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  1. How imamate wouldn't abolish concept of nubuwah?

    Thank you for the replies, And 1more question.. Is it necessarily to say "Wa ashadun Aliyyun waliyullah" to become a true Muslim, by your perspective. And do the early Companion of The Prophet do that also to express their acceptance to the "True Islam"?
  2. Assalamoalaykum Wa Rahmahtollah, Just a short question.. How did Imamates wouldn't abolish the concept of Prophethood? Note: Im not looking for debates, but i'm just curious w/ the Imamate issue. Thank you
  3. Du'a without waseelah

    Assalamualaykum wa rahmatullah.. I just wanted to know, lets say I'm a Shia Muslim.. If I have a hajaat or desire.. And I have to make a supplication. As a Shia Muslim can I make a supplication direct to Allah without doing tawasul of any Imams? And what exactly Ithna Ashari tell their followers about Hajaat supplication? Is there any special ruling about it?