a piece of meat, especially that it is distributed not as sadaqa, makes it much easier to receive without embarrassment. Also, do you happen to own the Book of Happiness of Allah? What if someone paid bills of many of his friends in day of Eid, not as form of mean to make Allah happy, but as means to prove to Allah that His sacrifices methods are old and dysfunctional?
  11. Ijtihad and Nass for Imams

    this is weird and irrational approach, pretty lame as well, considering that these debates are decades old on internet. I thought people by this day and age have stopped these knee jerks calling for disagreements topics. They cam in here claiming without proof that Shia offered no Nass , based on their limited knowledge and exposure to Shia school. Then they claimed without proof that virtues and traits of prophets and Imams can't be used as re-inforcing evidence that they are true caliphate assigned by Allah. Then they jumped to conclusions that Shia are liars ( typically) and buffoons who got nothing else to say, again without proof or without considering everything that was said or will be said in future. So their case is this: Let's go to this Shia forum and make some jokes, get them worked up and let them feed us few stuff that we can mock and we call it a day. Good plan for them, still I'm baffled by this approach to religion in general and comparative religious studies specifically.
  12. Ijtihad and Nass for Imams

    Maybe you should recite Quran more carefully and with critical mind then: http://www.muhammad-pbuh.com/en/?p=464 (manners of prophet ) http://www.muhammad-pbuh.com/en/?p=343 (reasoning of the prophet) So by mercy from Allah , [O Muhammad], you were lenient with them. And if you had been rude [in speech] and harsh in heart, they would have disbanded from about you. So pardon them and ask forgiveness for them and consult them in the matter. And when you have decided, then rely upon Allah . Indeed, Allah loves those who rely [upon Him].
  13. Ijtihad and Nass for Imams

    we can say the same about Sayyida Fatima and Imam Hassan. They barely narrated anything. Are they of less calibre than say, Abu Hurrirah? To use your measure, after the prophet death by few years, Muslims forgot Quran or forgot the correct accent in which words of Quran should be recited. They also forgot Hadith after just a century after his death. If it wasn't for Imam Ali role in Quran compilation and the role of Kufi Shia narrators in teaching Bukhari and Muslim, you sunnis won't be having today not a hadith nor a Quran and Christians could have claimed that the prophet left no knowledge. Some were meant to propagate knowledge , some had other roles to fulfil. Prophet Moses brought Torah to people of Israel, prophet Haron had another role which was to keep the whole of tribes together , or are you accusing prophet Hraon of being less of a qualified messenger?
  14. Ijtihad and Nass for Imams

    My questions were rhetorical in nature. it was not said to be disrespectful but to show how twisted is the logic of : If Imam Mahdi is true wali, he should not be afraid. Moses is a prophet from Uli Azm and Quran describes him as fearful, also Abu bakr in the cave was scared as per Quran description, is he not wali in the eyes of Sunnis?: And he became inside the city fearful and anticipating [exposure], when suddenly the one who sought his help the previous day cried out to him [once again]. Moses said to him, "Indeed, you are an evident, [persistent] deviator." And a man came from the farthest end of the city, running. He said, "O Moses, indeed the eminent ones are conferring over you [intending] to kill you, so leave [the city]; indeed, I am to you of the sincere advisors." So he left it, fearful and anticipating [apprehension]. He said, "My Lord, save me from the wrongdoing people."